16 Must-Have Car Features Most Women Expect From Their Vehicle

Women influence most vehicle purchases in the U.S., according to S&P Global Mobility. 

And while men and women value a lot of the same things when looking for new and used cars, many women may prioritize certain features over others.

Keep reading to see 16 car features on the must-have lists of most women.

Safety Features

Air bags, Passive Safety Features.
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Women want cars with the latest safety features. Considering that men tend to take more risks than women due to differences in brain activity when ascertaining risks, it’s no surprise that women want a safe ride for themselves and their families. 

Top vehicle safety features include cross-traffic alerts, blind spot detection, lane centering, backup cameras, pedestrian detection, and lane monitoring.

Fuel Efficiency

Car fueling at gas station
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They’re also big on fuel-efficient vehicles. Cars that require fewer trips to the gas station are easier on their wallets and better for the environment, so gas-guzzlers have less appeal.

Comfy Interior

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According to one source, the average height of females who are 20 and older is around five feet and three-and-a-half inches. So, seating that is adjustable to accommodate people of all sizes is an essential consideration for interior comfort.

Whether traveling by car to work, appointments, road trip destinations, or anywhere else, women want to be comfortable. So, they focus not only on the exterior aesthetics but also on the interior specs. That includes things like the seat, headroom, and legroom. 


Protection of car
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Nobody wants to be stranded on the shoulder of a busy highway. Consumers know that some car manufacturers, brands, and models are more reliable than others. Female car buyers tend to place a high premium on reliability and minimal maintenance expenses.

Cargo Space

The luggage net for groceries hangs in the open trunk of the car.
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Cargo is another feature women usually consider when looking for a new car. From the trunk to the center console, from the glove box to the door storage slots, and from compartments under the seats to hidden compartments elsewhere, women desire adequate space for storage.

User-Friendly Tech

Futuristic car cockpit and touch screen
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What good is a vehicle with loads of tech if the driver faces a frustratingly long learning curve to understand the ins and outs? Shoppers want user-friendly tech including infotainment systems, navigation systems, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Noise Insulation

girl laughing on loud while talking on the phone.
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A car with a quiet cabin is also a must-have. It’s no fun when the road noise is just about as loud in the cabin as outside the vehicle. It’ll be nearly impossible to talk to passengers without raising your voice, and you’ll have to crank up the volume just to hear your favorite songs or podcasts. 

Keyless Entry and Remote Access

business woman opening the car door
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Keyless entry and remote access are also on the list of must-have features that many women covet. Busy women on the go will pay more for features that make their lives easier.

Good Visibility

Modern subcompact crossover SUV, beautiful wheels, large chrome grille.
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Blind spots are a driver’s worst nightmare, so women buying new or used vehicles want cars, trucks, and SUVs with superior visibility. A nice-looking car with pillars obstructing visibility is a no-go. They need good visibility through the windshield, side windows, and rear windows.

Easy Accessibility

woman getting out of a car on white
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Women are also big on easy accessibility. That means a reasonable entry height, seats that are easy to get into and out of, and doors that open wide enough for themselves and their families.

Gauges and Controls That Are Easy to Read

Driver's hands on the steering wheel
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Gauges, controls, and switches that are easy to read also make the list of features many women want. Rather than cluttered dashboards that make it hard to find things, women prefer something intuitive, streamlined, and accessible in their driveway and on the road.

Family-Friendly Features

Bored siblings riding on a back seat in a car
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Many women also look for family-friendly features like upholstery that’s easy to clean, rear-seat entertainment systems for the kids, rear-seat climate controls, room in the back for the family dog, and other things that make traveling in a vehicle more enjoyable for everyone in the family.

Aesthetic Appeal

woman getting the new car
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It’s not just about functionality. Many female car buyers also want vehicles with attractive exteriors and interiors. They’re focused on design, materials, colors, and other things that contribute to the overall look of vehicles on car dealership lots.

Heated Seats and Steering Wheel

Smiling woman driving a car
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People living in areas where it gets nippy at certain times of year appreciate heated seats and steering wheels. While those things might not always be deal-breakers, they can make time spent driving a car more comfortable.

All-Wheel Drive or Four-Wheel Drive

white for by four car on a sandy trail in the desert
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AWD and 4WD aren’t must-haves for city dwellers who don’t see much, if any, snow during the winter. However, women who live in regions that get plenty of snow or where the terrain or roads are more challenging need drivetrains with AWD or 4WD. They’ll pay a premium for it.

Driver Memory Settings

Control buttons for settings and memory
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It can be frustrating to set the perfect seat, brake pedal, and acceleration pedal positions — only to have another driver switch things up for their own comfort. Many women want cars with driver memory settings so their vehicles automatically recognize and adjust to their preferences. 

These Are Some of the Main Car Features Women Want

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These are 16 features women are most interested in when looking for new or used cars. While not all of these features are deal-breakers, some of them are more highly regarded than others.

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