14 Adorable Gifts to Knit For Mothers 

Where would we be without our mothers? Moms deserve some love, so whether you’re looking for a birthday present or Mother’s Day gift ideas, make her something special this year to say thanks for everything she does for you. Nothing beats a handmade knitted gift to show your favorite women how much you care about them. 

Nowadays, there are plenty of free patterns and ideas out there to accommodate every skill level, from beginner to expert. Here’s a compilation of stunning homemade gift ideas she can cherish forever.

Knitted Cloth Square

knitted background, color squares
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This is a beginner-friendly design that you can personalize just for her! Whether she uses it or frames it, each time she sees it, she’ll be reminded of how much you love her.

Flower Bouquet

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Flowers are always a great gift, but fresh flowers never last long. Try your hand at a knitted bouquet as the perfect gift and a beautiful decorative present that she can cherish forever. Consider using soft, pastel yarns to create a delicate and everlasting bouquet.


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Coasters are super easy to knit and perfect for first-time and beginner knitters. Get creative with your color choice and designs. We recommend a simple flower motif as this is always a crowd-pleaser, but don’t be afraid to experiment with your creations!

Infinity Scarf

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Stylish and practical, every trendy mom needs one of these chunky infinity scarves to keep warm. Not to mention, infinity scarves are surprisingly simple and beginner-friendly.

Photo Frame

Photo Frames braided jute yarn knitted fabric on the background.
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Put your skills to the test with this gorgeous gift idea. Pick up a basic frame from any store, add some glue, and begin to wrap a yarn of your choice onto the glue and around the frame. Once the yarn is glued down, knit some cute embellishments such as flowers, hearts or birds and sew them on. Don’t forget to add the photo!

Personalized Card

Image credit: SvetaZi / Shutterstock.com

Show your mom how special she is with a personalized homemade card. Make it as simple or as complicated as you like. The options are unlimited; whether you knit the whole card or just make some lovely shapes (hearts and flowers always go down a treat) to stick on the front, she’s guaranteed to love it.

Tea Cozy

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The only thing cozier than a cup of tea is to serve her favorite cuppa out of your homemade tea cozy pot. Not only will it look adorable and keep your tea warm but it will also show her just how much she means to you.

Cable Mitts

Image credit: Cozy Home / Shutterstock.com

Cable mitts are a quick and easy gift you can make for your mom that will keep her hands nice and toasty. With many free patterns and tutorials out there, she’s sure to think of you every time she wears them.

Handmade Throw

Image credit: nata_nytiaga / Shutterstock.com

Get creative with your designs and craft her a lovely, cozy, and comforting blanket to snuggle up with. 

Knitting Kit

Image credit: Peredniankina / Shutterstock.com

If your mom shares your passion for knitting, then this is the ideal gift for her. Put together a knitting kit for her, complete with her favorite yarns, needles, and patterns, and maybe even tie it all together in a handmade pencil case. It’s an incredibly thoughtful gift for any knitting enthusiast.

Triangle Scarf

Image credit: Nadejda Zaharevskaja / Shutterstock.com

Triangle scarves are easy to make. If you’re a beginner, this is a great way to ease yourself into your new favorite hobby, while also making something that looks impressive and is super useful. These scarves can be worn in loads of different ways, making them the perfect gift for your mother.

For a classic look, drape the scarf evenly over the shoulders with the point hanging down in front. For a casual vibe, wrap the scarf around the neck and tie the ends loosely in front. Experiment with tying the scarf in different knots or looping it around the neck multiple times for added warmth and style. Don’t be afraid to get creative and find a style that suits your mom’s personal taste and fashion sense!

Tote Bag

Image credit: kofana12 / Shutterstock.com

Use your crafting skills to knit her a beautiful, sustainable, sturdy, and eco-friendly handmade tote bag. This gift idea is super practical and thoughtful, and she can use it for shopping or running errands. Consider incorporating reinforced handles and a sturdy bottom for durability and longevity.

Sleep Mask

Woman knitting
Image credit: goffkein.pro / Shutterstock.com

It’s tough work being a mom! Why not treat her to a hand-knitted, personalized sleep mask to help her get some well-deserved rest?

Lavender Pouch

Image credit: Nofi Lulu / Shutterstock.com

Lavender pouches make beautiful gifts and are super simple to make. Try adding a lace trim or experiment with her favorite scents. These pouches make great decorations, and you could even turn them into keyrings for her so she can take them with her everywhere.

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