11+ Sewing Projects for Organization: Get and Stay Organized

sewing projects for organization

Here are my favorite free sewing projects for organization: patterns and tutorials for baskets, pouches, bags, and other sewing projects to help us all at least look like we are more organized! The free sewing patterns are quick and easy. Customize them in your favorite colors and fabrics so your spaces will coordinate with your personal style.

And I’m adding to this list as I find more, so by now there are more than 11!

closet organizer sewing pattern

Sew a closet organizer with lots of pockets! This is one of my best free patterns yet.

Get Organized with Basket and Bin Sewing Patterns

storage bin with a clear window

Sew a storage bin out of fabric from your stash! This generously sized bin with a foldover lid will help you organize your closet, but it’s so pretty you won’t want to hide it away.

Bean Bag Chair with toy storage

Sew a this amazing chair with my bean bag chair pattern that is also stuffed animal storage!

hanging storage baskets

Sew up these storage baskets that hang on a rod!

handy purse organizer sewing pattern

This sewing project for organization will help you keep everything your purse easy to find. Sew up a Handy Purse Organizer using my free sewing pattern.

Use the Hanging Organizer for your Car or Home to keep everything in the back seat nice and tidy.

fat quarter sized organizing basket

The Fat Quarter Sized Fold Up Baskets are one of my favorite ways to use a fat quarter. They are perfect for fat quarters that you have leftover from other projects.

DIY basket for organization

My Big Fold Up Baskets fit perfectly in Ikea cubbies! Organize your living space with a sewing project.

Bedside Pockets Organizer

The Bedside Pockets Organizer free sewing pattern is a classic way to organize and keep bedtime items handy so the floor doesn’t get cluttered.


The Peek-a-Boo Pouch with Clear Pockets makes a great sewing kit, first aid kit, cosmetic bag, and more. Use it to organize your purse too!

A Sewing Project to Organize Your Car

The Car Diddy Bag free sewing tutorial is one of my most popular projects ever. Organize all the things in your car that you don’t want getting lost – like your phone, charger cords, pens, and change so they won’t slip under the seats. There’s even a hidden zipper pocket on the back.

Ribbon and Vinyl Zipper Pouches are the perfect quick and easy project to help you organize small items in your desk or suitcase because everyone likes to see what’s inside.


DIY Sturdy Storage Totes – will hold quilts, blankets, off-season clothes, towels, and more so your closets will be neat and organized.

sewing project for organizing your craft area

The Under Cover Maker Mat is the perfect sewing project for organizing your sewing area. Theres a place for everything, even a thread catcher.

My free pattern for Fish Laundry (or Beach) Bags makes it easy to keep clothes off the floor or beach toys in one place.


Organize brushes, cosmetics, and all you essentials so your bathroom will be more organized with this free sewing pattern for a roll up bathroom organizer!


Sew the best packing cubes with this free pattern from Melly Sews!


And if you still want sewing projects for organization, here are 11 MORE free sewing projects to make you more organized!

Need ideas for fabric storage? Check out my 3 favorite ways to store fabric.

Happy sewing!

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  1. loviekittie says:

    I understand the need for adds, you have to make a living and all, but any chance you can not put them in front of your pictures? It is so distracting that it makes me want to leave your page.

    1. Loviekittie- Caroline has no control over the ads and their placement. You just have to click on the x to close them. If there is the opportunity to "Report Ad", click the box with "Ad covers picture" or some such wording. Doesn’t guarantee you won’t see the ad again but at least you tried to get the message to advertisers that you are not happy with their scheme.

  2. Judy Brady says:

    I love all the projects and your choice of fabrics are so pretty! I plan to make the mesh fish, laundry bag, but I want to use it to collect shells when I go to the beach. Two hands aren’t always enough! LOL

  3. I just love all the projects that you post. They are things for everyone no matter their sewing skill.I also get a smile on my face when I see the old cast iron Elna. That is what I learned on with the disc inserts and the knee attachment. Thanks again for all patterns.

  4. Rosemary B says:

    Thank you for all of your brilliance and enthusiasm, sharing such lovely projects and ideas. I am so happy I found your Blog.
    Merry Christmas, Caroline

  5. Awesome projects. Thank you for sharing your tutorials. 🙂

  6. Dianna Moll says:

    I wanted to find a pattern to make a fabric basket to store my grandson’s toys and came across yours. Thank you! I will be making it as soon as I get to the store for the materials.

  7. I made two of your large fold up storage containers. I love them!
    I did a satin stitch along the edges of the 3/4 inch cuts and made sure the thread went over the edge. I also serged the top edge and used Frey Check on the corners after cutting. Both of these techniques gave it a nice finish.

  8. On one of your rest posts, you had a photo at the top of a open-topped tote bag with three pockets on the outside (probably both sides). It was a type of organizer I think. When I saw it, I thought it would be perfect for a dear friend who just had a baby. They will be keeping the baby in a bassinette until the baby is about 1. They live in a small house, no room for a dedicated nursery or nursery furniture, so I thought this organizer would be great for the baby’s diaper changing supplies, and could be carried to whatever room where she is changing the baby, yet keeping things very organized and in one place. I think I could make this organizer on my own, but I always pick up new tips and tricks when I read your Blog and patterns. Could you tell me if you already have this organizer written up into a pattern? If not, I’ll proceed on my own. Mucho thanks. I am really enjoying your blog and website, because I love bags, fabric baskets, organizers, etc of all types and you are the Queen of these! Erin

  9. I love your ideas! Right now i’m working in a set of hanging baskets; exept i’m going to expand it to include about 12-14 or so of them and i’m going to extend the loops on some so that they hang underneath each other in 3 rows 😀

    Also, I was wondering if these projects are ones that I can make and sell on my Etsy shop or at craft fairs? I don’t want to infringe on any copyrights 😊

    1. Sounds intriguing! Feel free to sell anything you make with my patterns – as long as you are the maker. No commercial production, please. 🙂

  10. You are crazy-talented, girl!

    My darling husband bought me a state-of-the-art Bernina last Christmas, and all I’ve been doing is buying coordinating fabric and making bowl cozies. I’ve been looking for inspirational projects, but now I’ve found inspiration personified! I can’t wait to get moving on your darling designs and creations. Thank you so much for taking the time to post your ideas and for making your patterns accessible and free. I will support you through every other means you’ve posted. Again, thank you!

  11. Linda mcneely says:

    do you have any posts about your juki machine. I saw one in one of the newsletters that you send out and hubby just ordered me one for Christmas so am looking forward to getting any and all info on it that I can. Linda

  12. Janine Evans says:

    Oh My! Where to start – I want to make them all. Storage boxes for me or bedside organiser for my kids? Thank you for sharing an amazing collection of ideas.

  13. Could you lead me to the pattern for the bean bag storage bag? I’m wanting to make two but can’t get access to the pattern. Thanks much!

    1. Thank you for your patience! We’re in a big scramble to find all the files and update the links since Craftsy/Bluprint went down. The link has now been corrected. 🙂

  14. Cherilynne says:

    thank you for your link to Fabric.com…. I think I just found my new fabric store.

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