30 Trendy Crafts Using Buttons!


Did you know that buttons can be used for more than just making clothes? They are wonderful for all kinds of fun crafts, too! I’m sure you’ve seen buttons in many shapes, colors, and styles, making them perfect for getting creative. You might have a bunch of buttons left over from old sewing projects, or maybe you’ve got a jar full of special old buttons.

Side note: I recently used my button jar as bingo markers for a kid’s party!

Buttons are a fantastic starting point for making everything from cute jewelry to decorations for your home. Here are 30 clever and fun ways to use all the buttons in your button jar. You’ll be amazed at how these small items can be turned into big ideas!

Folded Paper Sunflowers

Photo credit: One Little Project

Brighten someone’s day with a beautiful sunflower! Learn how to make these stunning flowers with just paper and buttons!

Tree Wall Art

Photo credit: Crafts by Amanda

Celebrate your family tree with a beautiful wall hanging featuring buttons! I love this free tutorial from Crafts by Amanda.

Button Thumbtacks

Photo credit: Amy Smart / Diary of a Quilter

How cute are these button thumbtacks??? Add them to a dollar store corkboard, and you have a darling home bulletin board or cute gift!

Mixed-Media Card Making

Photo credit: DashaR / Shutterstock.com

Buttons can be a great addition to your paper crafting supplies. It can be the perfect shape for a balloon on a birthday card or even the wheels of a car for your new driver’s memory book. Don’t be afraid to think outside the paper box!

Wrapped Wreath from Yarn and Buttons

Photo credit: Buttons Galore and More

I absolutely love this easy wreath you can make with buttons and yarn. It’s a great activity to do with kids or adults!

Crochet Holiday Garland with Button Berries

Photo credit: Sum of their Stories

Use red buttons to decorate a holiday garland. This tutorial from Sum of their Stories shows how to make this crochet garland, but I think the idea can be used in garlands made of so many other materials too!

Button Heart Pillow Wrap

Photo credit: Orange Bettie

Here’s a sweet tutorial showing how to sew a beautiful pillow wrap with a button heart design!  Old buttons and a velvet heart applique give it a vintage look that’s perfect for changing up the look of any pillow.

Button Stud Earrings

Photo credit: Craftic

Stud earrings may be the perfect way to show off your favorite buttons or some buttons that hold a special memory. Learn how to make button earrings.

Fridge Magnets

Photo credit: Amy Smart / Diary of a Quilter

A cute button with a magnet glued to the back makes a sweet gift to hold kids’ drawings on the fridge. This easy tutorial shows how to make magnets with covered buttons, but any big button will work great!

Kids’ Button Bracelets or Necklaces

Photo credit: SewCanShe.com

Buttons are a cute way to add color to any outfit. Grab some string and start adding as many buttons as you want! Here’s a tutorial for a kids’ button necklace.

DIY Button Ornament

Photo credit: Craftic

Grab your button jar and some plastic ornaments! This is a fun craft to do with kids before the holidays. There’s a free tutorial if you need ideas.

Button Fidget Toy

Photo credit: AppleGreen Cottage

Make a toy for small children’s quiet play time! This clever DIY toy idea is easy to make and great for working on fine motor skills and colors! Find the free tutorial at Apple Green Cottage.

Gorgeous Fabric Covered Button Necklace

Photo credit: Easy Peasy Creative Ideas

Customize your own fabric-covered buttons with fabrics to make a beautiful button necklace. This is a great summer craft project for kids and teens.

Bejewelled Vase and Plant Pot

Photo credit: Sum of their Stories

Embellish a vase or pot with buttons, gems, beads, sequins, and embellishments you’ve saved from old Birthday cards. These items are all perfect for this project.

Kids’ Christmas Crafts 

Photo credit: Elena Chevalier / Shutterstock.com

Paper, glue, and buttons make fun Christmas crafts for kids. Buttons can be stacked on floral wire to create a fun shape like a tree, wreath, or snowflake! Don’t be afraid to create whatever comes to mind.

Kid-Friendly Holiday Button Wreath

Photo credit: Gluesticks

This sweet DIY button wreath is glued to a blank art canvas so it is truly a work of art that can be displayed year after year. It’s a cute kids (or grownups’) craft for every season.

Button Embellished Note Cards

Photo credit: Sum of Their Stories

Learn how to make darling button embellishments to decorate handmade paper cards. Sum of Their Stories has a free tutorial for the button embellishment and the card.

Nesting Baskets With Button-Down Flaps

Photo credit: Gluesticks

If you can sew a little bit, that’s enough to make these darling nesting baskets with fabric and felt. There is no need to trim or hem; sew the two pieces together, fold the corners, and you’ll have a cute felt basket to hold everything from glue sticks to crayons or bobby pins to lip gloss!

Button Bouquet Craft

Photo credit: Sum of Their Stories

You won’t believe how easy it is to make a sweet little button bouquet ornament with an empty thread spool.

Monogrammed Button Bunting

Photo credit: Craftic

Use your buttons to make a bunting! This would be cute for a birthday party, anniversary, or just an ‘I love you’ banner.

Toddler Counting Game

Photo credit: PhotoUG / Shutterstock.com

Your little organizer can have so much fun counting and sorting buttons from shapes and colors to sizes.

Button Cluster Key Ring

Photo credit: Sum of Their Stories

These button cluster key rings are easy to make and so cute. They would also be lovely on a long pendant or make sweet bag charms.

Hair Accessories 

Photo credit: DashaR / Shutterstock.com

Need to dress up for a special event? Bows, headbands, and hair clips can be jazzed up by sparkly buttons in no time! 

Cute Bobby Pins or Barrettes with Buttons

Photo credit: Easy Peasy Creative Ideas

If you’re into embellished hair accessories, these cute bobby pins are something you should definitely make! Learn how at Easy Peasy Creative Ideas.

Button Flower Pendant

Photo credit: Craftic

There’s even more jewelry you can make with cute buttons. Learn how to make a button necklace pendant!

Letter Embellishments

Photo credit: Sum of Their Stories

Brown paper packages tied up with strings AND buttons! A button closure is such a sweet way to embellish a custom-wrapped gift or love letter. 

Shirt Cuff Button Pouches

Photo credit: Heather Handmade

Look at the cute button pouches you can make from shirt cuffs! This is a great tutorial for teaching kids to sew. They’ll have an adorable pouch when they’re done, and no one has to sew the buttonhole!

Button Clutch Bag

Photo credit: Sum of Their Stories

Cover an old clutch bag with buttons for a whole new look. You might find the bag and the buttons at your local thrift store!

Doodle Flower Greeting Cards

Photo credit: Sum of Their Stories

This button doodle card tutorial is so clear and easy that you can make these adorable cards even if you’ve never tried doodling before.

Button Earrings

Photo credit: Sum of Their Stories

Combine some basic jewelry-making supplies with cute buttons, and you have a new way to show everyone how much you love crafting! Just wear your new button earrings.

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