/ / It’s time to Reveal our U-Pick Sewing Tutorial for June 2021!

It’s time to Reveal our U-Pick Sewing Tutorial for June 2021!

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Guess what, sewing friends! It’s time to reveal which sewing project won the vote so I will make it this month. I hope you all got a chance to vote on this month’s U-Pick Sewing Tutorial because it’s always so exciting to find out what you want to make next. I couldn’t wait to see which of these three fun sewing ideas would be picked by you to be made into a sewing tutorial by the end of the month.

Remember, I haven’t made this yet or written the tutorial. The winning project is what I will be working on this month is…

Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 8.40.07 PM.png

The the Fold-Closed Storage Bins! I’m kind of surprised that the small handbag didn’t win because I know how much you all love to sew purses and tote bags. Are you trying to tell me that I already have enough free patterns on my free bag pattern page?

In any event, I’m super excited to figure out how to make these storage bins because I can never seem to have enough. Last year you voted for me to write a tutorial for large zippered storage bins. That’s great because I can use a lot of the same techniques but make them without a zipper. I think these new bins will be easier to sew and ultimately cost less to make because velcro is so much cheaper than zippers.

Here are my thoughts:

  • It looks like the inspiration bins were made with cheap synthetic material. I’m definitely planning to use cotton fabric quilted together with flexible foam interfacing. You know that’s my secret to making beautiful sturdy baskets and bags.

  • I love the vinyl windows on the front of these bins and won’t leave that feature out.

  • The inspiration bins come in two sizes. Do you want two sizes also?

  • What kind of things to you want to be able to store in these bins?

What do you think? Tell me in the comments. 🙂

Watch for my unique version of this storage bin in about a week. Then give me a week or so after that to draft the pattern and share it here on my blog. Make sure you are signed up for my free newsletter so you don’t miss it!


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  1. Yes, please, do both sizes. These will be great for storing projects in motion (PIMS) and could also be used for fabric or patterns. They are really neat and could mske my fabric pantry look so good. Thank you. Maybe another time in the future the little purse will have another chance.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the storage bins. If I can make them instead of buying them that leaves more money for fabric to fill them with!😊

  3. Ree Martinez says:

    Yes, please fashion two sizes on these bins. Closet and laundry room organization, here I come! Can’t wait 😃

  4. I’m interested in both sizes. Thank you so very much for sharing your talents with us. Blessings. S J

  5. I will use these bins in my linen closet for storage of personal items as well as my sewing room for fabric. They will also be great for winter hats, gloves. Looking forward to your pattern and tutorial. Thanks!

  6. Pamela Chase says:

    Yes – 2 sizes would be great! I will store fabric or craft supplies in these. The windows will finally let me see “what is where”! Thank you for all your time and effort – we appreciate you!
    Pamela – South Carolina

  7. A bin for fat quarters would be nice! Looking forward to seeing what you create!

  8. Lee Willits says:

    I love the U-Pick monthly projects, but am tired of everyone voting for storage bins. I realize the voting method is the most fair method of deciding which project is most popular even though my personal favorite didn’t win "people’s choice". Thank you for this WONDERFUL site and all your effort for all of us.
    Lee Willits

  9. Deeann Fuglaar says:

    Both of these would work. If you could figure out how to make a similar bin that would hold 5" or 6" squares, I think it would be a great addition.

  10. Ann greene says:

    Yes, sizes. Could be used for commercial patterns, embroidery disks or fat quarters. Possibly a handle on the top of a smaller one for transporting sewing up plies to classes.
    I love your site!

  11. Awesome, Caroline. I love the idea of learning how to sew these storage bins in pretty cotton – making them both functional and decorative! My first thought when I voted for them is that I need more storage containers, and you can never have enough of them. Over the weekend I was doing the chores and thinking I need pretty storage bins in various sizes to tidy up our cupboards and wardrobes. Can’t wait to see your take on these. What I’ll store in them: sewing notions, yard fabrics, and fabric scraps, sewing tools – that I can quickly see through the vinyl windows. My daughter shares my work space for painting and crafting and her tools, brushes and paints are taking over! In the cupboards through the house: reusable fabric bags and bits and bobs currently making a mess on my shelves. In the wardrobes: an assortment of winter hats, gloves, scarves, small winter blankets, etc. Thanks so much. Best wishes.

  12. So pleased the bins won! It would be great if you can draft up the pattern in two sizes. I’m in desperate need of these bins as my fabric/craft room supplies is getting out of control 😉 Thank you Caroline! x

  13. Yay! I can’t wait to make the storage bins. I think having both sizes is a good thing. Thanks for all you do.

  14. Definitely want two sizes of the bins. Also sturdier on the bottom so they retain their shape when picked up.

  15. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    These would be great for storing anything!! I would love to have two different sizes to make!

  16. Amanda Bibble says:

    Please don’t quit adding new bags and purses! I love them! I voted for the purse, there’s tons of storage ideas online already. Albeit this one was a good one. 😃

  17. Two sizes would be awesome! I plan to sort my fat quarters in this bin. And in a larger bin, some of my stash. Thank you for sharing!

  18. I love the idea of having instructions for more than one size of these storage bins! Thank you!!!

  19. Definitely 2 sizes! Thanks

  20. KarenAnn Harvey says:

    I love that the square bins won. I can think of a million things to store in them and more from my sewing rooms. Besides the obvious, patterns, fat quarters, stash fabric, quilt fabric, tools, etc. Please make at least two sizes. Did you know that square items take less space to store than any other shape?

  21. I liked the larger bin to use for works in progress or blocks of the month where I don’t work on a quilt full time until it’s finished. Would help keep long-term projects dust free!

