15 Everyday Social Norms That Boomers Just Don’t Get

Keeping up with the younger generations can be exhausting, frustrating, and to be honest, not all that interesting. 

For some boomers, keeping with the times isn’t something they necessarily want to engage in. As a result, many of the older generation feel disconnected from youth culture and the development of the online world. Many feel a sense of bemusement about what the youth of today get up to in their day-to-day lives. 

Here are 15 things that boomers just can’t wrap their heads around, as shared by boomers on a popular online forum. 

Cultivating An Online Presence

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What’s with the current universal practice of ‘curating an online image’? The main issue boomers just don’t get is that people use their online platforms to fabricate a more-than-perfect image of their lives. 

The problem is that this cultivated image is wholly misleading to their followers and responsible for perpetuating a cycle of unattainable aspirations which can be detrimental to their own mental health. 

Oversharing On Social Media

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Boomers come from a generation where privacy was integral to their upbringing. The fact that kids these days are eager to share every aspect of their lives, from mental health struggles and childhood trauma to their everyday makeup routine, is beyond baffling. 

Children Having Social Media Accounts

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Many boomers feel it is wrong for underage kids to be sharing their lives online for the world to see. They argue that it feels dangerous and irresponsible for kids to be allowed on social media, given the explicit and potentially harmful content that’s out there. 

Surely, there should be some sort of safety guidelines and checks that will inhibit underage usage. 

Betting And Gambling Ads 

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Back in the day, gambling was considered to be a sin. Nowadays, it seems to be advertised all over the place, from the NFL to kids’ TV, there seems to be no escape from the world of online betting. 

Self Care Days

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Self-care or wellness days are a Gen Z specialty. Back in the day, boomers weren’t fortunate enough to have the luxury of calling in sick to work for the sake of their mental health. 

To many of the older generation, well-being is important, but avoiding hard work or avoiding prior commitments feels like a cop-out.

The Death Of Grammar

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One thing that frustrates boomers to no end is the younger generations’ inability to use grammar correctly. From sloppy punctuation to atrocious spelling, no one seems to have any respect for the language these days.

The Apparent Decay Of The English Language

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Boomers are fed up with trying to keep up with Gen Z’s constant evolution of online slang. From new words to unnecessary abbreviations, a once beautiful and poetic language is rapidly disintegrating at the hands of the younger generation. 


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Ghosting is the term used to describe when someone inexplicably ceases contact with you, usually as a way to avoid confrontation. Whether done socially or professionally, this is a completely unacceptable, cowardly, and unbelievably rude way to handle a situation.

Kids On Tablets

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Something about kids and tablets, especially in a restaurant or public space when they’re playing an obnoxiously loud game, is infuriating, boomers argue. Kids should be engaged with the real world, not staring at a screen.

‘Ok Boomer’ Trend

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This condescending phrase has gotten a bit boring. Just because boomers are older, it doesn’t mean you have the right to be so dismissive. Boomers have much more life experience and are not afraid to use it.

Constant Phone Use

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The younger generations seem to have developed an awful habit of constantly being on or playing with their phones. This is extra frustrating given that they’ll do it when you’re trying to engage in conversation with them, and they’re sitting there texting.

Constant Texting

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Kids these days would prefer to spend hours texting nonsense on their phones rather than having real-life conversations or even phone calls. The modern world seems to be becoming more of a virtual reality these days and boomers are starting to feel left behind.

The Rise in Technology

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Boomers have developed a slight tendency to blame all of the world’s troubles on technology. Social media can have harmful effects, particularly on mental health, but it has also revolutionized the way we communicate, learn, and stay in touch with loved ones. 

It’s not necessarily technology that’s the issue; it’s just the speed and quantity at which it has taken over our lives that boomers just don’t get. 

The Decline Of Common Courtesy

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It has somehow become commonplace for people to be rude or dismissive just because they ‘don’t feel like’ making an effort. 

The concept of respect or being polite seems to be reserved only for when people are in a good mood, meaning common courtesy goes out the window the minute someone is preoccupied. Older generations know better. 

Shortened Attention Spans

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Thanks to the invasion of mobile phones, attention spans seem to have disappeared among youngsters. Attempting any form of interaction seems impossible when the person you are talking to is glued to their phone. 

A Whole New World

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For boomers, life just isn’t what it used to be. Adjusting to the technological revolution and life online isn’t so appealing for a generation that grew up enjoying the wonders of the ‘real’ world and genuine human interactions. 

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