30+ Free Sewing Patterns for Flexible Foam Stabilizer

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I love using flexible foam stabilizer in my sewing projects! It gives bags, baskets, pouches, and other items such a professional look. And it’s often just the right thing to make your purse or basket nice and sturdy.

There are several brands of foam stabilizer that I like. I have found only small differences between them except for the fact that some are fusible and others are sew-in. I prefer to work with sew-in foam stabilizer because I don’t like how fabric fused to stabilizer sometimes gets wrinkles, so I’d rather just sew and quilt the fabric and foam together.

If you haven’t found a favorite brand of flexible foam stabilizer yet, I suggest you try these brands (listed in order of my favorites):

Most (but not all) of my projects begin by quilting fabric and foam stabilizer together. Then I make this double sided quilted piece into something wonderful! Because I do it so often, I made a video showing the technique. It should start automatically in the video player on this page, and you can read more about it here.

Organizing Projects to Make with Foam Stabilizer:


Are you looking for a cute way to organize a messy space? Annie’s Fast and Easy Petit Four Baskets are the answer! Flexible foam stabilizer helps them keep their adorable shape.


Sew my DIY Sturdy Storage Totes to keep your quilts, winter clothes, and your best fabrics organized all year long. Flexible foam stabilizer is key to helping this tote stay big and shapely.


The Miracle Caddy free pattern is a multi purpose organizer that’s great as a diaper bag, craft caddy, first aid station, and more.


Don’t miss my free Couch Caddy Remote Control Organizer Pattern. There’s even a video with it.

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My DIY Mixer Cover has beautifully rounded sides, 3 pockets, with flexible foam stabilizer in between two layers of material. Click over and see…


The Amazing A-Frame Organizer with cut-out handles and pleated pockets is going to change your life! Flexible foam stabilizer makes it so sturdy!


Sew a Bedside Pockets Organizer to keep extra things off your nightstand and organize your bedside! This organizer is easy to sew and lasts forever when it’s made with flexible foam stabilizer.

Pouches to Make with Foam Stabilizer:

This Boxy Zipper Pouch Pattern is easy enough for beginners and just right for organizing supplies, cosmetics, or small things when you travel. Thrill any of your friends with this beautiful gift. It utilizes foam stabilizer to make it sturdy and has two small exterior pockets. The finished size is approximately 6’’ wide, 4 1/2’’ tall, and 3” deep.

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Are you ready to sew my Stand Up Slide Down Pencil and Tool Pouch? Even if you’ve never used flexible foam stabilizer before…this is going to be a fun project!


This Pretty Box Pouch is perfect for holding and organizing cosmetics, sewing supplies, jewelry, small toys, crayons, chocolate candies, and more! Making it with flexible foam stabilizer makes it so sturdy:)

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Come learn how to sew my Designer Zipper Bags  with my free video course consisting of 14 short videos. You’ll get step by step instructions…just like I’m in the room with you! Flexible foam stabilizer is a cinch to use with a tutor:)

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Is there anything cuter than a little handmade pouch? I have a hard time saying there is… I just love The Pillbox Pouch so much! Flexible foam stabilizer is the secret to it’s dainty shape.

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When I was designing The Pretty Quilted iPad Case I was inspired by all of the Vera Bradley style iPad cases on Amazon and I really wanted to sew my own. Now you can too! Even though this tutorial doesn’t ask for flexible foam stabilizer, it would work great in place of the fusible fleece or cotton batting that the tutorial asks for.

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The ‘Call Me’ pouch is a beautiful pouch that can be used at work, home, and everywhere in between! Flexible foam stabilizer gives this project extra durability.

Bags to Make with Foam Stabilizer:


This Triple Zipper Bag has 3 zippers on the exterior, plus another zipper on a coin pocket inside. The added stability of flexible foam stabilizer makes it outstanding!

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Use quilt as you go techniques (or QAYG) while making this beautiful Mod Log Cabin Tote! Yes, you can QAYG with flexible foam stabilizer! Come see…


You can Sew a See-Through Bag with this easy and free sewing pattern. The secret is to use flexible foam stabilizer on the bottom to give you a sure foundation:)


I’m so excited to share with you a super easy, super gorgeous bag that is soooo fast to sew. My Sew Easy Big Tote Bag.! Don’t worry, using flexible foam stabilizer won’t slow you down a bit! Come see…

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Be ready to travel handmade with a Beautiful Garment Bag made by you! Flexible foam stabilizer will give your garment bag a polished and professional look, I promise!


This Super Adorable Tiny Bag pattern is so fun to make. And because it’s so small, it’s really fast to sew too. It may be tiny, but flexible foam stabilizer gives it plenty of personality!


Easily carry everything you need with you on your walker with my DIY Walker Caddy! Make this pattern with flexible foam stabilizer and you’ll get beauty and functionality.


Sew a Cute Clamshell Bag just the way you like it! It’s just right for holding supplies, cosmetics, or small things when you travel. The chic shape keeps it’s form with flexible foam stabilizer!

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The DIY Fabric Basket Tote is a beautiful bag that makes a great purse too. The extra support it has from using flexible foam stabilizer will make this your go-to favorite bag to use!


I sewed up this Strappy Bag with Pockets in two different fabric styles to show you how different it can look, just by changing the fabric. You’ll always get a more professional look when you sure flexible foam stabilizer!


This sweet bag design lets you make 2 tote bags from 1 yard of fabric! Make 1 Yard Magic Lecre Bags with or without a zipper:) Get the look you want with flexible foam stabilizer. Even though this tutorial doesn’t ask for flexible foam stabilizer, it would work great in place of the fusible fleece or cotton batting that the tutorial asks for.

sling-bag (3).jpg

Sew a beautiful 2 Zip Hip Bag (a.k.a. fanny pack, sling bag, waist wallet) using your favorite fabric and my easy sewing techniques…including how to use flexible foam stabilizer!


Big Color Blocked Tote is large and roomy, with a recessed zipper and easy straps that have rivet embellishments. Want pockets? That’s easy…so is flexible foam stabilizer, come see:)

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Keep everything you need handy – and organized – in the car with this sweet little Car Diddy Bag! Flexible foam stabilizer will give it extra functionality and durability.


Sew together a a Handy Travel Case with a cross body strap that’s perfect to take anywhere. Your important papers will have the additional protection that comes from using flexible foam stabilizer.


Use your favorite fabrics to make The Perfect DIY Wallet. I love the quilted exterior , it reminds me of designer wallets I see in magazines! You’ll be sure to get the designer look in your projects when you use flexible foam stabilizer.


My Twice as Nice Organizer is a new free pattern that I know you’ll love.

Happy sewing!



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    Would the foam work for coasters? I’d like to them to have some shape.

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