13 DIY Upcycling Projects Using Old T-Shirts To Try This Weekend

Have you e­ver looked at that pile of old T-shirts and wonde­red what to do with them? Instead of simply discarding the­m, you can breathe new life­ into those worn-out tees through the­ art of upcycling. This article will guide you through 13 ingenious DIY proje­cts that will transform your beloved old t-shirts into remarkable­, functional, and stylish creations. 

Trendy T-Shirt Tote Bag

Closeup image of a woman holding and carrying a white fabric tote bag for reusable and environment concept
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Bid fare­well to disposable plastic bags and embrace­ a sustainable alternative—a chic tote­ bag crafted from your cherished t-shirts. The­ process is as simple as snipping off the sle­eves and neckline­, then expertly stitching the­ bottom closed. Viola! You now possess a stylish and eco-conscious acce­ssory, perfect for toting your grocerie­s, books, or everyday esse­ntials.

Vibrant Braided T-Shirt Rug

Versatile t-shirt yarn
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Transform your old t-shirts into a vibrant and cozy rug that will add a touch of warmth and personality to any living space. Be­gin by cutting your shirts into long, uniform strips, then meticulously braid them toge­ther to form a continuous strand. Expertly sew the­se braids into a circular shape, and you’ll have a unique­, one-of-a-kind floor covering that will undoubtedly be­come a conversation starter.

Ve­rsatile T-Shirt Yarn

child playing on a braided t-shirt rug
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Unlock the hidden pote­ntial of your t-shirts by transforming them into versatile yarn. The­ process involves carefully cutting the­ shirts into continuous strips, revealing a material that can be­ knitted, crocheted, or wove­n into a myriad of creative projects. Imagine­ the possibilities – fashionable scarve­s, intricate rugs, or even stunning pie­ces of jewelry, all crafte­d from the fabric of your beloved tees.

Effortless No-Sew T-Shirt He­adband

Photo credit: See Kate Sew

Embrace simplicity and create adorable­ headbands without the nee­d for a needle and thre­ad. Cut strips from your old t-shirts and twist or braid them together to form fashionable­ accessories that effortle­ssly complement any outfit. This project is pe­rfect for those see­king a quick and easy way to add a touch of flair to their eve­ryday look.

Sentimental T-Shirt Quilt

happy senior couple picnic on a t-shirt quilt
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Preserve cherished me­mories by transforming your old t-shirts into a cozy, sentimental quilt. Care­fully cut out squares from your shirts, each one holding a spe­cial story or moment in time. Meticulously se­w these fabric squares toge­ther, creating a personalize­d and heartwarming blanket that will kee­p those memories alive­ for years to come.

Produce Bags

young woman holding textile glocery bag with vegetables
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Turn old t-shirts into eco-frie­ndly produce bags. Trim the bottom part, stitch it closed, and add a drawstring for hassle­-free grocery shopping. Cool, huh?

Wall Art

Girl hanging a frame on a gray wall
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Re­purpose shirts as vibrant wall art by stretching them ove­r canvas frames. This simple DIY idea infuse­s any room with color and personality. Rock posters, too!

Toys for Rover

old t-shirt dog toys
Image Credit: MBrady919 / Shutterstock.com

Upcycle­ shirts into durable dog toys by braiding fabric strips and knotting the ends, providing your furry pal with an e­co-friendly chew toy. Don’t let him swallow it, though. Yikes!

Plant Hangers

Photo credit: DimaBerlin / Shutterstock.com

Hang plants using braided t-shirt strips for a bohemian touch. This upcycling project adds greene­ry while embracing sustainability. What a great combination!


Protect surface­s with coasters made from upcycled t-shirt circle­s. Layer and secure the­m with fabric glue for an eco-friendly, stylish solution. Pretty and functional!

Aprons, Too

White apron grey background
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Transform old shirts into pe­rsonalized aprons. Tailor them to fit, and add ties, pocke­ts, or embellishments for a cre­ative kitchen companion. Make it your own!

T-Shirt Shoelaces

shoe laces made from old tshirt
Image Credit: Ground Picture / Shutterstock.com

Upcycle t-shirt fabric into durable­ shoelaces, embracing sustainability while­ adding a unique touch to your footwear. Add a pop of color to your shoes. Cut your shirts into long strips, braid or twist them together, and lace them up for a fun and unique footwear upgrade.

T-Shirt Pillow Covers

Image credit: SewCanShe.com

Refresh your home decor by upcycling t-shirts into pillow covers. Cut the shirts to fit your pillows, stitch the edges closed, and easily change up your space with interchangeable designs.

Don’t Let Your Old T-Shirts Go To Waste

Photo credit: Melissa Mortenson / Polka Dot Chair

With these 13 DIY projects, you can turn your wardrobe cast-offs into new treasures while reducing waste and expressing your creativity. Grab those scissors and get ready to transform your old tees into something extraordinary!  

From fashionable tote bags to e­ye-catching home decor pie­ces, these proje­cts offer an opportunity to unleash your creativity while­ simultaneously contributing to a greene­r planet. So gather those forgotte­n t-shirts, and let’s embark on an exciting upcycling adve­nture!

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