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Don’t be confused because the ticket page currently says ‘Sold Out.’ Tickets to the all-inclusive sewing retreat that I’m hosting in Key West Florida are going on sale in 4 days. If you are excited to sew with me, Heather Valentine of the Sewing Loft, and Dana Willard of Made then come back on Sunday June 1st at noon EST. If I were you, I’d browse the rooms available now so you’ll already know which one you want and you won’t waste time imagining yourself in each one on Sunday. 🙂


I was chatting with one of my readers the other day who is planning to come, and she had some questions about how to bring her sewing machine on the plane with her. I definitely recommend packing your sewing machine as a carry-on, and not checking it with your other luggage. Last year I made myself an Aeroplane Bag with the pattern from Sew Sweetness and this bag is amazing. It holds a standard size sewing machine with no problem at all. If you decide to make one for your sewing machine, reinforce your straps and the bottom of the bag with extra stitching. 🙂 

If you would rather have a bag with wheels that you can roll around, I like the look of this one from They have a bunch of other sewing machine travel bags too.

If you are planning to take it on the plane with you, make sure you double check your airline’s carry-on requirements to make sure it’s allowed.

More ideas for traveling handmade include this handsome Retro Travel Bag (free tutorial from Riley Blake). It’s also a great carry-on size, although it won’t fit a sewing machine.

I totally hope you see me there with one of these Timber Mosaic Bags from the Fabric Mutt. This free tutorial is very high on my to-do list and I have some orphan quilt blocks already waiting.

Ellie Case Contents.JPG

And I love the Ellie Travel Case too.

In this collection of travel bag tutorials and patterns, I would be amiss to leave out Anna’s Cargo Duffle Bag. How can I ever make them all???

I guess you’ll have to wait until October to see how many bags I can get done. And I can’t wait to see yours too!

And since airplanes are notoriously cold, you’ll have to grab a yard of your favorite lawn or voile and make a gorgeous bias trimmed circle scarf.  But not me, we’re road tripping to Key West, and it’s beautiful in October!

Read more about the sew:beach retreat here:

And please share the love with our amazing sponsors who have provided all of the fabric and notions for our retreat!

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  1. I was able to purchase a scrapbooking roller bag that met the airline requirements and fits my machine. Got it for like $22 with Joann’s 60% of certificate. I have used it numerous times and only once was I asked to check because there wasn’t enough room on the plane. So I told the flight attendant what was in the bag, and they put it in with there stuff. Now that didn’t have to do that, but they were very nice. Just some thoughts in case you get in this situation. I really hope I can get a ticket and hope to see you there. Thanks.

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