  22. I love, love the small handbag!!!! It’s a perfect style for all ages. I wanted to make for me, daughter, and granddaughter in different sizes in the same matching fabric. Please, please reconsider and make this pattern also. Would love it. Thanks for all of your work and inspiration.

  23. MaryBeth Little says:

    I’m so happy the storage containers won! I think the small one sized to hold fat quarters would be really great! The larger size could hold yardage or tops waiting to be quilted. I look forward to your tutorial!!

  24. Well I’m super excited, we’ve closed on a new house and have yet to move in. I can’t wait to sew some of these up for both my sewing/crafting space as well as my son’s room. He has lots of Legos that will need to be contained.

  25. Marlene Clausen says:

    I love to make bags but I NEED more storage! Especially for precuts, they are hard to corral and track. Yes, two sizes is always good because not sure where they will be used. I find the biggest failing of the purchased fabric bins is the lack of bottom stability which makes them difficult to pick up and carry.

  26. Anne Mains says:

    2 sizes please. I’m so glad these were the winning project. Perhaps I can get my sewing room more organized. Thanks so much for doing this.

  27. Barb Keith says:

    Please ensure these are stackable. File sized. Thanks 😊

  28. Prsd4tim2 says:

    I’m so excited for these. Both sizes would be nice. And if they were somehow collapsible but held their shape when they were put together, that would make them really useful I think.

    Also I’ve seen ads for these with wheels. I’d love to find a way to put this (and other things like handmade luggage) on wheels. If you figure that out it would be awesome!

    Good luck. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  29. Lynn Zukowski says:

    I am very happy that the storage bins won for this round of patterns. what appealed to me the most what the see through window in the front- so you don’t have to guess what the contents are. You asked about sizes- if you could show us how to make a large size- then even give us dimensions or how to figure out dimensions for smaller sizes – that would be great. Each month I look forward to voting for my favourite- makes me feel like I am part of the process, and that my opinion matters. Your instructions are always so well written, and easy to understand. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into providing us with innovative patterns each month.

  30. i would like to store a growing dvd collection in my project. thank you for taking away the costly trial and error for these projects. that has been our greatest disappointment when trying to replicate something DIY. thank you

  31. Yes, I would love two sizes, but even if you only give us one size, I can probably create additional sizes on my own.

  32. Sylvia Harrow says:

    Yes, please make two sizes or even more!

  33. Karen Weinfurter says:

    I would like 2 sizes of the storage boxes. Thanks for the free patterns you create.

  34. Jan Honsey says:

    Would love these storage bins in the two sizes. I really need to organize my sewing room and these look like they would be great for sorting material and pre cuts. Love your patterns! Thanks for taking such good care of us!🌹

  35. Kimberley says:

    Hi there,
    I really enjoy your u-pick challenge and I’ve been thinking about getting or making some storage boxes for my scrap fabric. My current bins are overflowing. You asked about the sizes and I know that I would love to have multiple sizes as I’m sure others will too. Please keep going with the challenges, it’s so much fun to see if my pick won

  36. Marge Hartmann says:
     I’m so excited that the fabric bins won!! I can’t wait to see how you construct them, as I have been trying to design a pattern for sturdy bins myself!
     I am thinking about a bin large enough to accommodate a number of standing file folders to keep near my desk, and some 11”cube bins to put on an organizing shelf. 
     Everybody has a different need for a certain size, I can certainly adjust the measurements to create my “perfect” box —- I can’t wait to see how YOU construct the box and watch your tutorial!!
     Thanks for all your inspirational projects, patterns, and photos!!
     Marge H. 
  37. Stacey Williams says:

    Yes, two sizes please

  38. Hello, 2 sizes for the bins would be great if it’s not too much hassle. I was liking the idea of storing my grandson’s toys in them. I have a crate for them now but they get way too dirty & dusty with no cover. Velcro would make them easy to open, plus there’s handles so he can drag them around the house & make a mess in every room very easily 😀

  39. Shelly Christine Ristow says:

    The real seller on this idea was the velcro instead of a zipper- it would probably be good to make in a durable fabric like denim or canvas and maybe even washable -I am always having to clean out my plastic bins that do not have lids. Storage solutions are a need for many- I would suggest a larger size for quilts, blankets, etc…..

  40. I am really interested in the bigger of the two to be honest, think it will be a great storage for my granddaughter who starts uni this year, look forward to trying it out.x

  41. Two sizes would be nice! I’d use them to store fabric, extra sheets and towels.

  42. Ree martinex says:

    It would be wonderful if the large size would fit most cube storage units ( as IKEA Kallax) which are typically 13” x 13”. And a small version would be desirable as well.

  43. I am more interested in the smaller size box to use as a storage box for my planned quilt projects. I get excited about new quilts I want to make and start collecting materials but often they get stacked up with other stuff and then I can’t figure out what goes together.
    I had one thought about the box lids. I think the lid front flap could just be tucked into the front of the box and eliminate the Velcro.
    Thanks for all for expertise and willingness to create these patterns for us.

  44. How about 4 sizes?? 🤣🤣
    So glad you are doing this pattern!!

  45. Diane Dunham says:

    Hi Caroline,
    Can you come up with a bag to hold smaller quilting rulers to take to retreats? It could hold rulers maybe up to 12 to 15 inches long? It would keep them all together and give them some protection while being transported ….maybe use some soft and stable to give the bag body..?

    Thank you…love your patterns!
    Diane Dunham

  46. Buenos dias,que espectacular página.tienes de todo ,me encanta ,muchas gracias por todo lo que compartes,sigue asi,bendiciones

  47. Carla Hundley says:

    These will be fabulous!
    Would love two sizes.
    Probably store fabric in
    Carla from Arizona

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