21 Handmade Gifts To Sew For a Friend Facing Health Challenges

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Is someone you care about someone struggling through a difficult time? Handmade gifts are a great way to cheer someone up and show you care. I’ve put together a list of 15 easy craft and sewing ideas that are perfect for giving love and support. From soft blankets to beautiful art, you’ll find something special to make. Keep reading for gift ideas that come straight from the heart. All of these patterns and tutorials are free.

A Soft Robe for Wearing Around the House or Hospital

Photo credit: Heather Handmade

This handmade gift will show that you really care! Sew your friend a cozy robe from soft and comfortable fabrics.

A Microwavable Heating Pad

Photo credit: SewCanShe.com

Sew your friend a microwavable heating pad that can be warmed and wrapped around the neck, shoulders, feet, or wherever needed. This easy tutorial only requires fabric, thread, and a reheatable grain such as rice or wheat. Add essential oils for a special touch.

Pocket Tissue Cover

Photo credit: SewCanShe.com

Tissues are handy for teary eyes, stuffy noses, and accidental spills. Put an easy pocket tissue cover sewn from a free tutorial in a handmade care package.

Soup Bowl Cozy

Photo credit: SewCanShe.com

Chicken soup may be good for a cold, but not if you burn your hands on the bowl! Sew someone an easy soup bowl cozy to accompany a homemade meal.

A Soft Minky Blanket For Comfort and Warmth

Photo credit: Heather Handmade

This easy-to-follow tutorial from Heather Handmade shows you how to make a double-layer minky blanket in any size you want. That way, you can customize it for a friend.

Couch or Armchair Caddy

Photo credit: SewCanShe.com

This easy-to-sew couch caddy can help someone keep all their essential items handy so they don’t have to do extra reaching or getting up.

Some Cozy Slippers to Pamper Their Feet

Photo credit: Heather Handmade

Wearing soft slippers always makes you feel better, no matter the ailment! This easy tutorial from Heather Handmade will teach you how to make pretty fleece slippers.

A Self-Care Kit Filled with Lotions, Lip Balm, Comfy Socks, etc.

Photo credit: SewCanShe.com

The Twice as Nice Zippered Organizer would be perfect for that. It’s pretty on the inside and the outside, and the pattern is free!

A Journal With a Pretty Fabric Cover

Photo credit: SewCanShe.com

Journaling helps us remember the good times and learn from hard times. Make a personalized journal with a pretty fabric cover and ribbon ties.

Journaling Bookmark and Pen Keeper

journaling bookmark
Image credit: SewCanShe.

Journaling is easier with a bookmark and pen keeper. This easy sewing project can be made with just a few scraps. The front is a great place for machine embroidery if you have an embroidery machine.

A Soft Mask for More Restful Sleep

Photo credit: AppleGreen Cottage

Getting a good night’s rest is so important! Help a friend sleep better with a soft and comfortable DIY sleep mask.

A Pretty Lap Tray for Meals in Bed or On the Couch

Photo credit: thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

This DIY project shows so much thoughtfulness, plus it comes together quickly using this free breakfast tray tutorial. The example shows wallpaper, but it would be easy to make with pretty fabric, too.

A Pretty Duffle Bag to Carry Personal Items to the Hospital or Hotel

Photo credit: SewCanShe.com

This free sewing pattern uses cotton fabric and foam stabilizer to make a designer-style duffle bag that anyone would love. You’ll love my easy method for sewing in a zipper.

Sweet Sachets With Calming Herbs

Photo credit: Sum of Their Stories

Calming dried herbs like lavender, jasmine, or rosemary would be perfect for filling these charming embroidered butterfly decorations.

A Set of Pretty Pillowcases

Photo credit: SewCanShe.com

Being stuck at home or in bed for an extended period is difficult. Sew some pretty ruffled pillowcases to make someone’s bedroom more pleasant and relaxing.

Easy One Yard Pillowcase

Image credit: SewCanShe.com

If you want to sew a special pillowcase but without all the ruffles, try this easy One Yard Pillowcase Tutorial. Perhaps you already have just the right fabric for someone you are thinking about.

Wall Art Using Pretty Fabric or Embroidered Words

Photo credit: SewCanShe.com

Wall art is another thoughtful way to make someone’s room more enjoyable. These pretty decor pieces were made with just fabric and inexpensive canvases. If your sewing machine can embroider, put an inspirational design on the fabric first.

Pretty Box Pouch for Toiletries or Medication

Photo credit: SewCanShe.com

Having to take medicine every day is less tedious if you get to open a pretty container like this. The free, pretty box pouch sewing pattern is just the right size.

A Special Quilt

Photo credit: SewCanShe.com

The free Woven Hearts Quilt Pattern is full of love!

Face Mask with a Filter Pocket

Photo credit: SewCanShe.com

For most of us, fabric face masks are no longer a necessity. If you have a friend with health challenges that require them to still wear a mask in public, they might appreciate a pretty new one!

Turban Caps for Cancer Patients

Photo credit: The Crafts Chanel

I’ve had many requests for a pattern to make soft chemo caps for charity or for friends who want to cover their head. This video tutorial from The Crafts Channel is the best I’ve found. The cap can be as soft and stretchy as the fabric you pick. Her design is very adaptable and may be worn in two different ways.

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