Bloopers in Studio Chat #2 {I’m such a newbie at this!}

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You may have noticed that I posted Studio Chat #2 yesterday!

First of all, thank you to all of you who gave me so much positive feedback about these new little video chats I’m doing.

I definitely would not have posted another one so soon if I had not received so many happy comments cheering me on!

But I am still a total newbie at making my own videos so let’s just clear the air and I’ll point out all the mistakes (really all the mistakes that I couldn’t cut out, lol) and then you’ll know that I know and nobody will have to tell me again.

studio chat 2e.jpg

So first of all, I’m sure that everybody will notice that when I show you the phone pocket on the wallet prototype that the iphone’s flashlight is on!

How the heck did that happen???

studio chat 2f.jpg

But don’t worry – I didn’t miss a beat, I just oh so casually turned it off while you thought I was demonstrating how you can use the phone through the vinyl, he he he.

And did you laugh when I held one giveaway book upside down???

I don’t think there’s anyway that anyone missed that.

I’m pretty sure that I was able to use iMovie to cut out most of the rest of my mistakes.

If you haven’t seen it yet, or the video player at the top of SewCanShe is playing something else already, then here’s Studio Chat #2 with SewCanShe.

Laugh with me and have fun!

Oh and tell me in the comments below what you think of the wallet prototype – is it ready???


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  1. I think the wallet is a perfect size. I hate wallets or purses that are so small and tight you have a hard time getting things out of it. It is especially difficult for those of us with arthritis.

  2. Hi. I love it, but I agree with you that it seems a little too big.

  3. I like the wallet. That was fast. I think the vinyl pocket is great for the phone. Love the D ring idea for wristlet or crossbody use. Would it be better to make the card slots go the other way? I just saw that you had bill slots on both sides and if you turn the wallet so the slots are upright then the bills may slip out.

  4. The wallet is a little too big to put in a pocketbook or use as a wristlet. but might be the right size for a small crossbody bag. Thanks for the link to the RFID fabric. I haven’t sewn for the past year due to moving to another state and then surgery but I think it will be the first thing I sew in the new house!! Love the blog,bloopers and all. It is so YOU!

  5. Linda Southworth says:

    I like the size of the wallet! Please do not change it. As for the vinyl pocket for the phone maybe add a stitching line to make it more snug for the phone and use the other side for personal papers or business cards you need to view. i DO like the snap so no worries about the phone falling out. The fabrics are beautiful!

  6. Re the wallet:
    Not so sure that I want my phone so visible on the outside of my wallet. Like the idea of the vinyl, but I would prefer it on the inside. I know that may make it a bit more awkward to use, but just my opinion.

  7. I love the size of the wallet and the vinyl pocket. Not sure that I would use it for my phone — not sure if I want my phone exposed –if I used it as a cross body then yes it would be perfect for a phone!

  8. Kathy Burkett says:

    Love this …I think it’s ok length for the phone….I dont like then to fit so tight that you have to struggle with it.

  9. Love the wallet! For me, I would like it to be a little smaller, but Iam looking forward to a tutorial. Would def plan to mak it. Thanks!

  10. Cherryl Reiterman says:

    You are right. It is too big. Otherwise I love it.

  11. Cherryl Reiterman says:

    You’re right, it is a bit too big. However I do love it!

  12. I love the clutch! It’s not too big at all! I have a large phone and I think it’s great with the see-through pocket. You are amazing!

  13. Laurie de Vries says:

    I think you’re doing a fantastic job with the videos!

  14. CAROL LOMBARDI says:

    Hi Caroline!
    I love the purse as it is!
    And I am envious of your beautiful studio.

    Carol L.

  15. Yes, i think the wallet is too big. I can’t wait the the tutorial for this wallet. I love it.
    Another thing I’m not sure I like the direction of the card slots.
    Thank you for all the tutorials you make for us.
    Joann H

  16. Caroline that is a fabulous first effort. I do agree about perhaps making a bit less wide. I would think the width of the cards going in the slots would be a determining factor in the width you do use. I enjoy your little videos …..

  17. Loving the chats. So nice to see and hear the real you. Also love the wallet prototype. Is it too long? If you can shorten it and still keep an inside row for two cards and place bills flat in the pocket I think the length could be shortened, but I really like it.

  18. Nancy Reis says:

    Don’t change the size of the wallet if it means less card slots! If the phone pocket has a closure to keep it secure it shouldn’t matter if the phone is smaller and phones are all different sizes anyway. As for the pocket being vinyl – if someone doesn’t like that they could make the pocket out of fabric and then phone wouldn’t be visible. But pocket on the outside makes much quicker to get to phone. I like the vinyl idea. I would use as a cross body clutch so I would make sure the vinyl pocket is next to my body. Great job! Nancy

  19. I like the size of the wallet. I’ve made many crossbody phone pouches, and if they’re too small you risk dropping the phone while struggling to remove it from the pouch. I would use your design as a crossbody bag. It is a bit too big to fit into a purse. Perhaps the pattern could come in two sizes as I’ve seen with many other bag patterns. I think you’re doing a good job on your short videos, and I admire you for pointing out your errors and being able to take it all in stride.

