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Sometimes, choosing the fabrics for a quilt can lead to hours of planning and guessing. Not with these patterns! Each one is designed for a focus fabric and two coordinating fabrics. If you have three one-yard cuts of fabric in your stash and are feeling creative, you’ll find your next project here.

Here are 25 beautiful 3-yard quilt patterns you will fall in love with! These free quilt patterns (with step-by-step photo tutorials) are a great way to quickly make a quilt to share with someone you care about.

Get inspired to sew a new quilt after seeing how beautiful and easy these beginner-friendly quilts are to make!

What size quilt does 3 yards make?

Carpenters Star Quilt
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Most 3-yard quilts are throw quilts or lap quilts because they don’t require a lot of fabric. You can also make a darling baby quilt with 3 yards of fabric. Since this type of quilt isn’t very big, you can finish it quickly and give it as a gift or use it in your home. Because of their size, lap quilts and throw quilts like these are easy to quilt on a domestic sewing machine using straight-line or free-motion quilting. They are great for beginner quilters.

For all these simple patterns, 3 yards of fabric is enough to finish the quilt top. More fabric will be required for the backing and binding.

What You’ll Need to Make a Quilt

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Three-yard quilt patterns are perfect for quilters of all skill levels. Besides 3 yards of fabric from your stash or your local quilt shop, here are some basic sewing supplies you will need:

All my 3-Yard Quilt Patterns make fabric selection easy. Sometimes, I use prints from a single fabric collection, and sometimes, I mix it up! First, find a beautiful ‘focus fabric’ to start with. This should be a fabric that sings to you or that makes you think of the quilt’s intended recipient. After you have chosen your focus fabric, choose one coordinating fabric that is lighter and one coordinating fabric that is darker.

Quarter Log Cabins Quilt Pattern

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As you may have guessed, the quarter log cabin quilt block is a log cabin variation. This variation moves the center square of a log cabin block to one corner. It is still pieced very much like a log cabin block.

Hello Neighbor! Three Yard Quilt

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Sew a darling house quilt with just three yards of fabric! This darling throw quilt pattern is perfect to keep in your house or give to a friend. It contains 16 house blocks. Each block is 10 1/2” tall x 8” wide after sewing. The finished size of this throw quilt is approximately 46” x 59”.

Bear’s Paw Free Quilt Pattern

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The Bear’s Paw quilt block dates back to the 1850s and is rumored to be a part of the Underground Railroad. It may have symbolized a trail that led to food and water. Whether or not that is true, I believe that quilt makers have quietly influenced our history and homes more than we will ever know.

Dream House Quilt

The easy Dream House Quilt Pattern uses a collage quilt block to make a 49 1/2” x 59” throw quilt pattern with 9 1/2” quilt blocks.

Carpenter’s Star Quilt Pattern

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You can make a classic Carpenter’s Star Quilt with just 3 Yards of Fabric.

This particular quilt block is very popular on the internet using the name ‘Carpenter’s Star,’ but very similar blocks have been named Carpenter’s Wheel and Star of Bethlehem. I love the reference to Christmas.

Easiest 3 Yard Quilt Pattern Ever

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Make your first quilt or your 100th quilt with The Easiest 3 Yard Quilt Pattern Ever! This quilt pattern is perfect for showcasing your favorite large scale prints.

3 Yard Chandelier Quilt Pattern

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This fabulous quilt design is so popular, and here’s your chance to make a 3 Yard Chandelier quilt. This free quilt pattern makes a throw quilt approximately 48” x 59” with 8” Chandelier quilt blocks.

The blocks are set on point. In the blog post and the PDF pattern, I share instructions for making the side blocks and the corner pieces.

Spools and Stars 3 Yard Quilt

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Spool Quilts are a quilter’s favorite pattern to make! This fun quilt uses a spool quilt block to make a 47” x 57” throw quilt pattern with 10” quilt blocks. The blocks make stars as secondary designs too! Check out my 3 Yard Spools and Stars Quilt Pattern.

Diamond in a Square Quilt Pattern

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Even though the Diamond in a Square pattern has just one block, sewing the same block with different fabrics makes secondary patterns appear. This simple patchwork quilt is perfect for beginners.

Can you see the stars? The step-by-step quilt tutorial includes quilt piecing tips to help you get the best results. Other names for the Diamond in a Square Block include the Square on Point Quilt Block or the Square in a Square Quilt Block.

Stars and Ladders Free 3-Yard Quilt Pattern

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The free Stars and Ladders 3-Yard Quilt Pattern teaches shortcut methods for sewing 4-patch units, half square triangles, and quarter square triangles. It is great for beginners.

Dutchman’s Puzzle Quilt Pattern

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The free Dutchman’s Puzzle 3-Yard Quilt Pattern uses three different fabrics in each block, instead of just two, to make a beautiful secondary design. Can you see the Friendship Stars and pinwheels in the secondary design?

