50 Amazing Things to Sew with Scraps!


Bust through your scrap bin and sew some clever and useful projects at the same time! Here are my 50 favorite free sewing patterns to sew with scraps.

How do I keep my scraps from growing out of control? I sew with them! Wondering what to do with all your fabric scraps? I know from experience that the more you sew, the more the piles of scrap fabric stack up! But guess what? They aren’t useless after all, because there are actually a lot of fun and useful things that you can sew using scraps.

Cute DIY Zipper Pouches

Sew a cute zipper pouch using small scraps of fabric with my Easy Zipper Pouch Pattern. The pattern comes with templates for two different sizes of zipper pouch, so you have lots of choices!

DIY Bookmark for a Journal

These DIY Journaling Bookmarks were so much fun to make. And. So. Fast! I used my sewing machine’s embroidery module to embroider names on the front of the bookmarks. That part is optional, but if you love embroidery like I do, you won’t pass up the chance to make this personalized gift.

DIY Wrist Key Fob

You can Sew a DIY Wristlet Key Fob with my fast and easy sewing tutorial and leftover fabric pieces from another project. No waste!

Make a Rope Bowl with Scraps

rope bowl tutorial

Fabric covered rope bowls require long strips of fabric (any size), some clothesline rope, and thread! You will love this super scrap buster. If your sewing machine has a zig zag stitch, it can make these fabric bowls!

This technique for wrapping rope with fabric strips is also great for making coasters, placemats, baskets, rugs, and more.

Scrappy Coasters and Potholders

Sew up some cute coasters to protect your furniture and use up fabric scraps! This free sewing tutorial also includes a matching potholder pattern. Free Folded Fabric Coasters and Potholders Tutorial.

Fabric Pixie Cups

Who doesn’t love Heidi’s Pixie Cups? I use mine for holding little craft supplies.

Bit O Kindness Snap Pouches from Fabric and Felt

Use your tiniest scraps for Bit O’ Kindness Pouches! The felt and snaps make this a fun arts and crafts project.

Card Holder for Easy Game Playing

Make your Card Kitty as unique and fun as the games you’ll play with it! Grab your favorite scraps and let’s get started!

Adorable Owl Sewing Pattern

These Adorable Owls  are one of my all time favorite scrap busting projects! I even made some mini owls into Christmas ornaments.

Scandinavian Star Ornaments

Learn how to make traditional Scandinavian Star Ornaments using folded fabric. This fun and easy tutorial is great for using up fabric scraps. There’s no machine sewing needed – just one stitch at the end to attach a string for hanging.

Fabric Christmas Trees

Decorate your home with fabric Christmas trees that you made using scraps and squares of fabric! This easy tutorial makes beautiful pine trees that are chic and elegant for winter and Christmas decor.

Scrappy Shower Curtain Tutorial


Got scraps as big as fat quarters? Make a shower curtain.

Sew A Tiny Tote Bag

The Tiny Tote Bag Pattern makes a little bag that holds a lot! It’s perfect for your phone, sunglasses, wallet, and lipstick!

Small Vinyl Project Pouch

Sew an easy Project Pouch with my free sewing pattern! This zippered bag with a vinyl front is perfect for organizing your hand sewing work, unfinished quilt blocks, or embroidery project to take on the go.

Tiny Zipper Bags Sewing Pattern

The Tiny Zipper Bags are so fast and easy to make, and so much fun to use your treasured scraps on!

Pom Pom Pincushions

Every sewist needs a Pompom Pincushion… you could also use these for tiny dollhouse pillows too!

Boxy Zipper Pouch Pattern

Sew a cute boxy zipper pouch with my free sewing pattern! This zipper bag is easy enough for beginners and just right for organizing supplies, cosmetics, or small things when you travel.

Heated Neck Wrap

Turn your fabric scraps into a beautiful heating pad for your neck or back. It’s the perfect Christmas present for teachers and loved ones. Sprinkle lavender oil on the rice before filling it for an extra special gift.

Small Drawstring Bags for Gift Giving


These little drawstring bags come in two sizes and are perfect for a little gift!

Cell Phone and Card Wallet Pattern


My Cell Phone Wallet Pattern is sewn with small pieces but it does a big job!

The Scrapyard Tote Bag Pattern

Sew this beautiful Scrapyard Tote with that collection of scraps you’ve been saving for the “perfect” project…this is it!

Mini Baskets that Fold Together

I have shared patterns for 3 sizes of fold up baskets, but the mini ones are the cutest and they are great for using up fabric scraps and stabilizer scraps! Here’s the Mini Fold Up Baskets tutorial and links to the other two are inside.

Snappy Coin Pouch

Use tape measures for a snappy close on the Snappy Coin Pouch.

