50 Free Things to Sew Using Fabric Scraps: Turn Tiny Pieces into Things People Love

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Is your scrap pile growing? Get ready to sew through your scrap collection and turn it into useful items and gifts! Sewing fun (especially making quilts) can lead to piles of leftover fabric pieces. Your scraps hold potential – they are ingredients for new creations. Give your scraps a second chance as you pick from my 41 favorite free sewing tutorials using small fabric pieces. Here, you’ll find cards, gift tags, pet accessories, home items, cute pouches, and lots of items you can give to friends, teachers, helpers, and more!

Easy Baskets from 10” Squares

If you’ve got some 10″ square fabric scraps, you can make these super Easy Baskets! 

Mini Baskets that Fold Together

I have shared patterns for 3 sizes of fold up baskets, but the mini ones are the cutest and they are great for using up fabric scraps and stabilizer scraps! Here’s the Mini Fold Up Baskets tutorial and links to the other two are inside.

Snappy Coin Pouch

Use tape measures for a snappy close on the Snappy Coin Pouch.

Fold and Stitch Wallet Pattern

The Fold and Stitch wallet is great for kids or adults. The free pattern includes templates and step by step instructions with photos.

Pretty Fabric Lanyards

Use quilt scraps (or other long fabric strips) to make pretty lanyards. This would be a great gift for a coworker or someone who loves unique accessories.

Fabric Pixie Cups

Who doesn’t love Heidi’s Pixie Cups? I use mine for holding little craft supplies.

Scrappy Wrist Strap Key Fobs

Photo credit: SewCanShe.com

Use your scraps to sew a cute wrist strap key fob with this fast and easy sewing tutorial. Of all the DIY projects I’ve sewn and gifted to people, wristlet keychain fobs are the ones that people ask for again and again!

Conversation Coasters

Photo credit: Duckadilly.com

Dust off your bin of leftover fabric and have fun with this scrap buster tutorial! Duckadilly shows you how to make Conversation Coasters using foundation paper piecing. They are sure to get your friends talking! 

Card Holder for Easy Game Playing

Make your Card Kitty as unique and fun as the games you’ll play with it! Grab your favorite scraps and let’s get started!

Make Usable Fabric from Tiny Scraps!

Photo credit: Sum of Their Stories

Small pieces can be used for smaller projects and patchwork, really small pieces are perfect for crumb quilts but what about those really teeny tiny bits? You can throw them away or use them for stuffing OR you can use them to make new gorgeous fabric that can then be used for all sorts of different projects.

Scandinavian Star Ornaments

Learn how to make traditional Scandinavian Star Ornaments using folded fabric. This fun and easy tutorial is great for using up fabric scraps. There’s no machine sewing needed – just one stitch at the end to attach a string for hanging.

Scrappy Binding

Photo credit: The Sewing Loft

Dive into your scrap bin and make scrappy binding to have on hand for all your cute projects! I love this easy scrap binding tutorial from The Sewing Loft.

Scrap Fabric Gift Tags

Photo credit: A Spoonful of Sugar

How cute are these scrap fabric gift tags? I love how she only stitched the top of the fabric piece to the tag. It makes a little flap where you can hide the recipient’s name for a fun surprise! Learn how to make this fun project at Spoonful of Sugar.

Scrap Fabric Rope Bowl

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

Learn how to make a fabric-covered rope bowl in under an hour! This easy sewing project is perfect for using up scraps. Do you save long, skinny cotton fabric strips like I do? Do you have a stash of selvages? Use them to sew a rope bowl.

Fabric Scrap Washi Tape

Photo credit: Duckadilly.com

I love this fun idea from Duckadilly Fabrics, and it doesn’t require sewing at all! Turn your fabric scraps into your own beautiful washi tape to decorate everything around you – and gifts for your friends too. Learn how at Duckadilly.

Fabric Covered Button Magnets

Photo credit: Amy Smart / Diary of a Quilter

I know you’ve been saving tiny scraps because they feature something cute that you can’t throw away! Use these scraps to make button magnets. What sweet gift to hold kids’ drawings on the fridge! This easy tutorial shows how to make magnets with covered buttons.

Pretty Greeting Cards

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

Don’t you love it when you can show off your sewing skills to your card-making friends? Or, if you are a cardmaker, I’m going to show you some new tricks that will get you sewing, too! This year, I decided to sew Mother’s Day cards instead of buying them.

Patchwork Potholders


These handy potho

Receipt Roll Scrap Quilt

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

Sew the scrappiest quilt ever using your smallest scraps and a roll of calculator receipt paper! I first saw this idea on Pinterest, and I didn’t believe it could be done until I tried it myself. See how to make a receipt roll scrap quilt.

Scrappy Patchwork Bib

Photo credit: SewCanShe.com

Sew a pile of scraps into cute baby gifts with this free patchwork baby set pattern. It will work with cotton, flannel, minky, or any other soft fabric.

Free Scrap Bucket Pattern

Photo credit: The Sewing Loft

Use your scraps to make a fabric bucket to hold more scraps! This free pattern from The Sewing Loft is one of my favorites.

Heated Neck Wrap

Turn your fabric scraps into a beautiful heating pad for your neck or back. It’s the perfect Christmas present for teachers and loved ones. Sprinkle lavender oil on the rice before filling it for an extra special gift.

Scrappy Pet Leash

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

After making a pet collar, you can use quilt-making scraps to make a matching pet leash.

Easy Wallet Pattern

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

I love a little wallet that I can slip in my back pocket and not carry a purse. This wallet pattern fits the bill, plus there’s more. You will be surprised to see two separate compartments inside.