Easy Rail Fence Quilt Pattern

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Easy three-yard quilt patterns like this are the perfect way to get started quilting. The Rail Fence Quilt Pattern uses strip piecing to help you sew this quilt super fast. It may be my fastest quilt pattern ever!

Sawtooth Star Quilt Pattern from 3 Yards

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My super-easy Sawtooth Star 3 Yard Quilt Pattern features the most beloved star quilt block of all time! If you are looking for an easy quilt for a boy, just add fabric in his favorite colors. Put this one in your pinterest collection of beginner quilt patterns! New quilters will love this pattern for the classic shapes and ease of construction.

One Block Sawtooth Star Quilt Pattern

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This One-Block Sawtooth Star Quilt Pattern from is a 50” x 50” throw quilt pattern with a 40” block in the center. It would make a stunning wall hanging. There are holly and berries applique blocks in the corners for a special and festive touch. If you don’t want a holiday quilt with holly and berries, you can leave off the applique pieces, use different applique motifs, or make 5 1/2” machine embroidered blocks for the corners of the quilt.

Mosaic Tiles Quilt from 3 Yards of Fabric

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The Mosaic Tiles 3 Yard Quilt Pattern is super easy because there’s only one block to learn! This simple quilt pattern makes a darling baby quilt too. Check out the free Mosaic Tiles Quilt Pattern to see.

Splendor Quilt Pattern

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

The Splendor Quilt Pattern includes instructions for 2 different blocks: the Four Crowns Block and the Flower Patch Block. Both of these blocks are 9-patches so they look great together. There are a total of 12 blocks in the quilt and each block finishes at 12”.

This lap-size quilt is 40” x 52”. It’s perfect for snuggling on the couch or donating to Quilts of ValorProject Linus, or another worthy organization.

Aunt Dinah Quilt Pattern

The Aunt Dinah Quilt Pattern from SewCanShe is a larger throw quilt that showcases Aunt Dinah Quilt Blocks mixed with some Irish Chain Quilt Blocks to really make Aunt Dinah sparkle! This finished quilt is 54” x 54”.

Jacobs Ladder Quilt Pattern

This Jacob’s Ladder easy quilt pattern from SewCanShe is a 54” x 54” throw quilt pattern. There is only one block to learn, and I’ll show you my favorite way to use long strips of fabric to strip-piece four patch blocks to help you get done even faster. This easy pattern features only squares and half square triangles. It’s a great pattern if you are making your first quilt!

Twin Star Easy Quilt Pattern

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This Twin Star quilt is great for beginners. My step-by-step instructions will make sewing it a breeze! You’ll have enough fabric to finish the quilt top including 12 blocks and 2 borders. More fabric is required for the backing and binding.

Weathervane Quilt Pattern

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The Weathervane Quilt Pattern from SewCanShe is a 52” x 52” throw quilt pattern that showcases Weathervane Quilt Blocks mixed with some Windmill Quilt Blocks to really make the Weathervane dance! You’ll learn a quick method for flying geese blocks.

XOXO Three Yard Quilt Pattern

The free XOXO 3 yard quilt pattern would make a darling baby quilt, Valentine’s wall hanging, or cuddly throw quilt. Simple shapes never looks so beautiful.

Amish Star Quilt Pattern

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The free Amish Star Quilt Pattern from SewCanShe is a 50” x 50” throw quilt pattern with big Amish Star quilt blocks.

Starship 3 Yard Baby Quilt Pattern

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The Starship Baby Quilt pattern also includes instructions for 2 different blocks: my one of a kind Space Ship Block plus a bold Fireball (friendship star) Block. Both of these blocks are easy to sew together. There are a total of 9 fun blocks in the quilt and each block finishes at 12”. The pattern shows an exciting ‘night launch’ dark variation that you’ll also love.

Chunky Star Quilt Pattern

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My ‘Chunky Star’ 3 Yard Quilt Pattern uses a variation of the Ohio Star Quilt Block. There are 5 Chunky Star quilt blocks and 4 single chain quilt blocks to add movement and frame up the stars.

Use a 1 Yard Panel For a 3 Yard Quilt

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This Panel Quilt Pattern can be used with any size fabric panel, but 1-yard fabric panels are prevalent. That means including the borders, you’ll only need 3 yards of fabric to make the quilt!

Make Your Own Creative Variations

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Even though these quilt patterns are all called ‘3-yard quilts,’ feel free to unloose your own creativity and try a new variation:

  • Make a scrappy quilt using different precuts or scraps for the focus fabric. You could also try this with lighter and darker fabrics.
  • I have been known to use four fat quarters instead of an un-cut 1 yard of fabric, but I can’t promise that using fat quarters will always work.

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