Fold and Stitch Wallet Pattern

The Fold and Stitch wallet is great for kids or adults. The free pattern includes templates and step by step instructions with photos.

Pretty Fabric Lanyards

Use quilt scraps (or other long fabric strips) to make pretty lanyards. This would be a great gift for a coworker or someone who loves unique accessories.

Hexagon Log Cabin Potholder Pattern

These Log Cabin Hexi Potholders are the perfect way to use up fabric and batting scraps and practice quilting.

Easy Bow Headbands Using Fabric and Elastic

I used leftover fabric scraps from a quilt to make these cute headbands. They have soft elastic at the back for a perfect fit.

2 Sided Zipper Pouches


Small fabric pieces can also make these 2 sided zipper pouches!

Quilted Party Pennant Tutorial

Learn how to sew a party pennant using fabric scraps, leftover batting pieces, and some bias tape. This fun sewing project will make any room festive and gives you a chance to empty out your scrap bin. Plus you can use leftover jelly roll strips!

Sew Bunny Treat Bags!

Bunny Treat Bags only use up four 5’’ squares! Make Easter super special and use up leftover scraps from a baby quilt at the same time.

Free Llama Pattern


These Adorable Llamas Stuffie Toys come to life with a handful of scraps from the scrap bin and some TLC. You can even use scraps for the stuffing too. Any kid (or kid at heart) would love a llama for their birthday!

Easy Snap Wallet Pattern

Kids. Love. These. A scrap of fabric transforms into a Cute Little Wallet… and dreams come true.

Tutorial for DIY Scrunchies

Everyone is wearing DIY Scrunchies right now…they are so cute and comfy. This is the ultimate scrap buster, all it takes is a little piece of fabric and you’ve got style! Since you can use almost any kind of fabric, this is the perfect chance to upcycle fabric scraps from other lightly used items.

Soup Bowl Cozy Pattern

If you are just learning how to sew (or teaching someone how to sew), Bowl Cozies are a great project. They are easy and useful. This free pattern has 3 sizes, and the smallest one only uses 10” squares.

Patchwork Potholders


These handy potholders are perfect for sewing with little scraps!

Sew this darling Peek-a-Boo Pouch with vinyl pockets on the inside for peeking at all your treasures!

Easy Drawstring Bag Tutorial


Make simple drawstring bags that are adorable in two different fabrics! I used leather string that I found at the craft store, but you can make your own ties instead if you prefer.

Easy Baskets from 10” Squares

If you’ve got some 10″ scraps, you can make these super Easy Baskets! 

DIY Pegboard Baskets

Organize your spaces by sewing Pegboard Baskets out of scraps…to hold thread spools, tools, bobbins, and more!

The Stand Up and Slide Down Pencil Case

The Stand Up Slide Down Pencil and Tool Pouch whips together so easily with your best scrap fabric combination! It’s a great pencil case but you can also use it for taking sewing notions and tools to class.

Free Zola Pen Case Sewing Pattern

I can’t stop making these Zola Pen Cases! And lucky me, I won’t have to because my scrap bucket is huge!

Pillbox Pouch Pattern

Is there anything cuter than a scrappy little Pillbox Pouch? Nope… scrap bucket here I come.

Sew an Easy Square Basket

Sew up a cute Scrappy Square Basket to match your favorite scrappy quilt!

DIY Scrappy Pet Leash

Use your scraps to make a pet leash.

DIY Adjustable Pet Collar


Or use your scraps to make a cute adjustable collar.

Cage Comforters to Donate

cage comforter tutorial

Here’s another cute projects for pets – Cage Comforters. You can use batting and fabric remnants of all kinds. Your gift to a local pet shelter will be much appreciated!

DIY Scrappy Quilt Magnets

How’s this for a tiny quilt? Sew Quilt Magnets to show off on your fridge or in your sewing room!

Scrappy Receipt Paper Quilt Pattern

Sew the scrappiest quilt ever using your smallest scraps and a roll of calculator receipt paper! Get the Reciept Roll Quilt Pattern.

Pineapple Quilt Pattern with Quarter Square Triangles

pineapple quilt 2

The pineapples in my free Pineapple Fruit Quilt Pattern were made only from scraps! This quilt may look complicated, but really it’s all easy half square triangles.

Easy Patchwork Quilt Pattern

Another great quilt pattern for using up any and all scraps is this simple Patchwork Quilt with 2” squares. I bet you have enough scrap fabrics for this one too!

Orange Peel Block Quilt

image-asset - 2021-03-10T185658.439.jpg

The easy Orange Peel Quilt Block is fresh and delightful. Make your favorite scraps pop with this quilt block!

Make an Easy 9-Patch Quilt


You can sew the one of the oldest, sweetest quilt blocks, The 9 Patch Block, and use all your favorite scraps to do it!

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