15 Ways to Know Your Canine Companion Loves You

Building a loving and affectionate relationship with your canine companion can be a joy. However, while you might love your dog to pieces, how do you know if they love you back?

It’s all about the subtle clues, and it’s down to us to decipher the language of their affection. From soulful gazes to joyful tail wags, here are some obvious signals that your pooch loves you, too.

They Wag Their Tail

Image credit: Aaron Pletta / Shutterstock.com

A wagging tail is a sign that your dog is excited to see you and loves you a lot.

They Lick You

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Dogs lick people (and other animals) they love to show affection. It’s also a sign of grooming, which is genuine care-giving.

They Follow You Around

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If your dog follows you around, they want to be near you. This is another sure sign that they love you.

They Make Eye Contact With You

A mixed breed dog with floppy ears sitting outdoors and looking up at the camera
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If your dog maintains eye contact with you, it indicates trust and connection. However, there are some dogs that avoid eye contact, and this is nothing to worry about! It could be a sign of submission or respect.

They Greet You Excitedly When You Come Home

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If your dog happily runs to you, barks, and jumps up when you come home, it is a sign of true love.

They Whine and Cry When You Leave

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Whining when you are walking out the door (and trying to come with you) may show separation anxiety, but it also means they love you and know that they will miss you.

They Bring You Gifts

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If a dog brings you their favorite items or treasures they find outside, it’s their way of sharing and showing love. However, you might not like the treasures your dog finds outside and brings to your lap. That’s just a difference of opinion between you and your dog!

They Rest their Head on You

Image credit: Iryna Kalamurza / Shutterstock.com

If your dog rests their head on you it is a sign of comfort and affection. Maybe they sense that you need some extra love that day.

They Lean Against You

Image credit: Alexander_Evgenyevich / Shutterstock.com

Another way your dog may love to feel close to you is to lean against you. It helps some dogs feel safe. Show them that you will always be there to love and protect them.

Your Dog Wants to Play with You

Man Plays Catch flying disc with Happy Golden Retriever Dog on the Backyard Lawn. Man Has Fun with Loyal Pedigree Dog Outdoors in Summer House Backyard.
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If your dog brings you a toy to play fetch or initiates a game of tag, it is proof that you are their best friend.

Your Dog Rolls Over for You

Image credit: Mary Swift / Shutterstock.com

When a dog rolls over and exposes their tummy to you, it is a sign of trust and submission. Give them a sweet belly rub to show that their trust in you is well-placed.

They Eat Out of your Hand

Image credit: Dragos Ness / Shutterstock.com

Eating out of someone’s hand is another sign of security and trust. When you give your dog treats, they know that you love them back.

They Respond to Your Voice

Image credit: RossHelen / Shutterstock.com

If your dog picks up their head when they hear you in another room, they love the sound of your voice.

They Sleep Next to You

Image credit: veres szilard / Shutterstock.com

Your dog might choose to sleep close to you. This shows they love and trust you and maybe feel a bit protective, too.

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