Sewing the Lulu Llama Pattern from Gingercake


I love sewing llama softie patterns so much, I must be trying to sew them all! Here’s my review of Gingercake’s Lulu Llama sewing pattern. I also have a free llama softie pattern, plus I sewed this llama pattern from Jennifer Jangles too!

I bought a yard of faux rabbit fur for this project (the pattern only calls for 1/2 yard) and that 1 yard of fur has been the gift that keeps on giving! So far I have cut out 1 llama, 5 owls, and a puppy (still coming), and I still have about a fat quarter size left!

Note: the faux rabbit fur from Joanns (it’s so soft!) does have a bit of stretch to it, and the Lulu Llama pattern calls for fur with no stretch at all. I fused some Pellon Shapeflex 101 woven interfacing to the back of my llama pieces, as Virginia suggests, and had no problems at all.

Who can resist a face like this??? I still consider myself a beginner at hand embroidery, so I was glad that Virginia’s instructions were very easy to follow.

I love the sweet details like cotton fabric inside the ears and tail – and the matching llama blanket.

And I can’t wait for Christmas when my kids get to open up all the toys I’ve been sewing and hiding in my closet!

Did you know that my Katy Doll Pattern is free? Get it here.


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  1. anne dawson says:

    I love sewing for all my family and friends. sorry cant pick a favourite.
    Thanks for a great giveaway.

  2. I like sewing for my husband because he appreciates it the most.

  3. Susan Spiers says:

    Love to sew for my daughter-she appreciates the hand-made & its fun to come up with something to sew & give to her!

  4. Debbie Rogowski says:

    I love sewing these little dolls. I make them for myself and I make them with friend’s hair colors and favorite color for dresses and given them away.I love them as sitters to make us happy. I can’t wait to try Lulu

  5. Renea Yarolim says:

    I enjoy sewing and quilting for my grandchildren. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  6. I love sewing for the kids – grandchildren and great nieces and nephews

  7. Susan Hill Lee says:

    Katy doll has a very cute companion with LuLu the llama. Love these patterns!

  8. DANA Miller says:

    I love the fabrics you used for the llama and doll. I love tosew handmade gifts for my kids, sisters and nieces.

  9. Pat Upton says:

    I make handmade gifts for my family. They may not love them as much as I do but I do it anyway!

  10. Sewing makes me happy and Giving gifts of handmade items makes others happy!
    I sew for my entire family! They love my gifts, even when they are not perfect!

  11. My two tiny humans are the recipients of most of my sewing endeavors. From quilts and stuffed animals to shorts and underwear, if I sew it, they’ll use it.

  12. Kate Welch says:

    I LOVE to sew for my son. I have made him a special gift each year (in addition to new jammies) The year he was 1 I made him a monkey from Vogue Craft Pattern. Never again! I have had much better luck with patterns from folks who specialize in stuffies! 🙂 I think the boy is getting a special tote bag this year. if I can find some time in the next 25 days to sew. . .

  13. Tina Sheppard says:

    I love to sew gifts for our local Women’s and Children’s shelter. From toys to quilts. A lot of them leave their homes with little more than the clothing on their backs. When a child at the shelter receives a toy or a quilt that is theirs to keep, it means so much more. I never get to see them receive the gifts, but the warmth it gives my heart is more than words can say.

  14. I love to sew mostly for family. But wait, I really love to sew for my friends even though they all could sew it themselves!

  15. Elizabeth D. says:

    I have a friend who loves lamas! Can’t wait to show her this pattern.

  16. I love to sew gifts for my kids and now for my sweet little grandson.

  17. I love Llamas! That is so cute, I may have to make it for myself.

  18. I love your cute little dolls and would love to win a pattern to make for my two little grand babies

  19. Oh my little granddaughter who will turn two in January!
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  20. I love to sew for my grandkids. They love whatever I make for them, and if I have any sewing mistakes on the gifts, they don’t care.

  21. I love making things for my daughters and my little grandson…there are hugs in every stitch!

  22. Lovely giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity. Always happiest sewing for my 2 girls.

  23. Mary Freeman says:

    I made gifts for work friends, granddaughters and some of my close friends. It is what makes the season special.

  24. Michele T says:

    That llama is absolutely adorable💕💕💕!! I love to make handmade gifts for everyone but especially for my kids!!!

  25. Elizabeth says:

    my friends! They love being my ‘sewing guinea pigs’ and getting lots of handmade goodies sent their way!!

  26. Shellaine says:

    What are the cotton florals you used for the doll and llama?

  27. I enjoy sewing hand-made gifts for anyone and everyone I care about! They all seem to enjoy receiving them almost as much as I love making them! duchick at gmail dot com

  28. Genevieve C. says:

    My 1 1/2 year old granddaughter & soon to be, her new sister. It makes me tear up just thinking about them. Thanks for the contest

  29. My grandson, friends and friends grandkids love donating hand made items to charities and of course family. Thanks for the awesome prize package and chance to win it!!!! Becky

  30. Donna Lee says:

    I love to sew for my four little grandchildren! They seem to like grammie-made clothes!

  31. I like to sew for my kids the most and second to those friends who enjoy what I sew.

  32. I love sewing for my kids the most. And mostly my son because he’s 11 and still my baby. The 15 year old daughter is too much of a teenager now!

  33. Ellen McKenna says:

    I love sewing for my kids! Always seem to be 11th hour projects though…

  34. My kid because he’s three easy to sew for but I’m sure that won’t last forever

  35. I love sewing for kids mostly but I also sew for the other members of my family, such as my mom and my son. Thankfully they all seem to appreciate the stuff I made! <3

  36. I love making gifts for others–mostly babies and kids! I want to start doing more projects for my own kids, though!

  37. karin mullins says:

    OMG!!!! How adorable ! I cant wait to make these if I win.

  38. Love the doll pattern, I’d make them for the several groups that support children in crisis.

  39. I like to sew and give to friends, family and anyone who needs to feel special!

  40. Pat Riley says:

    I love to share handmade items with my family and friends and watch them enjoy their gifts for many years.

  41. Carmen Nuland says:

    I consider myself a beginning sewer so I typically just give to my mom and close friends.

  42. Rebecca Peters says:

    I love to sew for my grandkids. These would just fit the bill.

  43. Shellaine says:

    What are the cotton fabrics you used for Katy and the llama? I would love to buy some!

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