Easy Quilt Block Tutorial: the Orange Peel Quilt Block {with a free template}


The easy Orange Peel Quilt Block is warm and delightful. It’s a classic block that can be sewn with curved seams, but I’m using applique instead!

My step by step tutorial is below plus I designed a template that you can also download in three sizes (for a 12” block, 8” block, and 4” block). 

The Orange Peel Block is a 4-patch. Each of the four units has the orange peel shape appliqued inside. My layout is only one of many and you can choose any layout you like!

There are also a million different ways to sew applique. Feel free to choose a different applique method if you already have a favorite.

Download my free Orange Peel Block Template here.

The template includes an applique shape for 8”, 6”, and 4” units.


My goal for this project was a 48” square quilt top in an afternoon… can you believe I did it?

This is an easy cheater applique method with no raw edges, and I machine stitched my pieces down instead of hand stitching.

I also made 8” units, which created huge 16” blocks. I only needed 9 of them to make my quilt!

Applique Method with Fusible Interfacing

For this method, cut your applique pieces out of both fabric and featherweight fusible interfacing.

To save time, I stacked up three layers of fabric and I folded my interfacing into 3-4 layers too.

Place the fusible (glue) side of the interfacing pieces against the right side of the applique pieces and stitch all the way around with a 1/4” seam allowance. It’s important not to sew to the raw edge. Start and stop 1/4” away from the corner.

To make the curved edges turn nicely, they need to be notched. Save lots of time by trimming them with pinking shears. Careful not to clip the seam!

Clip the corner too.

Use some sharp scissors to poke a hole in the interfacing and cut a slit about 2/3 the length of the applique.

Turn the piece right side out through the slit and use a turning tool (or your finger) to smooth the edges out. And press out the corner.

Center the applique on a fabric square (my square is 8 1/2” to make a finished 8” unit). Press with a hot iron to fuse.

Stitch the applique to the fabric square by machine or by hand.  Sew four units together to make an Orange Peel Block.

The pros of this applique method are that it’s turned applique (no raw edges), it’s fused to your fabric so it won’t slide around, and it’s fast.

The cons are that you have a layer of interfacing under the applique which makes it thicker, and sometimes you can see the interfacing as a thin line between the applique and the backing. I would not use this method for a ‘show quilt’ or with dark fabrics.

Since my quilt is going to be a throw on the family couch, I love the extra dimension that this applique method gives. It also helps the orange peel shapes stand out in a situation where there’s not too much contrast between them and the background fabrics.

Wasn’t that fun? See my other classic quilt blocks patterns here.

Happy sewing!

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  1. Lori Michel says:

    Oh my kind of quilt…Fast, Quick and Easy…Thanks for the tutorial. I am enjoying applique, I have even gotten a few EEP’s and cheated with the same type of turn facing for sewn under applique…Hee, Hee, what we do when we want something done right now…..

  2. Odunayo Pearl says:

    Nice and Easy…Hoping to win some fabrics, have got a project similar to this.

  3. Karen Dutil Cudney says:

    I can’t wait to try this! So easy and fun! I love the look it gives.

  4. Kylie Menagh-Johnson says:

    This is a great tutorial. I’ve been getting curious about applique, and this method is right up my alley. What type of interfacing do you like?

    1. I can’t remember the name, it was the lightest weight Pellon interfacing at Joanns. Only 99 cents a yard! xoxo

  5. Elizabeth Tillstrom says:

    I really love the look of this! And the teacups too! Thanks for the fun tute.

  6. Karen Sopjes says:

    Thanks for the templates and tutorial.

  7. Debra Kay Neiman says:

    Wow I love these. Made a tablerunner with mine. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  8. Thank you for the template and tutorial. This quilt is a must do!

  9. Mandy Carroll says:

    I love this…now to sew…

  10. Michele Wielgosch-Timms says:

    I made my very first Orange Peel Block using your tutorial and I loved my block but I see where I need to make improvements😉 I have 3 friends expecting babies and I know that I will make at least one baby quilt with this block!!!

  11. Michele Wielgosch-Timms says:

    Oh! I forgot to say that I posted my Orange Peel Block on your Flickr group for a chance to win your giveaway.

  12. Lisa Reedy says:

    Did I miss who won this FQ bundles from Blend??? This was a great tutorial. and I’m addicted. The only thing I have to be careful with is turning and not ripping the points on the pellon since it is so thin.. I am on the look out for the perfect turning tool.. my trusty chopstick was just too pointy!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful method! I’m having so much fun working on this project!

  14. anna in spain says:

    Oh this is great!! I want to make a "flower" quilt using the Orange Peel shape as the petals. The person I was watching used nonfusible interfacing which is nearly impossible to get here. Knowing I can use fusible helps.
    You can "pre-shrink" fusible interfacing which stops any bubbling. It doesn’t harm the glue (crazy as that sounds.) Put it in warm water for 20 minutes and let dry. When thoroughly dry, cut and press your pieces as normal.

  15. Caroline, Keep on blogging! Your email is one of a few I read from top to bottom. Your honesty is refreshing and I can relate to your anxiety more than you will ever know. Thank you for all your contributions— you are super!

  16. I just read this and tried to print the orange peel template, but I couldn’t get the template. I notice this was sent yesterday, and I just read it today. Was this time sensitive?
    Nancy A: SewingGranda@gmail.com

    1. Hi Nancy,
      If you click on the pink text in the post above it will take you to the site where I have the file hosted (on Bluprint). You can ‘buy’ it for free, no credit card required, although you do need a free account with Bluprint.

  17. I am unable to download any patterns. I received my thank you email?

    1. Thank you for your patience. We have been scrambling to fix over 100 patterns that were hosted at Craftsy/Bluprint (now closed). I found this one and fixed the link!

  18. I intend to use the template with "crumb" fabric appliqued onto black squares. I’ll use black interfacing so it won’t show through as much.

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