10 Free Wallet Sewing Patterns!

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Are you looking for a free wallet pattern? Then, you have come to the right place. You will surely find at least one of the 10 featured wallet patterns to be just what you are looking for. All of the wallet patterns recommended here are simple and functional with lots of pockets for cards and change. Some are specialty wallets that originally were designed for a specific purpose but can certainly be used for multiple reasons. Some of the free wallet patterns highlight a particular fabric like the Cork Fabric Wallet but could absolutely be made from a different material such as vinyl or leather.

 1. Vaccination Card Wallet

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My Vaccination Card Wallet looks like a normal card pouch from the front, but there’s a vinyl window on the back so you can quickly display the card details when required. This easy sewing pattern is actually an oversized snap wallet redesigned to hold a 3″ x 4″ vaccination card. It will also hold any other larger than normal card without bending or folding the card.

This wallet is ultra thin and lightweight. When the need to carry your proof of vaccination passes, you could file the wallet with the card inside making the card easier to locate if it was needed again. Or you could repurpose it for those other larger cards we all have.

The instructions to make this snap wallet are easy to follow yet detailed enough so the process is clear for sewists of all levels of experience. The online tutorial may be all you need to make this wallet but there is also a PDF sewing pattern available.

 2. The Fold and Stitch

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This simple wallet pattern, the Fold and Stitch Wallet, is perfect for children or adults. It has a handy coin pocket that closes with hook and loop tape and two card slots. The easy to follow directions make this a great beginner’s sewing project.

The sample was made with cotton scraps I had on hand but could be made from waterproof canvas, water resistant canvas, upholstery fabric, or any fabric that is flexible yet strong. The free pattern includes the use of medium weight interfacing which you may not need with a thicker fabric such as the waterproof canvas. Instead of Velcro, you could use a snap set. In this case, Velcro is the simpler choice for the end user.

Don’t forget you can catch a video tutorial for the Fold and Stitch wallet on my YouTube channel too! Make one for yourself or gift it to someone else.

3. Cork Fabric Wallet

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This is a perfect first project for anyone who hasn’t already worked with cork fabric. This textile is fairly new and is both durable and eye catching. The DIY Cork Fabric Card Wallet is simple to make but so pretty and functional you will make more than one. The thickness of the cork fabric makes it ideal for a wallet like this. If you have already worked with cork, you probably have enough left over to make this project. This specialty fabric comes with a slightly higher price than cotton but is worth it in look, convenience, and durability.

You should use clips instead of pins with cork so there aren’t any holes you don’t intend to have in your final project. You can use rubber cement or fabric glue on the seams although I did not find it necessary. If you want to mark any placement locations, do so on the back of the fabric. You won’t need a heavy leather or denim needle or a ball point needle – just use a sharp needle for this project. No special presser foot is required; your regular presser foot should glide right over this fabric.

Embellishments like a small d-ring tab can be added but aren’t necessary. If you want a larger wallet, be sure to check out my tutorial Bigger and Better Cork Wallets.  Perhaps you will make a set!

  4. The Perfect DIY Wallet

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The Perfect DIY Wallet has it all. Card slots, zippered coin pocket, phone pocket, and even a cross-body strap. I love the look and feel of quilted fabric but you could use vinyl or leather or some combination of quilted fabric and a specialty material for interest. The free pattern does include the use of clear vinyl for a phone compartment.

Additionally, the pattern includes optional d-ring tabs so a cross body strap can be attached. Alternatively, one d-ring could be used to attach a wrist strap making this a cute wristlet.

This wallet pattern does use flexible foam interfacing to add a bit of structure to the wallet. For a softer feel, you could use fusible fleece interfacing instead of the flexible foam.

  5. DIY Cell Phone Wallet

Another wallet pattern that’s super functional is the DIY Cell Phone Wallet with Card Pockets. It has all of the function of the Perfect DIY Wallet but with a vertical orientation for easier phone access. It is perfect for those times when all you want to carry is your phone and a card or two.

The front side looks pretty basic with its magnetic snap closure under the flap but the back has all the action. It sports a zippered coin pocket and 2 card slots hidden under the closure flab. Genius!

  6. Snappy Coin Purse

snappy coin.jpg

If you are looking for a way to corral coins, try the Snappy Coin Pouch made with a tape measure closure. That’s right – there is a section of a metal tape measure in the top hem of this coin purse. It closes so tightly, you will never even think you should have used a zipper.

Be careful when you cut the tape measure. Use utility scissors or metal cutters to cut and trim the tape measure pieces. An old tape measure that doesn’t rewind well can be repurposed for this adorable project.
This coin purse is sure to be a favorite although with the addition of one little pleat, it takes on a new shape. Check out the free tutorial for my Pleated Snappy Coin Purse. I think it looks like a little coffee cup.

 7. DIY Face Mask Wallet

face mask wallet.jpeg

A little bit different take, but essential for current conditions is the DIY Face Mask Wallet, complete with zipper pocket and cell phone pocket. It has everything you will need. You will like its size so much, you will repurpose it when the need to have a face mask on hand has passed.

 8. The Classic

wallet modest maven.jpg


The classic Bi-Fold Wallet will always be a winner. This great design is from Modest Maven.

  9. 2-Sided Zips Wallet



My free 2 Sided Zips pattern makes a perfect wallet too, with space for your phone and cards!

 10. Ribbon Front Fold Over Wallet


If you’re looking for a show stopper, this beautiful wallet gets its spectacular look and feel from the ribbon used to create its exterior fabric. The ribbons are sewn to the non fusible side of fusible interfacing for a surprising construction advantage. Head over to Sew4home.com and check out the Ribbon Front Fold-Over Wallet. 


I hope you’ve seen something that has inspired you to get creative, and please remember to tag @sewcanshe on Instagram if you use one of my free patterns.

Happy Sewing!


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