16 Home Decor Projects Teens Won’t Roll Their Eyes At

Have you ever considered sprucing up your home with some fun and creative decor projects that your teenager will enjoy doing? In this article, we’ll explore 16 home decor projects that are not only stylish and trendy but also easy and fun enough for your teenager to help with. From DIY wall art to unique lighting ideas, these projects will add a personal touch to your space and bring out your teenager’s artistic side.

Personalized Gallery Wall

white wall with photos of the family in various photo frames
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Create a personalized gallery wall in your teenager’s bedroom by hanging a mix of their favorite photos, artwork, and inspirational quotes. Use different frame styles and sizes for a dynamic and diverse look. 

Customized Cork Board

Items pinned to a cork message board with wood frame
Image Credit: Lyudmyla Kharlamova / Shutterstock.com

Transform a plain cork board into a customized message board by letting your teen spruce it up with paint or markers in their favorite colors and designs. They could also try adorning it with fancy pins or clips to hang photos and notes. Glue some decorative rope around the edge for a stylish border. 

String Art Wall Decor

Panel of heart shaped made of thread and nails wall decor
Image Credit: Hanna Alandi / Shutterstock.com

Create unique and eye-catching string art wall decor using nails and colorful string to form geometric patterns, shapes, or even your teenager’s initials. Cut a piece of wood to the size you’d like your art to be (or buy it pre-cut). Nail small tack nails in any shape, and then use colorful embroidery thread to connect the nails in beautiful geometric patterns.

Washi Tape Picture Frames

Spacious apartment in grey with colorful washi tape wall decor
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Your teen can add a pop of color to plain picture frames by decorating them with washi tape in fun patterns and designs. This easy and affordable project will instantly brighten up your teenager’s room. Washi tape comes in many brilliant colors and patterns and can be used for anything from frames to trim on a door.

Tassel Garland

rainbow macrame boho anklet jewelery with beads and tassels
Image Credit: Eli Ane / Shutterstock.com

Help your teen make a playful tassel garland using wooden beads and yarn in bright shades. Or, you could thread the yard with huge wooden beads they have painted in black and white and create red tassels to hang between the beads. Your teen can make it their own by choosing materials and colors they love. Hang it above your teenager’s desk or bed for a whimsical touch.

DIY Neon Sign

Hello Neon Sign
Image Credit: evenezia / Shutterstock.com

Create a trendy DIY neon sign using flexible LED rope lights and a clear acrylic backing. Simply glue or fasten the LED rope to the acrylic back, spelling out your teenager’s name or a favorite word. If the rope is long enough, you can go on to frame the sign for a cool and personalized lighting feature. Follow the manufacturer’s directions on the LED lights.

Fabric Wall Hangings

mini quilt wall
Image Credit: SewCanShe.com

Fabric is an insanely artistic medium for creating wall art for your home. You and your teen can make fabric wall hangings by stretching colorful and patterned fabrics over wooden dowels. These bohemian-inspired decor pieces are easy to make and can add warmth to any room. You can also stretch fabric over comic book boards or thin plywood and frame it with a decorative rope or wood frame. 

Geometric Painted Planters

Four unique painted cement planters
Image Credit: tete_escape / Shutterstock.com

Another great crafting idea that your teenager might enjoy is to paint geometric patterns on plain planters using acrylic paint and painter’s tape. Buying or making stencils is also a unique way to paint designs onto ordinarily boring planters. Your teenager can showcase their favorite plants in these stylish and modern planters.

Upcycled Mason Jar Lanterns

light made from mason jar and chicken feeder
Image Credit: val lawless / Shutterstock.com

This is a really cute idea to hang over your teenager’s desk, a corner table, or a breakfast nook. Turn empty mason jars into beautiful lanterns by painting them in vibrant colors and adding tea lights. Hang them in your teenager’s room for a cozy and enchanting atmosphere. You can also set them on the desk or bedside table if you’d prefer not to hang them.

Macrame Wall Hanging

Image Credit: Liudmila Fadzeyeva / Shutterstock.com

Macrame was all the rage in the ’70s, but it is making a comeback with even more style. An artsy teenager can create a macrame wall hanging using basic knotting techniques and cotton rope. This boho-chic decor piece will add texture and interest to your teenager’s bedroom. YouTube is full of ideas for patterns and designs to macrame anything from home decor to bookbags and more. This isn’t your Grandma’s macrame!

DIY Pompom Rug

Handmade colorful pom pom rug
Image Credit: Dina Galal / Shutterstock.com

Maybe you and your teen want to make a fluffy pom pom rug by attaching colorful pom poms to a non-slip rug mat. The pompoms can be placed in flower patterns, stars, or whatever your teen loves. This soft and playful rug will be a cozy addition to your teenager’s room. Teens can create the rug from brightly colored, already-made pom poms, or if they’re really feeling crafty, they can Google how to make their own pom poms from the yarn in your craft room! 

Cloud-Shaped Shelves

Modern home decor mock up with shelf in cloud shape on the wall.
Image Credit: Mallmo / Shutterstock.com

If you and your teenager are handy with a saw, paint, and a screwdriver, you could construct cloud-shaped shelves using plywood and brackets. These whimsical shelves are perfect for displaying books, trinkets, and other treasures in your teenager’s room. Simply draw and cut out the clouds, paint, and use brackets to connect them to the wall. A Google search reveals many variations of this project.

Fabric Pennant Banner

Decorations of colorful pennants and colorful flag in the courtyard
Image Credit: Ogovorka / Shutterstock.com

This is a terrific decor craft for you and your teen to do with your scrap fabrics; sew a fabric pennant banner using scrap fabric in various colors and patterns. You can cut the patterned fabric into triangle flags of various sizes. Sew the flags to a decorative rope to create the banner. Hang it above your teenager’s bed or desk for a festive and cheerful touch.

Dip-Dyed Curtains

dip dyed technique on cotton fabric
Image Credit: P-fotography / Shutterstock.com

Dip-dyed curtains are a fun way to let your teenager add their own style to their room’s decor. You’ll need plain white curtains, fabric dye, and a large tub for dipping. Follow the dyeing instructions to dip the curtains in vibrant colors and create a unique window treatment. Your teen might want to dip only the edges or go for a full tie-dye effect. This simple DIY project is a delightful way to brighten up your teenager’s room instantly.

Terrarium Centerpiece

succulent terrarium in pot
Image Credit: Valeriya Rychkova / Shutterstock.com

If you have a teen who is really into nature, you could help them bring nature inside. One way to do this is to create a terrarium centerpiece using succulents, rocks, and a glass container. This low-maintenance decor piece will bring a touch of nature indoors and add a fresh and modern vibe to your teenager’s space.

Artistic Accent Wall

Modern living room with open spacious dining area accented with royal blue walls
Image Credit: Ground Picture / Shutterstock.com

Let your teenager unleash their creativity by painting an artistic accent wall in their favorite colors or patterns. This bold statement wall will serve as a unique focal point in their room. Perhaps they’ll choose to paint their favorite cartoon or movie-inspired theme. Maybe they’re into huge geometric patterns in bright colors. Most teenage artists would love to turn their artistic side on their very own wall. Make that a reality, and watch what they come up with!

Design, Create, Bond!

Happy boy make garland of colored paper
Image Credit: colnihko / Shutterstock.com

With these 16 home decor projects, you and your teen can transform their space into a personalized haven they’ll love spending time in. Not only will you encourage creativity and self-expression, but you’ll also get precious and rare bonding time with your teenager by working together on these fun and easy DIY projects. Get ready to create a home that reflects your teenager’s personality and style! What kinds of DIY projects do you think your teen would love?

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