Is This The End of Online Dating? 16 Reasons for Gen Z’s Exodus From The Apps

Many Gen Zers are choosing to go back to basics and reveling in the joys of meeting people organically rather than online. Failing that, some are just fed up with the whole charade of it all and are deciding to take a break from dating as a whole to work on themselves and strengthen their platonic bonds. 

Given that 90% of Gen Z say they are frustrated with dating apps, let’s look at why they’re choosing to return to the real dating world.

It’s Boring

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Swiping through countless profiles has become the equivalent of doom scrolling. Many people are fed up with the apps and find no joy in the strange practice of swiping through an endless stream of faces. 

It’s All Surface Level

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Dating apps can only get you so far. Judging people based purely on a few images and maybe a few humorous remarks feels too superficial.

Ego-Boosting Game

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Online dating has become a bit of a charade where people sign up for the ego-boosting benefits of receiving multiple matches. Many have no genuine intention of finding love but are just there fishing for admirers or aimless chat. 

Matches Don’t Equal Meetups

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Matching with someone is just the beginning; most of the time, nothing ever comes to fruition. The majority of matches fizzle out instantly or flake on any real-life dates. 

Mental Health

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Nowadays, the pressure to be active online can be pretty overwhelming. As a result, many are opting out of social media and online dating apps to take a much-needed break for their mental health and wellbeing.

Fed Up With Being Ghosted

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People have had enough of being ghosted by potential partners who hide behind the online nature of the apps to avoid confrontation or accountability for their actions. 56% of users admit to having been ghosted at least once. 

There’s No One New

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There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but when it comes to online dating apps, it seems to be all the same people. After a while, seeing the same few faces pop up over and over again can feel like a fever dream.

Relationships Don’t Mean What They Used To

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75% of Gen Z are single, and for many of them, that’s no issue. Romantic relationships aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Besides, marriage isn’t the end goal for Gen Z, so the search for one specific person isn’t as important as it has been for previous generations.

Too Political

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Online dating has become oddly polarized, with people stating their political affiliations in their bios. For some, this can be off-putting or isolating if they feel their beliefs are not aligned with most of those online. 

Don’t Have Time For It

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Online dating can be very time-consuming, with little to show for it at the end of the day. 

Bad Experiences

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From bad dates to awful exes, online dating can be an uncomfortable reminder of their past experiences. Not to mention, seeing your ex’s profile can be very triggering.

Too Detached From Reality

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For many Gen Zers, dating apps feel too detached from reality. They believe they dehumanize the experience and make it feel more like a game than real life. 

It’s Demoralizing

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Spending hours sifting through potential matches only to be stood up, ghosted, or disappointed is super discouraging. Many people are choosing to delete the apps to look after their mental health and spend less time online.

Crave Genuine Connections

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Dating apps worked well when hook-up culture was a big thing. However, stats have shown that Gen Z is less interested in one-nighters than previous generations. Instead, they favor fostering genuine connections, preferring quality over quantity, rather than the immediate gratification of dating apps. 

Happy Being Single

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More and more young people are enjoying getting to know themselves better away from the pressures of dating. Opting to focus on their careers and personal development over chasing the idea of romance or wasting hours scrolling through social media.

Other Kinds Of Love

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There is more to life than just romantic love, and Gen Z is proving this en masse. The mass exodus from dating apps is partly due to their decision to focus on expanding and deepening their platonic and familial relationships.

This Is Not The End

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Whilst Gen Z is exiting the world of online dating en masse, that doesn’t mean they’re not still dating. Since the end of the pandemic, people have been searching for more genuine and physical relationships. Having spent enough time stuck online during COVID, it’s no surprise they’re seeking more real-life experiences. 

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