15 Lost Nostalgic Moments Only the Baby Boomer Generation Will Remember

Your grandparents’ eyes may twinkle at the thought of an obscure artifact or defunct gadget from ‘back in the day’, as well as a questionable pastime or two, but if you knew the power and wonder they held back then, you’d beam with nostalgia too!

Going Out to Play By Yourself

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Owing to an increase in traffic and a more heightened awareness of ‘stranger danger’ (oh, and technology), kids don’t go out to play by themselves like they used to.

Nowadays, kids meet up in social spaces, like malls, coffee shops, or movie theatres, and make plans via their smartphones. Some might even argue that a kid out playing by themselves would be cause for alarm.

Screens Weren’t Everywhere

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Today’s tech-focused society is a constant source of irritation for many senior citizens, who feel that today’s kids are missing out on living in the moment because their heads are constantly glued to their phone screens.

Not Filming Everything

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30 years ago you could make a total fool of yourself and it would live only in the memories of nearby witnesses.

Nowadays, these incidents are going viral on TikTok and, you know, potentially ruining lives.


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Encyclopedias: the more, the merrier!

It was a source of pride amongst families to have an impressive collection of these knowledge bibles, which pre-dated Google as the go-to source of random information.


Games Arcade
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Hours of fun could be had at arcades, and the only screens present were the Plexiglass ones covering pinball machines.

Whether it was coin slots, claw machines, or Ms Pac-Man, it was impossible to be bored at the local arcade. Fix yourself up with a hot dog and soda from a nearby vendor and you had yourself a darn good Friday night.


woman in a movie rental store
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2014 was a sad year for the movie-goers who preferred watching their favorite flicks in the comfort of their own homes over a packed-out, ear-shatteringly loud movie theater, with some little monkey throwing popcorn behind them.

When Blockbuster went into administration, film fans felt their lives would never be the same. Luckily, the $10.99 monthly Netflix subscription wiped away a few tears… but nothing can beat those plastic-scented aisles of the local Blockbuster store.


Hand dialling out on a landline telephone
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Only the eldest of millennials and above can remember the joy of spending an evening gassing away on a landline and wracking up a huge phone bill that someone else would pay.

The youth of today will never understand the you-know-whats of steel required to pick up the phone and call your crush to ask them out, as opposed to just hitting them up on Instagram.

Ticket Stubs

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Scrapbooking was a huge pastime of the older generations and movie and concert stubs were a permanent reminder of good times had.

Nowadays, eTickets and blocky ink marks on the hand don’t quite hold the same magical effect.

Writing Letters

Writing a love note
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Walking to the mailbox used to come with excitement. Today, it just means sifting through junk mail and bracing yourself for the latest utility bill.

Snail mail and pen pals were commonplace for kids of yesterday, and the joy of seeing an envelope with your name on it was hard to beat.


Cute couple reads in magical and romantic setting
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Nothing marked the beginning of the festive period like picking up the latest edition of your favorite catalog, dog-earring the pages of your desired toys, and hoping Santa would deliver.

While catalogs weren’t particularly environmentally friendly, they did hold a lot of sentimentality for a lot of folks and certainly kept the kids quiet for at least 15 minutes.

Enjoyable Flights

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Believe it or not, air travel wasn’t always a headache. 

Mid-20th century airplanes were a joy. Not only was the airport experience considerably less stressful, pre-9/11, but economy flights had decent leg room, food that wasn’t diarrhea-inducing, and you could even spark up a cigarette.

Lighting Up

Vape teenagers. Young cute girl in sunglasses and young handsome guy smoke an electronic cigarettes in the vape bar. Bad habit that is harmful to health. Vaping activity.
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Speaking of sparking up, this was much more socially acceptable back in your folks’ day, and in your grandparents’ day, it was even considered healthy. 

While the banning of cigarettes in most public establishments has improved the quality of the air we breathe (and added a few years to our life expectancy), old-school smokers miss the days of yore when puffing a Camel didn’t result in a lifetime ban from the supermarket. 

Glass Bottle Soda

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Yes, it still exists, but plastic soda bottles are generally favored by consumers because they are cheaper. However, there’s no doubt about it, soda in glass bottles is infinitely tastier.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

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It was ritualistic for yesterday’s youth to fill up a big bowl of their favorite cereal and plop their pajama-clad butts in front of the TV for a fix of Saturday morning cartoon fun.

All eyes were fixed on whatever antics Bugs Bunny was up to that week, and these moments were filled with sheer joy.

Local Radio Stations

young woman listening to old radio
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Yes, radio still exists, somewhat, but it certainly doesn’t have the audience it used to, owing to the invention of streaming services and podcasts.

Rewind a couple of decades, however, and a rainy day meant an ear glued to the wireless and leaping for joy when your favorite song came on.

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