How to Baste Fabric to Foam Interfacing or Stabilizer – Video Tutorial

Learn how to baste fabric to foam interfacing. This is a great sewing technique that will elevate your projects. I love to use foam interfacing (sometimes called flexible foam stabilizer) for bags, wallets, and organizing items.

Here are some projects that you can use this product for:

Or see all my projects that use flexible foam stabilizer.

My favorite brand is Soft and Stable from ByAnnie, but the Pellon variety is good too.

Recently I had a friend tell me that she had never tried it. The first step is usually basting your fabric to the stabilizer and she thought that step looked tricky.



And then I was thinking about the wallet pattern that I just shared two days ago and maybe some of you will hesitate to try it because the first step is basting fabric to the stabilizer!

I’m here to convince you that you can do it! Basting fabric to one side or both sides of flex foam stabilizer (like Soft and Stable) is so easy!

You may be wondering why I don’t just use the fusible variety. I don’t prefer it because I like to quilt my projects. I’ve had the fusible kind get bubbly on me, so I’d rather just use the sew-in stabilizer.

And so I made the topic of Studio Chat #6 all about that first step – how to baste fabric to both sides of the flex foam stabilizer.

Are you ready? Watch the video and then get to it! You’ll be on your way to sewing lots of beautiful things.

Make sure you let me know what you think!


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  1. Gay Shanafelt says:

    Thanks! I was using a different method to quilt on the foam stabilizer, but I think yours will work better for me.

  2. That is exactly how I have been basting mine! I love flex foam!
    Also, Pellon now has an insulated lining. I like it much better than Insulbrite. Try it!!

  3. Love using the foam stabilizers! so easy to use, and to sew and the projects always look so professional when they are finished.

  4. I made your new wallet pattern yesterday. It came out great! Thanks for the pattern 🙂

  5. SUe singer says:

    Thanks for video.
    I usually use car liner foam found in upholstery part of stores like Joan’s. I wait until there is a coupon. Foam on one side and “fabric” on other side. Always sew with foam side facing fabric because otherwise it sticks to machine or presser foot.
    52” wide. Beige and black colors

  6. Hi.. thanks for the video… but my problem is I can never get it tight enough… its always so loose in the middle

  7. Pellon & Bosal are both fusible. Why baste fabric to foam when you can fuse it ? Much easier, faster, and it never sags. I fuse the fabric to the foam, quilt it, and then cut what I need. Works great.

  8. Carolyn Murphy says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I am new to this stabilizer, and was very curious about how to use. Now I’m ready to run with it😁

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