Testing Out Zaaberry’s Kids’ Messenger Bag Tutorial


Well, Sarah and I have arrived in Houston for our quilt market
adventure. We don’t have any market news to share yet, because we’re
just hanging out in our hotel room, but I wanted to share with you the
sweet little messenger bag that I made this week using Zaaberry’s
wonderful Kids’ Messenger Bag Tutorial. Once it leaves our home page, you can find this tutorial on our Kid Love page in the archives.

such a great little size for kids… not overly large, but big enough
to hold the necessary things that a kid must have. My son immediately
had a special purpose for his bag and I’ll keep that a secret until the

first of all, the adorable fabric that I used comes from Fabricworm and
is part of their Camp Modern  line that is coming out soon. I absolutely love the
bears and the bold brown and beige print that looks like a tree.

had a half yard of each which was plenty except that I wanted to change
the direction that I would have normally cut the strap, and there
wasn’t enough (27″ strap out of 18″ of fabric) so I had to piece a
couple pieces together.  But it still looks great.

also used warm and natural quilt batting instead of interfacing. It
makes the bag a bit thicker which I like. I basted the quilt batting to
my outside pieces when the tutorial tells you to fuse. The pieces looked
a tiny bit wonky before I stitched them together, but it turned out

Look at this little bear peeking out from the bottom of the lining. I love it!

my son Connor loves it too.  Kindergarten was especially tough that day
for my little man, so I felt like such a fun mom when I told him ‘I
made you something!’ And then he was thrilled that I made him a lunch
bag, so that is what it became. All we had to add was a snap so the food
wouldn’t fall out. Yay! We have a perfect kids’ lunch bag. Well, if I
had known ahead of time that it was going to be a lunch bag I would have
used insulated batting. But I think it’s fine anyway.

wondering if the readers of this blog want to see a million pictures
from Quilt Market this weekend. I know it’s not something that everybody
cares about. We’ll see. We are super excited about it. But we are two
fabric nuts. And we are two moms away from our kids on an adventure. 

Happy sewing!

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  1. What a great little bag and sounds like you couldn’t have made it on a better day for your son. I’d love to hear about Quilt Market! As I was reading the beginning of your post, I thought (for the zillionth time), "What the heck is Quilt Market? And who goes there?" I hear it referred to but don’t really understand what it is. So yeah, I hope you tell us!

  2. I don’t mind seeing stuff about market either. It is someplace I’ll never get to visit, so I enjoy the ‘excitement’ through pictures. :0 I like seeing new projects and new notions that have demonstrations for use. Latest color schemes too….
    Great little bag you made. I have a zillion grandchildren that I think would like this 🙂

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