Are You Over-Tipping? 17 Services Where Your Tips Might be Too Generous

Ever wonder if you’re being too generous with your tips? Despite the shady practices of some restaurants that pay less than minimum wage, tips were designed to reflect services rendered, not to pay the salary of service workers. Let’s explore 18 services where you might be overtipping without even realizing it.


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While 15-20% is customary, some servers in certain countries are content with 10%. Tipping 20% has become customary when dining out, but are you often tipping for subpar service? Tipping extra for great service is good, but be mindful of your dining experiences before being overly generous.

Coffee Shops 

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That daily latte might already be breaking the bank, so do you need to add hefty tips on top? Consider if your tip matches the service you receive. The loose change in the jar? That’s a tip. No need to add more unless it’s exceptional service.

Hair Salons 

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Haircuts are already pricey, and tipping on top can add up. Assess if your tip aligns with the quality of service and your overall experience. Tipping 15-20% is standard, but for just a quick trim, 10% is fair, unless the service was exceptional.

Nail Salons 

Nail salon
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The size of your tip should reflect the cost of the service as well as the overall experience and quality. Tipping $5 for a $25 mani-pedi might be excessive, but the same tip for a well-done $75 mani-pedi seems slack.

Food Delivery 

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Convenience comes at a cost, but are you tipping generously for every food delivery? Assess if your tips match the delivery efficiency and service quality. Delivery fees are often mistaken for tips. Verify before doubling up, and then tip accordingly.

Taxi Rides and Ride Sharing 

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Ride-sharing has made transportation convenient, but are you always tipping extra, even with standard service? Evaluate if your tips mirror the level of service provided. 15-20% is conventional. But for poor service, it’s okay to adjust accordingly. It is also okay to tip extra if warranted.

Hotel Housekeeping 

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Leaving a tip for housekeeping is courteous, but are you leaving more than necessary each day? Consider the frequency and quality of service before tipping. $1-$5 per night is normal, not an extra $20 for a weekend stay…unless they went above and beyond.

Spa Services 

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Relaxing at the spa is a treat, but do you tip based on the service or simply out of habit? Ensure your tip reflects the skill and attentiveness of the staff. Tips may already be included in the bill. Double-check before adding more. 


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You may think that tipping higher will get you a stronger drink, but that isn’t necessarily true. It can get expensive very quickly and doesn’t really pay off. You can buy more drinks if you tip less each time. $1 per drink might suffice, not $5 each time, unless you really feel they deserve it.

Pet Groomers 

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Your furry friend deserves pampering, but are you tipping excessively for their grooming sessions? Ensure your tip reflects the care your pet receives. No need to tip more than 15% of the total cost, unless they went above and beyond for your furbaby.

Valet Parking 

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Convenience often comes with a valet service, but are you tipping excessively to park your car? Consider the wait times and service quality when determining your tip. $2-$5 when your car is returned promptly is appropriate. Of course, you can always tip more for better service.

Moving Services 

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Moving is another strenuous job that should perhaps yield higher tips. However, it is not necessary to break the bank. 10-15% of the total bill is fair, not $100 for a short move. For longer moves with harder work, of course, a higher tip is only fair.

Gas Station Attendants 

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If you’re lucky enough to find a full-service gas station, you might want to tip generously. Depending on what the attendant does for you, you should gladly tip. A higher tip is warranted for windshield washing, fill-ups, oil checks, etc..But if they only fill the tank, keep it to a few bucks per fill-up.

Car Wash 

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Keeping your car clean is essential, but are you tipping excessively for a basic wash? Consider if your tip aligns with the thoroughness of the service provided. $2-$5 for a standard wash, no need for a $20 tip unless you’re feeling generous.

Home Service Providers 

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From plumbers to electricians, tipping service professionals is appreciated, but are you over-tipping for routine maintenance? Evaluate the complexity of the job before tipping. Depending on the service, 10-15% is usually sufficient unless, of course, they did exceptional work in a timely manner.

Tour Guides 

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Did you know that most people forget to even tip their tour guides? Those who do tip tend to overdo it. For most trips, 10-15% of the tour cost is standard practice. You can tip more if they do a terrific job.

Furniture Assembly 

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Most furniture assembly workers are already being paid well for their services. However, it is a more strenuous job than some others. $10-$20 for a few hours of work is plenty. If you feel the workers did above-average work, tipping more is always acceptable.

In Conclusion 

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Tipping is a gesture of appreciation, but being mindful of when and how much to tip can save you money in the long run while still showing your gratitude for good service. Keep these guidelines in mind next time you’re unsure about tipping practices. Remember, however, that there are many businesses that do not pay their workers fairly, and therefore, they rely on tips for their livelihood.

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