10 DIY Sewing Projects to help you Travel Handmade!

The last time I went to the airport I was carrying my a handmade carry-on and it was so much fun to have people ask me where I got it and answer that I MADE IT! Some people recognized that my bag was handmade and they asked if I was the maker – yay!

That’s why I decided to make you a list of my favorite DIY sewing project that will help you have that same fun when you travel handmade. Plus there are other benefits too, he he!

Note: most of these are free patterns or tutorials, but some require a purchase. They are all amazing.

1. The Rollie Pollie Organizer… it’s genius!

2. The Tote with Many Pockets is just what you need when you travel… and it’s a free pattern! 

3. My Travel Jewelry Organizer really works – I use it every time!

4. The Aeroplane Tote from Sew Sweetness comes in 2 sizes – one is perfect for your sewing machine!

5. My Peek-a-Boo Pouch free sewing pattern lets you have 2 or more pockets to organize your things and see them at the same time!

6. Sew a Pretty Quilted iPad Case to help your devices travel safely and beautifully! (free pattern)

7. Only travelling in your car? Make it more organized with my free Car Diddy Bag pattern!

8. Then keep your kids organized in the car too with this organizer that hangs on the back of the driver’s seat!

9. This is the Ultimate Travel Bag that I sewed together with my friend Heather. And it is the Ultimate! (Jump straight to the pattern here.)

10. I sewed this sweet little dumpling shaped pouch using a left over quilt block. What would you use?

Happy Sewing!

Disclosure: some of my posts contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through one of those links I may receive a small commission, so thank you for supporting SewCanShe when you shop! All of the opinions are my own and I only suggest products that I actually use. 🙂

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  1. Yesterday, I tried to find the link for the pattern on this Garden on the Go tote. Never could find the link, even though it came in an email. I was looking forward to it. Today I get an email with a supposed link. I click on it and get this page saying it’s no longer available. WTH? Why send a link for it then? Really disappointed. If you don’t provide the pattern, why send the email with a link to a page that tells you "too bad, so sad?"

    1. Hi Mary – sorry for the misunderstanding. I used that bag pattern to show how to add a laptop pocket to any bag. Even though that particular kit is not available anymore, you could still use the tutorial to modify a different bag pattern to be suitable for a laptop. I hope the information is still useful.


  2. Car ditty bag instructions will not open. Can you send another link?

  3. Barbara Quinn says:

    I really like to sew my own travel accessories. I look on line & the $$ is just to much. Besides I can also fix the same things for my "Grands", they always really appreciate it also.


  4. Sandy Thornton says:

    Could you please direct me to the pattern for your Handmade Carry on Bag. It has a strap at the back that slips over the case handle.

    Thank you

    1. I think you are speaking of the Ultimate Travel Bag by Annie Unrein, that is pictured above. I don’t have a free pattern for that. Annie’s is awesome!

  5. Sandy Thornton says:

    Thank you Caroline,

    I was wondering if it was Annie’s.

    The one I was looking at is blue and in a section on 10 hand made Travel items from last year. I will look up Annie’s pattern.

    Thank you again

  6. I have subscribe for your email …I have sewed three of your patterns…they are great!!..easy to follow and fun to make. Thank you so much for the time you put in to these patterns. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next email, you have really helped me a lot! Thank You!!!!

  7. Ann Rhuland says:

    I have made some of the masks and I added a pipe cleaner on the top so the mask could be pinched to the nose. I used a 6 inch pipe cleaner and used leather cold tape on both ends to keep the wire from poking through I zig zaged it to the inside of the lining below the seam (outside the seam allowance) and when I top stitched the piece I made sure that the pipe cleaner was above the stitching so the pipe cleaner was caught in the between the top stitch and the seam after turning. It seamed to work well (no pun intended). I have not washed it yet but I am pretty sure it would hold up for at least 10 washings. I also made some with PUL fabric on the front and flannel inside. The PUL would be great because it is water proof hence not porous avoiding transmission of the virus. I thought they were too hot to the face but I did not have any problem breathing. Caroline you make me smile every time I watch one of your videos. Stay safe and keep on working on your projects I am sure many of us Love what you do.

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