/ / It’s time to Reveal our U-Pick Sewing Tutorial for September 2021!

It’s time to Reveal our U-Pick Sewing Tutorial for September 2021!

Welcome back to our U-Pick Sewing series! It’s time to reveal which sewing project won the vote so I will make it this month. I hope you all got a chance to vote on this month’s U-Pick Sewing Tutorial because I love to see what you want to make next.

Which do you think won?

Remember, I haven’t made this yet or written the tutorial. The winning project is what I will be working on this month is…

It’s the fussy cut coin purse! I’m so excited to sort through all the small pieces of fabric that I’ve saved from my favorite designers and make a whole bunch of these useful little pouches. They will make great gifts for everyone on my list.

My Ideas for Sewing This Project

Looking at the inspiration picture, it looks like I’ll need a zipper, a small d-ring (or swivel snap clip), fabric for the exterior and lining, and probably some fusible fleece interfacing.

Here are my thoughts:

  • If you have YKK size 4.5 handbag zippers or Zipper by the Yard from ByAnnie, those will work perfect on this project. The zipper panel on these pouches will be 1.25’’ – just the width of a size 4.5 or size 5 zipper so a regular dressmaking zipper would not work.
  • I wanted to try something new, so I bought some of these size 5 continuous zippers that look like metal but they are actually nylon so they will be easy to cut and the sliders are so cute! When I compared them to my YKK size 4.5 zippers I found that they are almost the exact same size (just a hair wider). I’m planning to use them interchangeably and I’ll show you how they look on this project.
  • I already have gold 1/2’’ d-rings, so that’s what I’ll use to match my faux-gold zippers that I just mentioned.
  • My favorite fusible fleece stabilizer is from HeatnBond. I think it will be perfect for this project.

What fabric and zippers are you planning to use for these cute coin pouches? Tell me in the comments.

I think this is a great project to use for machine embroidery too. You can embroider a small design on fabric and then use the template that I’ll provide to cut out your custom piece with the embroidery in the exact right spot!

Watch for my unique version of this zipper coin pouch in about a week. Then give me a week or so after that to draft the pattern and share it here on my blog. Make sure you are signed up for my free newsletter so you don’t miss it!


p.s. While you are waiting for me to finish this project, check out all my other Crafty Little Things to Sew.

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  1. Ginny Welch says:

    Very cute! I may have to try this one.

  2. I don’t have an embroidery machine so maybe you could suggest or do another design, applique, etc. I actually love the Fox motif. Like the use of the wider, chunkier zippers. It’s a cute little pouch.

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