  20. lucy brown says:

    I love your video, don’t worry, it will get easier the more you do. it is fun to hear from you not just see pictures.

  21. Kathie Fleming says:

    You’re doing a great job. About your “bloppers” they are nothing and you have a great attitude about them. Only continue if you desire to do so, I enjoy the real not the perfection.
    The wallet: I would need a wrist handle or cross body strap.

  22. Hi Caroline! I think the clutch is gorgeous and it’s the perfect size! You’re work is great. Keep it up! God bless you!

  23. Cute fabric, and style. I do think that it’s a little big. I would put a magnetic closure on the body of the bag instead of the snap. The magnets attract, so you don’t have to fumble with closing it. The snap would be fine, I think for the vinyl and the inside.
    Great job! Really turned out nice.

  24. Nice job on the wallet. I will make it.

    Do u have a pattern for your blanket wrap?

  25. Sharon Davis says:

    Caroline, please don’t change the size! My phone is 6 3/4 x 3 1/4 x 3/8" (with case). I have made a smaller wallet in the past, and rarely use it because not only does my phone not fit, but it is also a very tight fit for dollar bills. I do love the cross-body option! I suspect that I would replace the vinyl pocket with fabric.

  26. Sharon Davis says:

    Caroline, please don’t change the size! My phone is 6 3/4 x 3 1/4 x 3/8" (with case). I have made a smaller wallet in the past, and rarely use it because not only does my phone not fit, but it is also a very tight fit for dollar bills. I do love the cross-body option! I suspect that I would replace the vinyl pocket with fabric.

  27. The wallet looks fantastic! One thing that I may miss is a see-through slot for my ID, similar to the one on the sample used for the voting process. A great spot for it might be on the same side as the zippered inside pocket, so that it is separated from the other cards, and you can still pull it out easily when necessary.

  28. You are so cute, Caroline, I loved your little bloopers! I like these chats what a great idea! Do any of us NOT craft in total chaos? Who are these people and how do they do it?!!

  29. I was completely fooled by your "demonstrating" how to use your iPhone through the vinyl (rather than turning off your flashlight!). You are real, mistakes or not, and that’s one reason why we enjoy you so much. I don’t even have a smart phone, so your mistakes were lost on me! I really liked your prototype wallet and all of its features as is (I like having the second loop to make the cross body wallet). Looking forward to your pattern. You are a joy to watch and read.

  30. Margaret Dent says:

    Great purse but a little too large, or maybe have two sizes so everyone can choose? Thanks for all your great patterns

  31. I love the wallet!
    I love the vinyl outside pocket for the phone. I have a iPhone XR, so it’s nice to see something that will work.
    The overall wallet Is a bit bigger than I would prefer. I wonder could be graded down in the width part?
    And last, could it be made with a zipper around instead of snap…I feel more secure with my cards inside zippers!
    And maybe make a clear plastic card slot for drivers license?
    Just ideas to play with.
    Thank you for the quick fix on this one!

  32. Oh. I didn’t notice the phone flashlight being on. I thought it was just glare from the camera!

  33. Mary Zinnanti says:

    Caroline it’s a great first effort. I love your personality!!
    Personally for me, I think the wallet is just the right size. I don’t like carrying a purse every day when I go out, so this would be just perfect for my regular outings & shopping. I especially like the phone sleeve on the back. I want the pattern!!!

  34. Diane Mauricio says:

    I love the look of the wallet. You incorporated so many suggestions from your subscribers. My only comment re size: if you decide to reduce it, make sure you can still fit dollar bills inside flat. I have a number of purchased wallets and if the length isn’t long enough for sliding in bills and I have to fold them, I end up not using them. Thanks for all that you do for sewing and crafting enthusiasts!

  35. Great video. Love love the wallet size & color fabric choices. Maybe make a small & large pattern. That would be perfect. Thank you Sew bunches!!

  36. I love this wallet so much!! But I would definitely prefer a smaller version. I have been on a hunt to find a wallet that would fit inside my small purse. I wondered if that pic from the vote post looked more the size that would work for me, so I’m hoping for a smaller wallet pattern/tutorial – more like the picture of the original one. Both are beautiful!

  37. Your wallet looks great. Maybe if you maker smaller you could give the cut sizes for this size also and than we can choose the size. Thanks for all you do.

  38. I like the idea of someone who made a comment about putting the vinyl on the inside of the wallet to better protect the phone. Maybe switch the zipper pocket to the outside and the vinyl to the inside??? It looks great and I think it’s a good size. Thank you for all of your effort!

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