February U-Pick Sewing Project Success – a new make up pouch!


I’m going to share something that I don’t usually share in my U-Pick Challenge success posts… one of the failures!

Usually, when I’ve reached this point in my sewing and experimenting (trying to replicate our ‘inspiration photo’ and, at the same time, make something that I like and is enjoyable to sew) then I show you only pictures of the most recent version of the project – the one that looks the best.

But this time I had a failure that looked so strange and funny I thought I would share!

But first let’s look at the good version… the one that I’ll make again when I write the pattern:


Here’s are darling little make up pouch with two deep zippered pockets inside. It’s about 7’’ tall and 8’’ wide.


And it opens up to two deep triangle shaped zippered pockets!


Those deep pockets are so much fun to fill! And I’m sure you noticed that I used a magnetic snap so that the pouch will stay together when you fold the sides up. It’s going to be great for holding items around the house or for travel (if and when we can ever travel again).

But did you want to see one of my ‘failure’ versions too???


Before I got the shape right, one of my pouches looked kind of cute from the outside…


However, I really did NOT like the curved sides when the pouch was opened up. It just looks so weird to me!

Please read this: I will NOT be sharing a pattern for the weirdly shaped pouch above. I’m just sharing it because I know that a lot of people like to see the in-between versions before I reach a final item that I like.

Plus people email me all the time about bag and quilt patterns and say ‘it’s great but I really don’t like this about it… will you change that and tell me how?’’ LOL. People who ask me to make ‘little changes’ to a pattern don’t realize how many times I test a pattern before I share it. Even making a ‘little’ change here or there is a lot of work!


So I hope you like the size and shape of the cute make-up pouch above, because that’s what I’m making into a pattern!

Except I’m going to use foam stabilizer that I quilt together with fabric. For my practice pouches I needed to save time so I used fusible fleece instead of foam stabilizer. It looks okay, but I know I’ll love it a lot more when it’s quilted.

That brings me to my next dilemma: I don’t know what to name it!

I’ll write up this new double sided zipper pouch pattern as soon as I can. Sign up for my free newsletter so you don’t miss it!

If you want to get your materials together, you’ll need about 1/2 yard of flexible foam interfacing such as ByAnnie Soft and Stable (1/2 yard is enough to make 2 organizers but 1/4 yard won’t work), a magnetic snap, and about 1/2 yard of fabric in all. I raided my fat quarter stash and found that 3 coordinating fat quarters make a really cute pouch!

Happy Sewing,

Sharing is Caring!

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  1. The failure one is really cute though. Wish my failures looked like yours, hahaha!

  2. Brenda Smith says:

    Excited about new makeup pouch pattern snd will be watching for it. Anyone who wants something different needs to lookbfor another pattern or learn to make alterations themselves. I know how hard it is to make a pattern. I have tried and judt usually make it as i go. Sew a piece and decide what comes next. But can’t write it so anyone but me could understand.

  3. Wendi Kendrick says:

    I think you could name your new double zipper makeup pouch one of these: saddle bag (looks a little like a saddle bag when it’s opened); double the fun; twice as nice; two-faced; double take.

  4. Hi Caroline, such a great little project you have created here, just like all your others. You have motivated me to sew many different items that I never thought I could, and this is a great example. How about "Clever Pouch" or "Surprise Pouch" because the inside is unexpected.

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