25 Free and Fabulous Sewing Patterns That are All Fat Quarter Friendly!


Do you have a pretty new bundle of fat quarters for which you need a project? I have that problem all the time! Lucky for all the fat quarter-loving quilters around, I spend a lot of time dreaming up sewing projects that will make the most of a fat quarter. These aren’t projects that use just a 10” square of fabric (those are fun, too!) but sewing projects that use up most of 1 or more fat quarters.

Are you looking for fat quarter quilt patterns instead of projects to sew?

What is a fat quarter?

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I’m glad you asked! Imagine taking a yard of fabric and cutting it in half widthwise and then lengthwise to make four pieces of fabric (kind of like how you would cut a pizza in fourths). That’s a fat quarter. A fat quarter of fabric is a piece that is 18” tall by 20-22” wide. In contrast, a quarter yard of fabric cut the traditional way from the bolt is 9” x 42”, or more depending on the width of fabric.

Fat quarter bundles are quilt fabric stacks that contain lots of different fabrics, usually from the same collection. Here is a list of free sewing patterns that can be sewn using fat quarters.

The Best Square Basket

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Sew up a cute square basket perfect for keeping, giving away, organizing your home, and showing off to all your friends! This easy basket tutorial is doubly amazing because it is totally fat quarter-friendly. All you need to make it is two coordinating fat quarters and 1/2 yard of fusible fleece.

Out the Door Organizer

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Be ready to walk out the door by sewing up this smart organizer that has pockets and hanging loops for anything you need.

Easy Dog Bandana

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Make your dog the cutest pooch at the dog park with a bow-tie bandana that you sewed yourself using this free dog bandana pattern! This sewing tutorial comes with a free printable pattern template with three different bandana sizes and a how-to video.

Cute Oven Mitts

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Learn how to sew an oven mitt with this free oven mitt sewing pattern! This quilted oven mitt makes a thoughtful gift for someone who loves to cook or someone (like me) who tends to get burned when they use regular pot holders. You’ll need just one fat quarter for the exterior and one for the lining.

Pocket Pod Baskets

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This Pocket Pod Basket Pattern will help you organize things in every room in the house! I love these storage pods in my sewing room for notions and tools. They make great craft containers and look adorable on a peg board, in the living room, and on a bedroom nightstand. I think I’ll make another one to use in my car.

Mug Caddy Organizer

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I know you’re going to love sewing my free Mug Caddy Pattern – it’s the perfect gift to give yourself or your best friend! I used just 2 fat quarters for each mug caddy.

Fat Quarter Sized Fold Up Baskets

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These Fat Quarter Sized Fold Up Baskets are made from 1 fat quarter for the exterior and 1 fat quarter for the interior, with a layer of interfacing in between. Hardly any waste!

Patchwork Shower Curtain

Everyone who visits the bathroom next to my sewing room loves my Patchwork Shower Curtain using fat quarters. This adorable shower curtain uses 20-25 fat quarters – so grab that bundle of fat quarter fabric and get started!

Kitchen Tea Towels

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Did you also know you can make your own kitchen towels from your fabric stash? Use my free pattern for sewing a Tea Towel from 2 Fat Quarters. So pretty!

Cloth Napkins

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You can also make DIY cloth napkins from fat quarters. This tutorial shows you two different methods: a regular method and a speed sewing method.

Microwavable Bowl Cozy

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A soup bowl cozy is the greatest invention since the microwave! It’s a cozy little cover for your bowl to help keep hands from being burned after heating soup, noodles, leftovers, or even cooking a potato. This free pattern includes 3 sizes so you’ll be able to sew lots using fabric yardage, scraps, fat quarters, or even layer cake squares.

Boxy Zipper Pouches

This Boxy Zipper Pouch Pattern is easy enough for beginners and just right for organizing supplies, cosmetics, or small things when you travel. Thrill any of your friends with this beautiful gift. It utilizes foam stabilizer to make it sturdy and has two small exterior pockets. The finished size is approximately 6’’ wide, 4 1/2’’ tall, and 3” deep.

Dumpling Shaped Pouches

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I recently discovered that this pattern is perfect for using up a fat quarter. You can make 2 cute dumpling shaped pouches with 2 coordinating fat quarters of fabric!

Tiny Tote Bag

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Everybody loves sewing, gifting, and using my Tiny Bag! But did you know that the pattern is totally fat quarter friendly?

Amazing A-Frame Organizer

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The Amazing A-Frame Organizer with cut-out handles and pleated pockets will change your life! Which room do you need it in? Your sewing room, living room, kids’ playroom, bathroom, baby’s room? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. And if your fat quarters are on the slightly generous side, you might even be able to make this free sewing project with fat quarters!

Mini Christmas Stockings

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Sew a cute little Christmas stocking with this free sewing pattern for all your little gifts this year! This free pattern uses just a fat quarter of fabric and some scraps.

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This fat quarter-friendly pattern takes one fat quarter for the exterior, one for the interior, and some scraps for the handles—get to work sewing the Chubby Lunch Tote pattern!

Wall Decor

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Some of that fabric you have hidden away in your cupboard or on your little fat quarter shelf is too pretty to be hidden away. Put it on display on your wall! The best part about this storage, um… home decor, is that when you think of the perfect project for that FQ or half-yard, it’s easy to take it down.

Peek a Boo Pouch Pattern

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The Peek a Boo Pouch is an adorable organizing pouch can be sewn entirely from 1 fat quarter  – but I think it’s more fun to switch up the fabrics and make 2 at a time with coordinating prints.

Here’s My Heart Potholder

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Put some love in your kitchen with my heart potholder pattern. It’s fat-quarter-friendly. These easy-to-sew hot pads make great gifts for teachers, neighbors, friends, and your Valentine!

Travel Jewelry Organizer

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Or sew yourself a beautiful Travel Jewelry Case with 3 coordinating fat quarters! That pattern is free too, just like all the rest.

Drawstring Ditty Bag

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Need a cute bag for lingerie, shoes, make-up, scraps, buttons, or a little bag for any other reason? Sew up the delightful Drawstring Ditty Bag!

Snappy Tote Bag

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Sew up my fast and easy Snappy Tote Bag with some cute fat quarters. It snaps shut and is perfect for holding just a few essentials to grab & go!

Double Compartment Cross Body Bag

Grab your favorite fat quarters and sew this awesome cross body bag with 2 main pockets, a slim third pocket, plus a zipper pocket on the back!

Long Zipper Pouch

image-asset - 2021-04-07T190644.067.jpg

Make your own cute DIY Long Zipper Pouch that is long enough to hold pencils, markers, sunglasses, cosmetics, ‘girl supplies’, and more!

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