Sewing three versions of a knit top and dress from Ottobre Design Magazine



What happens when you find a pattern that you love??? You make all versions of it, of course. Last month when the latest Ottobre Design came in the mail (women’s issue 5/2013), I was so intrigued by a raglan tee with shoulder darts. I’ve sewn lots and lots of raglan tees for my kids, and none of them had shoulder darts. I know that raglan patterns for woven fabrics usually have darts, but this was a knit. I just had to try it.

Check it out… I love the fit! So late at night I was laying in bed listening to my husband sleep (sleep loudly, lol) and wishing I had more non-childish striped fabric so I could make myself another dart-ed raglan tee shirt. Suddenly I remembered this ugly cardigan I ordered from one of those daily deal websites. Of course I didn’t think it was ugly until it came and it was so, so ugly. And too big. So I tip-toed out of bed and took that cardigan out of my closet and to my cutting table. I managed to cut all of the tee shirt pattern pieces out of it at 1 in the morning! 

In the morning I sewed it together. As you can see, I had to have a seam line down the back since I cut the back out of the front of the cardigan and the tee shirt front out of the back of the cardigan. It worked and I love my new tee shirts. So then, while reading the same issue even more, I noticed that this adorable wrap dress was made out of the same sleeve and back pieces (with the back extended).  The front piece is different so I only had to trace one pattern piece, plus an extension for the back (did you read all about tracing here?).

And I love, love, love my new dress. It feels just like my tee shirts…

I am so tempted to make myself another one using the orange polka-dot knit I made my girls leggings with my free girls leggings pattern. Would that be silly?

Okay, enough about all of my selfish sewing… what have you been up to? Quilting? Clothes? A new bag? Share a picture on instagram and tag me @sewcanshe so I can take a look!

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