18 Crafting Supplies That Are Totally Useless

Crafting is a fun and creative way to express yourself, but it’s important to ensure you’re using the right supplies. Some crafting materials can be harmful to your health. Others might simply be past their prime. Here are 18 crafting supplies that you should get rid of now to ensure a safe and enjoyable crafting experience.

Old Paints

Dried acrylic paint bottles
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If your paints have dried up or separated, it’s time to toss them. Using old paints can result in clumpy, streaky finishes that ruin your project. All too often, old paint will dry unevenly, leaving ugly blotches. It’s best to invest in fresh, vibrant paints for better outcomes.

Rusty Scissors

Old scissors and buttons on the wooden table
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Scissors are essential tools in crafting, but if you have ones that are bent, rusty, or no longer sharp, they can be more of a hindrance than a help. Rusty scissors make cutting difficult and can introduce harmful bacteria to your crafting materials. Replace rusty scissors with a new, sharp pair to ensure clean and precise cuts every time.

Expired Glue

woman using hot glue gun while wrapped up in making floral decor
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Using expired glue may not stick as it should, causing your creations to fall apart. To avoid this, check the expiration dates on your glue bottles regularly and discard any expired ones. Always making sure you have fresh glue will help ensure your projects stay intact.

Moldy Yarn

Skeins of colored wool
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Yarn exposed to moisture can develop mold, which poses health risks when handled. Mold spores from such issues can spread inside your home, putting your family and belongings at risk. Inspect your yarn stash for any signs of mold, and discard contaminated skeins immediately. Keep your crafting space dry to prevent mold growth.

Dull Blades

rusted steel blades
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Craft knives and cutting tools with dull blades can be dangerous as they require more force to cut through materials. This could cause your fabric to bunch up and pose a risk of you being cut. You should always replace dull blades with sharp ones to prevent accidents and achieve clean cuts in your projects. 

Broken Needles

hand embroidery
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Every sewist knows that using broken needles in sewing or embroidery projects can lead to injuries and uneven stitching. It is important to dispose of broken needles properly to avoid someone being injured. Also, keep your needle collection organized to prevent accidents.

Outdated Fabric

Rolls of pastel color fabric
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Old fabric can lose its color, vibrancy, and structural integrity, which can cause your projects to fade or come apart. You should sort through your fabric stash regularly and discard any outdated pieces. Making sure you have fresh fabric will enhance the quality of your projects.

Crumbling Clay

clay piece in hands
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Clay that has dried out and begun to crumble is difficult to work with and yields unsatisfactory results. Don’t try to wet it to save it; you’ll only make a mess. It is important to keep your clay stored in airtight containers and discard any that has become too dry. Fresh clay will be pliable and easy to mold.

Faded Markers

Red Open Marker
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Markers that have faded or dried out will produce dull and uneven lines in your artwork. If your markers have lost their vibrant colors or have dried out completely, it’s time to toss them. Using faded markers can result in frustration for the artist and subpar artwork. Invest in a new set of markers to bring life back to your crafting projects. 

Frayed Ribbon

Colored ribbons of buttons and threads
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Ribbons with frayed edges will look untidy and unprofessional in crafting projects. You should be sure to trim away frayed sections or discard the ribbon altogether to keep your crafting projects from looking ragged. Be sure your ribbon is vibrant and clean-cut to avoid this. 

Broken Paintbrushes

brushes for craft and art
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If you have paintbrushes with frayed or broken bristles, they can create messy and imprecise strokes in your paintings. Instead, investing in quality paintbrushes and discard damaged ones is best to achieve professional-looking artwork.

Outdated Embellishments

scrapbooking craft materials
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Embellishments like stickers, ribbons, or charms that are outdated or no longer align with your crafting style can clutter your supplies and make it harder to find what you need. Declutter regularly by tossing outdated embellishments and keeping only those that inspire your current creative tasks.

Rusted Pins

Blurred straight pin
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Pins that have rusted are difficult to insert and can stain your fabrics. Just like rusted needles or scissors, rusted pins can also injure and make you sick. Be sure to replace rusted pins with new ones to make your sewing projects easier and prevent damage to your materials Also, discard any rusted pins properly to avoid injuries.

Clogged Spray Paint Cans

Used cans of spray paint
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Clogged or dried-up spray paint cans can be frustrating to work with and may result in uneven spray patterns. If you have clogged spray paint cans, try cleaning the nozzles first. If they are still unusable, it’s time to dispose of them and invest in new cans for smooth and even spray coverage in your crafts.

Bent Rulers

cutting fabric pieces by rotary cutter on mat using ruler
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Attempting to use warped, bent, or damaged rulers can lead to inaccurate measurements and imprecise cuts in your crafting or sewing. Always replace warped or damaged rulers with straight and sturdy ones to ensure precise measurements and clean lines in your projects.

Smudged Erasers

woman hands using eraser
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Old erasers that have become smudged or hardened will not effectively erase pencil marks, leading to messy smears in your artwork. Smudged erasers should be quickly replaced with new ones so that your erasing leaves no marks, and you’re left with a clean, fresh canvas.

Sticky Tape

Transparent BOPP packing tape and masking paper tape on an purple background
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Tape that is no longer sticky will not hold your projects together securely. Remove any no longer-adherent tape rolls and restock your supply with fresh tape for seamless crafting. The same applies to glue sticks, stickers, and other adhesive crafting supplies.

Cracked or Chipped Molds

kids play with clay molding shapes
Image Credit: NadyaEugene / Shutterstock.com

Cracked or chipped molds for resin, clay, or other crafting materials can cause imperfections in your finished projects. Inspect your molds for any damage, and if you find cracks or chips, it’s best to replace them with intact molds for better results.

If In Doubt, Throw It Out

vintage cotton lace trims on wooden spools
Image Credit: Teresa Kasprzycka / Shutterstock.com

Crafting supplies play a crucial role in the quality and success of your projects. By identifying and discarding old, damaged, or expired supplies, you can ensure a safer and more enjoyable crafting experience. Take time to regularly check your crafting materials and replace any items that no longer serve their purpose. 

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