How to Sew Boys Boardshorts from a free sewing pattern! {Part 2}


Welcome back to part two of our boardshort making class. Actually this is just a cute pair of longish boys shorts with patch pockets and a faux fly.. what makes them boardshorts is the fabric. If you don’t already have any or know where to find some, be sure to check out The Fabric Fairy for their great selection.




We are using the Simple Pants Pattern (for boys or girls) that you can download free just for signing up for the Sew Can She newsletter. Click the photo to the right for details.

Now, two days ago we started with the faux fly part because in order to add that detail, you must alter your pattern piece before cutting. {click here for that blog post} Once you have that pattern piece ready and cut, then comes the part where you will add pockets.

{click here} to download the pattern piece for your pockets. You will need to cut two in your main fabric or contrasting fabric. You’ll also need less than a yard of double fold bias tape.


Pin the bias tape to the upper curved edge of the pocket. I’m just using the wrap and sew method here, nothing tricky. Then sew it on.


This is your main shorts (or pants) pattern piece with the optional faux fly extension taped to the top right and cut out. Now I’m going to tell you about a secret help that I built into the pattern for myself. The grainline arrow that points up and down is actually right smack on the side of the shorts where there might be a seam in other pants or shorts. This will help us know where to put the pockets. Place your ruler right along that arrow and make a small 1/4″ clip at the top and the bottom to mark what I’m calling the ‘center side.’ This clip only goes into the seam allowance so it’s nothing to worry about. You can use chalk if you are worried.


Now fold and press these two shorts pieces right down the ‘center side’ line, using the clips you made at the top and the bottom to guide you.


Sew the dart in the pocket if you like. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t, just depending if I want flat pockets or pockets that have some dimension. Then fold and press the remaining curved edge and the longer straight edge to the inside 1/2.” The top edge can stay raw because it will line up with the top of the shorts.


Pin each pocket to one shorts piece with the longer straight edg right on your ‘center side’ fold that you just pressed and the shorter straight edge along the top edge.


Sew the pocket on by stitching over all of the pressed under edges (along the longer straight edge, pivoting, and then around the longer curve). Stitch about 1/8″ from the edge. Baste across the top of the pocket to hold it down while you sew the waistband.


The pockets are done! At this point, refer to Let’s Make Boardshorts {Part 1} about how to sew the pieces together with the faux fly or the Simple Pants Pattern for instructions to finish making the shorts without a faux fly.

Then go bodysurfing! Happy sewing,


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