Heather’s Travel Trailer Recover

My new (used) pop-up camper that's just waiting for a makeover:)

My new (used) pop-up camper that’s just waiting for a makeover:)

Well anyone who read last Saturday’s blog post  knows I’ve been thinking a lot about travel trailer recovering…but I didn’t realize so many other people were too! Heather, from  Having S’more Adventures shared this picture of her travel trailer cushion makeover job with me and I love it!


Now I want to hear more about this phenomenon! What are you doing to make over your travel trailer? What are your tips and tricks? Where do you go to get new ideas and inspiration?  Tell us in the comments!

Thank you so much for sharing your picture with us Heather!

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  1. Sheila Perl says:

    I don’t have a Pop Up Trailer and I don’t think I ever will but I am just fascinated by this subject!!!
    I have even started a new Pinterest board just for the ideas and pictures! Hmmm, maybe there will be a Trailer in my future, but in the meantime I’m certainly enjoying the makeovers 🙂

  2. Barbara Trevouledes says:

    We bought a used Airstream travel trailer in excellent condition, but since we travel with our dogs, I just knew the yellow gold fabric seat cushions would be covered with dirty paw prints in no time. I opted to cover the seats with a faux leather fabric that would withstand dirt and wipe clean. I am thrilled with the results! Now on to the window treatments! I really enjoy home dec projects for our trailer – it’s like playing with a life-size doll house.

  3. WOW! I am impressed – I did own one of these, but sold it because I was to afraid to try the recovering. BEAUTIFUL work. :O)

  4. I’m so flattered! I got most of my ideas on Pinterest. It was a matter of finding fabrics that we liked (which was harder than finding the idea!). It’s a completely different trailer now & we love it so much!

  5. A link to this appeared on my facebook feed this week and it brought back memories. My family had a pop up camper that took us on many adventures. It was well used and needed a new canvas top. I was a junior or senior in high school at the time and sewed a lot. All kinds of things, but never a camper top. Well, I took on the challenge complete with canvas, mosquito netting windows, zippers and grommets. It took a while and my father had to help move the canvas through the machine ( like trying to move a giant very heavy quilt through the sewing machine) . It came out well, but will probably not try another project like that on a home machine.

    Your camper looks nice. Hope you continue to enjoy it.

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