12 Outdated Relics Found in Every Boomer’s Living Room

Many of us have wonderful childhood memories of heading to our grandparents’ homes and getting lost in the many quirks and unexpected delights that could be found in their living rooms. It brings back a certain nostalgia that modern-day homes somehow lack.

It’s not just our grandparents, though. In fact, you could step into any boomer’s living room and find yourself getting lost in the treasure trove of memories and cozy spaces that reflect a lifetime of experiences – and perhaps even their eccentric style. 

Here are 12 curious items that add to the charm of most boomer living rooms.

A Vintage Telephone

Old rotary phone and notebook
Image credit: totojang1977 / shutterstock.com

Most of the world has moved on to cell phones, with many of us no longer having a landline in our homes. For boomers, having a landline is still very much a part of everyday life, and who can blame them? Vintage rotary or push-button telephones are delightfully nostalgic home decor pieces kept in living rooms, adding a quirky retro touch to the space. 

A Globe

people looking at a globe
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Cast your mind back to a time when the internet did not exist, and the only way of learning about the location of countries across the world was from the large and intricately-made globe that sat in your grandparents’ living room. As far as we’re concerned, it’s a home decor item that deserves a comeback.

A Collection of Encyclopedias

Retro encyclopedia books on bookshelf
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No boomer living room is complete without a set of color-coded encyclopedias that were published back in the day. None of us may have ever picked one up and read the encyclopedia’s contents, but it sure makes for a beautiful home decor that seems to have been replaced with decorative and trendy books. They may be just as nice to look at, but they just don’t seem to have the heart as Grandpa’s old set of encyclopedias.

Vintage Board Games

Risk board game - With cards, dice, and tokens
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A couple of decades ago, spending a night with friends or family and a popular board game was the norm. Thanks to the recent pandemic, board games may have made a comeback. However, brand new board games just don’t have the same feel as the older sets, with their worn-out boards, faded cards, and fake money that sets in boomer’s living rooms have. 

Vinyl Record Player and Records

a woman using a vinyl record player
Image credit: KlavdiyaV /shutterstock.com

Some boomers electively choose to listen to vinyl over Spotify, and who could blame them? Vinyl records offer a far warmer, nostalgic sound and look beautiful in a living room. These retro devices play music, serve as a conversation piece, and symbolically express enduring musical appreciation across generations. 

Vintage Maps in Frames on the Wall

Old map
Image credit: Triff / shutterstock.com

Along with the globe, you’ll likely find sepia vintage maps hanging on the wall of many boomers’ living rooms – especially if they have a taste for travel. These vintage maps help to evoke a sense of wanderlust and nostalgia for past adventures. Who knows, they might even inspire your future travels. 

Taxidermy Mounts

Antique mounted head horned deer in hunter wooden lodge
Image Credit: Zuzha / Shutterstock.com

To some, deer heads or other hunting trophies symbolize outdoor adventure or perhaps even tradition. Although displaying a taxidermy mount in a living room may be slightly controversial, if anyone is going to keep one, it’s likely to be a boomer. 

Crystal Decanters

Crystal decanters
Image credit: Pisit Limtrairat / shutterstock.com

In a boomer’s living room, crystal decanters will likely adorn shelves, sideboards, or drink trolleys. Typically, these are filled with fine liquors or spirits and serve not only to showcase the homeowner’s fine taste but also to invite guests to partake in a celebratory toast. Cheers!

Family Photo Albums

old people with photo album showing a photo
Image credit: gpointstudio /shutterstock.com

Of course, no living room is complete without a selection of family photographs in a selection of frames of every size. This is not unique to a boomer living room. However, they do have the added advantage of having so many more memories and experiences to share in frames than today’s youth. 

Magazine Racks

living room showing magazine rack
Image credit: Ground Picture /shutterstock.com

Long before we could get all of our news online, there was such a thing as newspapers and magazines. Most of the time, these were neatly displayed in a vertical magazine rack by the size of that old analog TV, especially if there were collectibles. National Geographic, anyone?

Heirloom Quilts

bear paw quilt 3 yards
Photo credit: SewCanShe.com

Heirloom quilts hold a special place in our hearts, especially when they are passed down through generations. Many boomers elect to proudly display their heirloom quilts in their living rooms, either draped over their sofa or sideboard. After all, these quilts carry stories and memories from the past, along with being functional insulators during the cooler months. 

Antique Clocks

Antique clock in living room
Image credit: Elena Elisseeva /shutterstock.com

Even reading the title takes us back to when our grandparents’ grandfather clock would make its distinctive chime every hour of the day. It may have annoyed us back then, but the memory of that sound sure brings warm and cozy thoughts to mind. Needless to say, an antique clock is a staple in the quintessential boomer living room. 

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