Beautiful Thread Spool-Inspired Key Fobs

Photo credit: Amy Smart / Diary of a Quilter

Use fabric scraps and cork fabric scraps to make these darling key fobs. It’s a quick and easy project that makes a useful gift!

Folded Fabric Coasters and Potholders

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

The folded fabric coasters use 5” squares of fabric (that’s all!), so they are perfect for sewing with charm squares and scraps. While you are at it, I’ll show you how to make matching potholders.

Hexagon Potholders

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

You won’t believe what tiny fabric scraps you can use up sewing Log Cabin Hexi Potholders. My readers email me all the time, telling me how much fun they have had with this free pattern.

Travel Pouch with Vinyl

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

Store your first aid items, toiletries, cosmetics, or perhaps anything else in this cute peek-a-boo pouch. This easy-to-sew pouch has vinyl pockets to put whatever you desire on the inside. Once you get to see this free tutorial, you won’t think sewing with vinyl is too complicated after all. This snap pouch is perfect for traveling.

Sew a Pet Collar

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

It takes only one little scrap of fabric to make a DIY Pet Collar for your favorite puppy or kitty!

Scrappy Quilt with Squares

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

Learn to sew this simple patchwork quilt with easy-to-cut squares. This easy quilt pattern for beginners or expert quilters is the perfect way to use up extra fabric scraps like I did, or you can make a beautifully coordinated quilt with pre-cut 2 1/2’’ square fabric pieces that come in precut mini-charm packs.

Pretty Drawstring Bag

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

Sew an easy drawstring bag that’s long and skinny! It is the perfect size for spectacles, a toothbrush, toothpaste, pencils, or even makeup brushes. These easy-to-sew pouches are so handy and pretty –which is the essence of ‘Zakka,’ a Japanese design aesthetic that combines usefulness with beauty. I love the style!

Tiny Quilt Magnets

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

Here’s a great project for using all your favorite little scraps – make Tiny Quilt Magnets for your fridge, dishwasher, bulletin board, and everywhere else they will stick!

Comfort Dolls

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

The comfort doll project is a wonderful way to reach out to courageous women who have made their way to help. We want these women to know that they are not alone. The project is now run by Brenda Hutchings and all of her blog followers.

Bunny Treat Bags

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

Sew adorable Bunny Treat Bags to put in your Easter Baskets this year! This easy project is perfect for a beginner.

Fabric Scrap Memory Game

Photo credit: AppleGreen Cottage

Here’s another fun idea for toddlers and small children: sew them memory game cards that they can use for quiet play and more!

Pretty Bow Headbands

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

This easy headband tutorial has soft elastic at the back, so you don’t have to worry about comfort and fit. They are perfect for girls, teens, and adults. You can leave the bow off, too, if you wish.

Make Scrunchies

Photo credit: Sarah Markos

Tie your hair with this cute tie scrunchie. It is fun and easy to sew using fabric scraps. If you want your girls to learn how to sew, making these little accessories are what you should teach them.

Patchwork Placemats

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

Another fun sewing idea for your kitchen is patchwork placemats. This placemat sewing pattern includes instructions for making half-square triangles, flying geese, and chisel shapes. Protect your table and show off your sewing skills at the same time.

Adorable Stuffed Owls

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

These adorable owls can be used in so many ways. It can be a gift, pincushion, doorstop, bookend, and more. Use different colored fabric scraps to make owls for every season.

Cute DIY Zipper Pouches

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

Look no further for a free, easy zipper pouch pattern perfect for holding money and credit cards, school supplies, cosmetics, and more! This pattern includes free templates to make two different sizes of pouches, plus a step-by-step zipper pouch tutorial. The pattern template can be used for regular-size zippers, plus my favorite handbag zippers.

Journaling Bookmark

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

This journaling bookmark and pencil holder is the perfect gift for your writer or book-lover friend. Not only is this fun to make, but it is easy and fast, too. You may also personalize the bookmark by adding some embroidery. With only 3 fabric strips and an elastic, you can make this bookmark and pencil holder.

The Scrapyard Tote

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

Scraps aren’t so scrappy at all with this beautiful tote bag. This scrapyard tote is a wonderful sewing project you must try. Get to sew one with the size you want. Learn how to include a welt zipper pocket on the inside and a zipper at the top in this free tutorial.

Tiny Zipper Bags

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

Got 5’’ squares? A few humble charm squares and a zipper are all you need to sew these adorable Tiny Zipper Bags.

Bit o Kindness Pouches

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

This Bit O’ Kindness little pouch comes with a snap so that your gift of kindness won’t be easily seen. With just a few instructions, sewing this is easy peasy.

Mini Christmas Stockings

Photo credit: SewCanShe.com

These mini Christmas stockings are the perfect size for filling with treats and giving to friends. Here’s a free sewing pattern so you can be ready for the holidays!

Easy Pincushions with Trim Scraps

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

A sewist can never have too many pincushions! Use small fabric and trim scraps to make these easy-peasy and adorable pincushions.

Small Drawstring Bags for Gift-Giving


These little drawstring bags come in two sizes and are perfect for a little gift!

Cage Comforters

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

Share your talents and your scraps with furry friends who need a home by sewing Cage Comforters and donating them to your local pet shelter. This is a great way to use up fabric and batting scraps.

Fabric Christmas Trees

Decorate your home with fabric Christmas trees that you made using scraps and squares of fabric! This easy tutorial makes beautiful pine trees that are chic and elegant for winter and Christmas decor.

Boxy Zipper Pouch Pattern

Sew a cute boxy zipper pouch with my free sewing pattern! This zipper bag is easy enough for beginners and just right for organizing supplies, cosmetics, or small things when you travel.

Bonus Scrap-Busting Idea: Mini Quilts!

Photo credit: SewCanShe.com

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