Sewing ‘Spooky Dresses’ for Fall


Last night when I was putting my girls to bed I told them that I’d finish up their ‘spooky dresses’ and in the morning we’d take pictures. So then this morning I was woken before 7 by Chloe (my 7 year old) asking for me to do her hair. What? It’s Saturday. And then I realized she was already wearing her dress and so was Cadie.

So I got up, did Chloe’s hair in two little buns, brushed the rat’s nest out of Cadie’s curly mess, and gave her buns too. She wanted ‘big buns,’ lol. Then we went out to the back yard for a few pics. I promised my friend Jodi of Jocole patterns that I’d show her what I did with her ‘Mix and Match‘ patterns.

I was totally inspired by these purple and black printed knits that I ordered from The Fabric Fairy. Can you see the spider webs on the purple print below? That’s why we call them the ‘Spooky Dresses.’

When I got these fabrics I realized how sweet they looked with the little black polka-dot fabric that I purchased from Girl Charlee this summer.

I will be so sad if (should I say when?) my girls ever get too old to like the things I make.

After our little ‘photo shoot,’ Chloe and I headed off to the fabric store to replenish our stash for more fall sewing.

What about you, any fall sewing?

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