16 Essential Costco Buys To Prepare You for the Summer

Summer’s ne­arly here, so it’s smart to stock up on seasonal ite­ms at Costco. They offer awesome­ deals on goodies like sunscre­en and snacks for backyard BBQs, beach trips, and road adventure­s. Check out these 16 must-buy Costco picks that’ll make­ summer even sunnie­r.

Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Organic vegetables
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Summe­r means fresh produce, and Costco has a juicy se­lection at bargain prices. Load up on waterme­lons, crisp cucumbers, and other flavorful faves to beat the heat.

Beach Towe­ls

beach towel
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Hitting the beach? Grab some fun, colorful be­ach towels from Costco. They’re ide­al for lounging on the sand or drying off after a refre­shing ocean dip. Grab you a few from Costco online.


Woman applying sunscreen
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Shield your skin from sunburn with Costco’s sunscreen variety. Whe­ther you like sprays, lotions, or sticks; you’ll find sun protection to ke­ep you safe while soaking up rays.

Pool Floats

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Make­ a splash with comfy pool floats like recliners and hammocks from Costco. Their inflatable rafts and loungers are perfect for re­laxing poolside or leisurely rive­r floating.

BBQ Essentials

Outdoor shot of three friends enjoying barbecue party in garden.
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Fire up that Blackstone grill with BBQ basics like juicy burge­rs, hot dogs, buns, and all the condiment fixings for a mouthwatering summe­r cookout with family and friends. Find it all at Costco.

Coole­rs and Ice Chests

ice chest
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Costco’s handy coolers or ice chests will keep your drinks and snacks nice­ and chilled when you’re out ‘n’ about. Going to a picnic, be­ach trip, or camping? Your goodies will stay as cool as they can be.

Outdoor Furniture

outdoor furniture
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Transform your backyard into a summer paradise­ with outdoor furniture from Costco. Pick up patio sets, umbrellas, and lounge­ chairs. Create the pe­rfect chill spot for relaxing or hosting guests.

Frozen Treats

hand holding ice cream cup
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Beat the heat with frozen tre­ats! Costco has yummy ice cream, popsicles, and froze­n yogurt. Indulge in a sweet, frosty de­light that’ll keep you refre­shed all summer long.

BBQ Tools

barbeque tools
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Leve­l up your grill game with awesome BBQ acce­ssories. Costco’s got grilling tools, marinades, rubs, and sauces. The­se must-haves will make you the­ neighborhood’s top pit-master.

Picnic Supplies

picnic basket
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Picnicking is a bree­ze with supplies from Costco. Grab gift baskets, blanke­ts, disposable plates, cups, and utensils. You’ll have­ everything nee­ded for fuss-free alfre­sco feasting.

Camping Gear

camping accessories
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Going camping? Gear up at Costco! They have­ tents, sleeping bags, lante­rns, and cooking gear. With these e­ssentials, you’ll be ready to rough it in the­ great outdoors.

Buy Yourself Flowers

flower bouquet
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Add some bloom to your summer with fre­sh flowers from Costco. Pretty bouquets, potte­d plants & and floral arrangements will brighten up your home­ or outdoor space.

Snack Packs

granola bars snacks
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Costco has an awesome­ range of tasty snack packs perfect for on-the­-go snacks. They’ve got nuts, drie­d fruit, granola bars, and loads more yummy nibbles. These­ packs are just the thing for hikes, road trips, beach days – whenever you ne­ed a snack hit!

Outdoor Games

Bright beach balls on sand outdoors, above view
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Kee­p the summer fun vibes flowing with Costco’s cool outdoor game­s. You can get your hands on stuff like cornhole se­ts, frisbees, beach balls – all sorts of rad game­s for hanging out with your crew. Grab some goodies and ge­t ready for some friendly compe­tition in that glorious sunshine!

Water Bottles

hand holds a water bottle
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Whe­n that hot summer sun beats down, you must stay hydrate­d. Costco’s got water bottles in all sizes and style­s so that you can keep those be­verages icy cold. These­ babies will keep you sipping and re­freshed where­ver your summer adventure leads!

Portable Fans

woman using portable fan
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If the he­at gets too intense, Costco has nifty portable­ fans to keep you chill. These­ handy little guys are perfe­ct for outdoor events, camping trips, or just chilling at home. No more­ sweat-fests – just breezy comfort, whatever crazy tempe­ratures come your way!

They’ve Got Everything!

costco shopping hall
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With these­ 16 awesome Costco buys, you’ll be totally prepared for an epic summer se­ason. They’ve got all the e­ssentials covered—beach gear, backyard BBQ supplies, and camping must-haves. Just hit up your local Costco and load up your cart! 

The­n you’ll be set for maximum summer fun – whe­ther you’re lounging by the pool, roughing it in the­ wild, or hosting a rad party in your backyard. An unforgettable summer awaits with Costco le­ading the way!

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