10 Things to Sew To Remind You Of Grandma

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I LOVE Grandmas! I can’t wait to be one someday…when the time is right:) Sometimes I find myself craving the special love and unconditional acceptance of a Grandma. We can all be Grandma’s to the people we love and the results will change lives. Here are a handful of projects that remind me of the irreplaceable love and influence of a Grandmas…enjoy!

Of course this Adorable Milk Carton Pouch reminds me of Grandma’s. No, I don’t think the milkman ever really delivered milk to my Grandma’s house…but I like to imagine he did:)

These Beautiful Fabric Covered Journals remind me of Grandma’s because I think of all the things I’d like to write about my Grandma. Things she taught me, things she did with me, things I want to do with her some day… I also think of how cool it would be to read an old journal of hers.


Scarves with Vintage Crochet always remind me of Grandma’s because they look like doilies!

Grandma’s always have an endless supply of delicate candy in beautiful candy containers. They are also incredibly smart! These Pretty Quilted Desk Cups are just right for little hands to hold and not break…Grandma’s already know this:)

It’s always been, “Over the river and through the wood to Grandmothers’ house we go…” on Thanksgiving, even when we live in Florida:) Turkey time is special time for Grandma’s to love on their family and feed them traditional recipes passed down for generations! Make a Happy Turkey Table Runner and think of Grandma<3

I can’t help it. This lovely Vintage Inspired Train Case reminds me of Grandma’s. I’ve always wanted to take a scenic train tour through a countryside with my Grandma. I’m sure she would dote on me and give me peppermint from her old handbag!

Fancy Pillowcases with lots of Ruffles remind me of special sleepovers at Grandma’s. These are the times when I would be treated like a grown up…and always be made to feel like a million dollars.

Love, acceptance, security, and kindness. All the feelings Grandma’s share best<3 That’s what I see in this pretty Half Square Triangle Heart Quilt.

A dainty little pill pouch to hold whatever is needed to remedy a scraped knee, broken heart or curious mind can always be found at Grandma’s house…one just like this Cute Pill Pouch!

And finally we have the Bit O’ Kindness Pouch. Grandma’s know the most powerful acts we can make are acts of kindness. They not only know this, but they show it. Thank you to all you Grandma’s out there and God bless you!


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