My Flirty Dozen Apron Pattern is Here! {Win 1 of 3 copies}

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely an apron gal. That’s not to say I cook. I really hate cooking, but I have to do it anyway. What I hate more even more than having to cook every day is getting food stains on my clothes! So I always wear an apron. Even if I’m just frying an egg.

That’s why I was so excited when someone from Stash Books emailed me about writing an apron pattern. Immediately my mind went in a million directions. I want you to take this pattern and make an apron that fits your personality… no matter what your style!

Wanna see what I mean?


Do you like gathers? Are you kind of a Little House On the Prairie type? I feel that way sometimes. Well this is the style I made for you!

But maybe you’d rather pull out your hair than gather fabric. Maybe you would wear a skater dress with a sweetheart neckline.

Here you go! The two half circles on this apron skirt make a darling peplum effect, with no gathering at all.


Or… maybe your kitchen is a little bit spicy, little bit rhumba! Here’s a halter version with a plunging neckline (don’t worry, you’ll probably have clothes on underneath, lol). This is the sleek half circle skirt with ruffles around the bottom to kick it up a bit.

All of the aprons have nice wide ties that you can tie in the back or make longer to wrap around and tie in the front. The skirt and top are attached using the Burrito Method so there are no raw edges showing anywhere.

But that’s not all… if you are a mixed personality, that’s okay! You can mix and match all 3 of the apron tops and all 3 of the apron skirts to make exactly the apron that you want. Or leave off the top portion and make any one of the 3 skirts as a half-apron. Now do you see why we called it the Flirty Dozen Apron pattern. We counted 12 different options. 

Stash Books packaged it up so nicely with a sturdy envelope, instruction booklet, and paper pattern sheet (not tissue paper!).

I’m so pleased with the way that everything turned out, that I want to giveaway 3 copies of the Flirty Dozen Apron pattern to my readers. Use the gleam widget below to enter.

And when you make one use hashtag #flirtydozenapronpattern on Instagram so I’ll be sure to find it and see. I can’t wait to see how YOU put it together. 🙂

Flirty Dozen Apron Pattern Giveaway

Good luck!

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  1. We lost my cute apron in our last move, so I would love one of these precious patterns to make my own!

  2. Jacque Buchanan says:

    Thank You for all the wonderful patterns, Hoping to win the Apron patterns

  3. Evelyn Wonner says:

    Love the patterns, I have been into aprons of late and have a few different styled patterns. Love the sweetheart neckline and double skirt one.

  4. All of the options are so cute!! I can’t wait to win and make lots of aprons!! I love sewing and crafting!

  5. I love your apron patterns! I love all 3 and would make them all. Of course I’ll also mix and match! My favorite patterns are the ones that are versatile like yours! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. My daughter-in-law wears aprons all of the time. Thanks for the chance to win one of your cute patterns. I would be making all three and mixing the patterns to create new designs.

  7. I would probably make them all & then mix & match, I love aprons!

  8. I love the gathered apron, just as it’s shown in the photo above.

  9. I’d make the second top and the third bottom, without the ruffle.

  10. Oh how I love the little pink apron. It reminds me of a sun dress from the 40’s and it is beautiful! I have been wanting to make an apron for myself and a few for friends. This apron is perfect and the other’s, well I know they will find some great homes also.

  11. diane beavers says:

    Love the peplum bottom , probably mix it up a little w/the halter top.

  12. Love the plunging neckline, but would sass it up with the peplum bottom! I love wearing aprons, and still wear some of my Grandma’s. It would be awesome to make more to pass down to my daughter and granddaughter!

  13. Debbie Rogowski says:

    I love your designs! I would make the one with the sweetheart neckline for myself. I have a friend who is looking for someone to create a custom apron for her, if you are interested please email me

  14. Mary Chevalier says:

    I like the one with the Ruffles best I too almost always use an Apron.For sure when frying Eggs as it can get messie

  15. Becky Turner says:

    I love the circle skirt and a bit of ruffle…. Makes it a mitchandmash!!!

  16. My niece is a cupcake baker and I am always looking for cute patterns for the aprons I make her. these sure meet that requirement.

  17. Sweetheart Neckline with Little House on the Prairie skirt. I wear an apron every day at work. This would be a great pattern to add for some variety!

  18. Cynthia Rathunde says:

    I would love to make the halter version of the apron.

  19. I’m new to sewing and am loving aprons so far…the rhumba one looks like fun and I love the neckline!

  20. Aprons remind me of my childhood. My mom always wore an apron.

  21. I’ve been wanting to make some aprons for Christmas gifts and sure would like to win this book!

  22. A very versatile pattern and I have a granddaughter with a new apartment that loves to cook. What a great gift the Sweetheart apron would be! Thanks, Caroline.

  23. Diana Collins says:

    They all are very nice patterns. Something for everyone. I am a Little House On the Prairie type. Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. Sandra Ross says:

    I always wear an apron too. It’ s kind of like a seatbelt— just like it doesn’t feel right to get in a car without one, it doesn’t feel right to be in the kitchen without an apron. I would mix and match.All the styles are cute but the "space" on the halter top is where the drips would end up on me so would choose from the other tops.

  25. I’d have to start by making the Little House on the Prairie version first (but love all the different combos).

  26. rrjane011749 says:

    Love them all, but, would make the Sweetheart Neckline one first!

  27. I would like to make some of these for Christmas gifts for my daughters and granddaughters!

  28. I love the sweetheart neckline apron. I really enjoy making aprons, they don’t take long and you get to wear your reward daily!

  29. I’m so glad aprons have come "back in style"! They make wonderful gifts!

  30. I think I would make the sweetheart neckline with the 2 tier skater bottom. I am so glad to see aprons coming back!

  31. I think the idea of choosing only one option is a bit overwhelmng, lol. I love making aprons! However, I would love to see the Little House Bodice with the Skater skirt. I like to live dangerously like that. 😉

  32. Laura Snyder says:

    I like the sweetheart neckline and the double layer skirt of the skater apron.

  33. I would make an apron with the sweetheart neckline and a plain skirt with no ruffle. So cute!

  34. Joan Mitchell says:

    Chances are very good that I would mix and match… I am certain, however, that three skirts and three tops provide enough variety to satisfy almost everyone.

  35. Janet Crossman says:

    I love all your aprons and would definitely make the Little House on the Prairies one if I don’t win it.

  36. Christa Dunn says:

    I’d make one with the sweetheart neckline & ruffled half-circle skirt! Lovely!

  37. I love aprons and wear them! The little house on the prairie is just my style 🙂

  38. Theresa M. says:

    Unlike you, I DO like to cook! And I am messy about it so having more aprons would be a good thing! Would love to win a copy of your patterns.

  39. Thanks so much for great information and for great sweepstakes!

  40. My daughter always wears an apron they would all be so fun to make for her

  41. Louisa Gee says:

    I adore these aprons and must have this book. Wonderful for gifts and myself lol.

  42. Brenda Jerles says:

    I love these aprons and Soooo need one! I am always messing up my clothes while cooking. I think I would start with the Little House on the Prarie style. I am loving vintage right now.

  43. Deb Frazier says:

    Cute Idea! I’d probably make Prairie top w/o the ruffles with the salsa bottom without the ruffles. I’d just want an apron I wouldn’t care if I got grease splotches on.

  44. Great gift idea! Everyone has to be in the kitchen some times! I’d make the halter top as a gift and the little house on the prarie for myself.

  45. I would make myself the spicy, little bit rhumba and make my daughter the skater one.

  46. Judith Martinez says:

    I’d love to make the sweetheart top with the skirt from the rhumba apron.

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