15 Jobs or Career Paths Introverts Should Avoid at All Costs

If you’re an introvert, choose your jobs carefully. While introverts can succeed at anything they set their minds to, the job duties associated with certain positions or career paths can be a bit much. It’s not that these challenges are insurmountable. But the wear and tear can add up. 

Introverts struggle enough as it is with uncomfortable water cooler chit-chat, nosey colleagues who don’t know the first letter in the word “boundaries,” and distractions that hinder productivity. Things can worsen, however, if fulfilling their job descriptions drains their internal batteries. 

Introverts Can Do Any Job…But…

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Again, it’s not that introverts can’t succeed at career paths extroverts excel. The issue isn’t so much ability as it is personality and suitability. Some jobs suck the energy out of introverts to the point where they wonder why on earth they took on such positions.

Here are 15 jobs or career paths to avoid if you’re an introvert looking for work


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A good leader must communicate effectively, interact with subordinates, and ensure everyone knows what’s expected of them. That seems straightforward enough. But that job description might drain more out of an introvert than it’s worth. If a manager position opens up and you’re interested, ensure you have a good team and learn how to delegate effectively.

Customer Service Representative

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A customer service representative job can also be challenging for introverts. While most customers will be respectful, some will take out all of life’s frustrations on others. If you’re an introvert who doesn’t like conflict, accept a customer service representative job at your own risk.


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Unless teaching is a calling, stay out of the classroom. You might go nuts if you’re an introvert. Spending too much time inside a school room with students might be physically or psychologically draining. It’ll be even worse if the kids are little terrors.


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Are you considering a job as a receptionist? If so, think again. Introverts need to be mentally prepared to engage in phone conversations. But if you’re a receptionist, answering the phone and talking to clients and co-workers are part of the job description. You won’t have the luxury of allowing calls to go to voicemail. Even if bombarded by phone calls, you’ll have to answer them.

Tour Guide

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Contrary to popular belief, introverts aren’t anti-social. But since they love their privacy and recharge their batteries away from others, jobs involving close contact with other people can be difficult. That’s all the more true if dealing with strangers all day. 

As a tour guide, you’ll need to answer questions, have a jovial disposition, and be engaging — even when you want to hide in your office and collect your thoughts for a moment. 

Public Relations 

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Public relations officials must communicate with people on the phone, by email, and in person. They represent their clients, so everything they do must be thought out and executed properly. 

But if you’re an introvert, investing the time and energy needed to build and nurture professional business relationships for clients might be a price you’re unwilling to pay.

Flight Attendant

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While flight attendants get to travel the world, they also work in a confined space and must deal with passengers who misbehave for even the smallest matters. Flight attendants get the short end of the stick when passengers are frustrated, hungry, or under the weather. There are few places to go for a breather when working aboard an airplane, so be wary of flight attendant jobs.


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Recruiters look for qualified people and invite them to apply for open positions. Tasks may involve interviewing candidates, keeping the line of communication open, and answering questions. While a recruiter position can be a great job, an introvert might find the job too taxing.

Event Planner

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Event planners help clients plan events. It might seem simple enough, but the nitty-gritty of the job might not make it a good fit for introverts. You must work with clients to ensure that their events are successful. And that means dealing with curveballs if problems rear their ugly heads at the last minute. Introverts don’t appreciate surprises. If a job as an event planner is your dream, have at it. But you might regret it sooner rather than later.


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Mediators help people resolve conflicts that might otherwise end up in court. If you get a job as a mediator, you’ll need to listen to both sides, empathize with the parties, and help achieve an outcome fair to all sides. While you likely won’t have difficulty being impartial, the conflict between opposing parties might leave you feeling drained.

YouTube Content Creator

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Starting a YouTube channel and making money from it is the dream for many people. But unless you plan to do a voice-only channel where you don’t have to stand or sit in front of a video camera, you might find it overly taxing to start a YouTube channel. Some introverts will do fine engaging with an audience, so you’ll want to ensure you’re one of them before doing YouTube.

But if you’re sensitive to criticism, a YouTube content creator gig will test your resolve. 


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Do you love working with children? Maybe you have kids of your own. But caring for someone else’s kids is not the same as caring for your offspring. Working as a babysitter or nanny could quickly become a nightmare — especially if the kids are disrespectful.


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Being an influencer isn’t for the faint of heart — especially if you don’t want every aspect of your life to be up for public consumption. Companies work with influencers to gain access to the influencers’ followers. But to build a follower list substantial enough to interest brands, you’ll need to bare your soul. And that’s not something most introverts feel comfortable with.


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Despite what you may have heard, customers aren’t always right. While introverts can be just as successful at sales jobs as extroverts, the job may take a bigger toll on introverts. Working with customers who are determined to be difficult is no one’s favorite cup of tea.

Call Center Worker

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Are you thinking about getting a job at a call center? If so, give your head a shake. Introverts aren’t fans of talking on the phone, so cold-calling strangers to pitch products and services is a no-no. And the “icing” on the cake is dealing with angry consumers who don’t want strangers calling their homes to pitch products and services.

Avoid These Jobs at All Costs

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While there’s nothing introverts can’t do, some jobs are more suitable for extroverts than introverts. If you’re an introvert, do your due diligence before accepting any job. The last thing you want is to accept a position that makes you miserable.

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