What to do with Fabric Scraps – 21 Cute and Scrappy Projects


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Wondering what to do with all your fabric scraps? I know from experience that the more you sew, the more the piles of scrap fabric stack up! But guess what? They aren’t useless after all, because there are actually a lot of fun and useful things that you can sew using scraps.

Here are my 21 most favorite things to sew with fabric scraps that you have to try!


This cute free sewing pattern llama stuffie is fun to sew using leftover trims like pom poms, ric rac, fringe, or ribbon. The saddle and llama face, on the other hand, are made of appliques which are fused in place and then stitched down. This is super easy to sew. You can use any types of fabric you prefer.


It takes only one little scrap of fabric to make a DIY Pet Collar for your favorite puppy or kitty!


After you make a pet collar, you use quilt making scraps to make a matching pet leash from scraps!


What do you think I personally do with my fabric scraps? Well these past few months I have been sewing them into face masks! This is my favorite face mask pattern.

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Tie your hair with this cute tie scrunchie. It is fun and easy to sew using fabric scraps. If you want your girls to learn how to sew, making these little accessories are what you should teach them. They will definitely make tons!


My free Fold and Stitch Wallet pattern uses 4 1/2’’ wide strips of fabric – and you can sew several different ones together to make it!


You won’t belive what tiny fabric scraps you can use up sewing Log Cabin Hexi Potholders. My readers email me all the time telling me how much fun they have had with this free pattern.

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Store you first aid items, toiletries, cosmetics, or perhaps anything else in this cute peek-a-boo pouch. This easy to sew pouch has vinyl pockets to put whatever you desire to put on the inside. Once you get to see this free tutorial, you won’t think sewing with vinyl is too complicated after all. This snap pouch is perfect for traveling.

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This 9 patch block is a quilter favorite. Sewing this nine different fabric scraps design is easy and fast, you’ll be done in less than an hour. You’ll also enjoy stitching the fabric strips together side by side. Make sure to press them on the ironing board once you finish.

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These adorable owls can be used in so many ways. It can be a pincushion, doorstop, bookend and so much more. This free pattern project may look complicated but it is just on the looks of it. It is easy to sew and you can put rice, beans, or wheat in the bottom it you want to give them a nice heavy feel. Check out this free tutorial.


Turn your scraps into gifts that people will love and use all the time with my free DIY Heating Pad pattern.

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This journaling bookmark and pencil holder is the perfect gift to your writer or book lover friend. Not only is this fun to make, it is easy and fast too. You may also personalize the bookmark by adding some embroidery. With only 3 fabric strips and an elastic, you can make this bookmark and pencil holder.

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In this quilt block tutorial, learn how to make not just a 4 patch square block but 9. This grandmother’s cross block uses more squares to make it look even more eye catching. Sewing this block with different fabric variations is quick and easy.


Aren’t these DIY wristlet key fob pretty? But guess what? They are made from scraps! Not just that, they are easy and fast to sew too. You’ll see yourself making lots of these. These also serve as the perfect giveaways.


Scraps aren’t so scrappy at all with this beautiful tote bag. This scrapyard tote is a wonderful sewing project you must try. Get to sew one with the size you want. Learn how to include a welt zipper pocket on the inside and a zipper at the top in this free tutorial. You’ll be needing a lot of scraps to make this. And tell you, you might just use all of those scraps in the bin.


Got 5’’ squares? A few humble charm squares and a zipper are all you need to sew these adorable Tiny Zipper Bags.


Another thing to sew with scraps is this cute pouches. This Bit O’ Kindness little pouch comes with a snap so that your gift of kindness won’t be easily seen. With just a few instructions, sewing this is easy peasy.


Put together some 10’’ square scraps and you can make these useful and easy baskets.


Wondering what to do with an old tape measure too? The Snappy Coin Pouch Pattern will help with that too!


A sewist can never have too many pincushions! Use small fabric and trim scraps to make these easy peasy and adorable pincushions.

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Share your talents and your scraps with furry friends that need a home by sewing Cage Comforters and donating them to your local pet shelter.

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  1. wow wow wow…..So beautiful. Very excited to make the bookmarks..then onto the gift pouches…Thank you so much. your tutorials are wonderful.

  2. Cheryl in Texas says:

    I love your blog and all the cute things you make. I am teaching my granddaughters how to sew like my grandmother taught me. Only wish I still had her sewing machine to use.

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