How to Sew Designer Zipper Bags – video course Lesson 2

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Welcome to Lesson 2 of our How to Sew Designer Zipper Bags video course.

Let’s get busy and sew your zipper!

This is a free video course that I have been working on to share the entire zipper bag making process in a way that you can’t go wrong.

If you haven’t seen the intro video or Lesson 1 yet, you can start here.

There are 14 short videos in this video course so that after watching them all in order, you can go back to re-watch any section that you want to see again.

This blog post contains everything you need for Lesson 2 – How to Sew the Zipper

If for some reason, the videos in this post won’t play for you, you can watch the entire course in this YouTube playlist.

Lesson 2, part 1 (above) is all about how to prepare a handbag zipper that is exactly 9’’ long and doesn’t have metal stoppers that might break your needle later.

The handbag zippers that I like are YKK brand Number 4.5. Here are my favorite sources for them:

Just a tip: My rule of thumb is to cut my zipper 1’’ shorter than the edge that I will sew it to. For this project I cut the zipper 9’’ long because the top edge of my zipper bag side piece is 10’’ long. When you are ready to try a different size zipper bag – simply cut your zipper 1’’ shorter than the top edge of the zipper bag side pieces.

Watch Lesson 2, part 2 to see how attached the zipper to one side of the zipper bag.

In case you are wondering, I’m sewing on my Juki TL2010Q.

Lesson 2.2.jpg

Be sure to place the zipper face down against the right side (exterior side) of your bag piece and pin or clip it in place (I used wonder clips).

If needed, switch to a zipper foot on your sewing machine so you can sew with an even 1/4’’ seam allowance..

In Lesson 2, part 3, we sew the zipper to the other side of our bag.


Make sure that you place your bag side pieces right sides together and align the remaining zipper tape with the top edge of the other bag side piece.

The rest of this step is sewn in the same way as you sewed and topstitched the first side.


How does your zipper pouch look so far? Can you believe you are more than halfway done?

Now you can move on to Lesson 3.

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