15 Reasons We Should All Be Feminist – Even If You Won’t Admit It

Feminism has become associated with being a somewhat dirty word. These days, being called a feminist can even be seen as an insult to some. Despite what some may believe, feminists are not all bra-burning men haters, so what does it mean? 

We can learn much from feminism as a social, progressive, and intellectual movement. From human rights to equality, here are 15 reasons we should all be feminists. 

What Is Feminism?

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There seems to be a widely felt understanding that feminism is the belligerent belief that women are the superior sex. However, feminism is not about fuelling a gender war; it’s quite the opposite. Feminism is the belief in universal equality regardless of gender, belief, or social standing.  

Ultimately, feminism challenges societal norms and barriers, striving to achieve the fundamental equality of men, women, and all genders in all aspects of life.

The Patriarchy Benefits No One

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Feminism has long fought against the archaic and discriminatory structure of the patriarchy. It may seem radical to demand an end to a system that perpetuates inequality, stifles individual freedoms, and limits progress, but all it means is finding a more inclusive solution.


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If you believe in universal equality, then you are a feminist! A central belief of feminism is that the equality of the sexes will advance humanity, advocating for equal rights and opportunities for all genders.

End Gender-Based Violence

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If we all became feminists, we could end gender-based violence such as femicide or trans and homophobic aggressions. Feminism demands fair and equal treatment for all to be enshrined in law and our culture, regardless of gender or identity. 

Guarantee Bodily Autonomy

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Becoming a feminist means advocating for bodily autonomy. Currently, around 45% of married women aged 15-49 do not have full autonomy over their bodies. Feminists believe that your body is your own, and every man, woman, and child should have the power to make autonomous decisions about their sexual and reproductive health.

Basic Human Rights

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Feminism has always championed the belief that women are just as capable as men and deserve equal rights. However, despite progress, the struggle for women’s human rights continues globally. 

While some countries fare better than others, the reason we should all be feminists is to achieve universal human rights for all, no matter their gender or identity. If you believe that human rights should transcend gender, then you are a feminist. Human rights aren’t just men’s or women’s rights but rights for all individuals. 

Women Are Essential Contributors

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According to UNICEF, educated women contribute to a more powerful and productive workforce and society. Empowering young girls through education provides a safety net that allows them to uplift themselves, their families, and their communities. 

Educating women ultimately helps boost the economy, delays marriage, and reduces family size. It also allows women to make better health and nutrition choices and prioritize their children’s education, all of which leads to numerous benefits for society.

Ending Sexism

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Feminism is intent on ending sex-based discrimination, meaning all genders would be liberated from sexist attitudes and behaviors that are present in all aspects of society.

Cultural Representation

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As a movement that advocates for universal equality, feminism demands a diverse and inclusive world. It intends to recentre our culture and society to allow for the acceptance and representations of women and marginalized genders in media, arts, education, and culture.

The Gender Pay Gap Is Real

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It may be better than it once was, but the gender pay gap remains very real. While it disproportionately affects women, men are also subjected to unfair pay gaps in certain industries. 

On average, women are paid 16% less than men. However, thanks to the feminist movement, this used to be far worse, given that in 1963, women only earned 59 cents for each dollar earned by a man.

Inequality Is A Social Construct

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Gender-based prejudice and inequality is a social and cultural concept. Having been created and enforced by our society, in theory, it can just as easily be undone. Feminists believe restructuring these social constructs frees the individual and enables them to choose whatever path they want. 


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True feminism encourages all individuals to assert their rights and pursue their aspirations. This includes men because if we were all feminists, then in theory, we would all feel more empowered to pursue our dreams without the fear of prejudice.

Parental Rights

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One reason we should all be feminists is for parental rights. Feminism advocates for fairer treatment of both men and women. This includes child support, paternity leave, and fairer custody laws, something that men have traditionally been disproportionately affected by.


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Feminism is designed to foster a strong sense of solidarity to support all people who feel they have faced injustice. Feminism aims to build an inclusive society built on a shared sense of trust and appreciation for all, which in turn helps build stronger, united communities. 

Challenge Stereotypes

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Feminism actively challenges harmful stereotypes and gender-based expectations. In doing so, the aim is to create a more accepting and fairer society that strives to break down the existing barriers that prevent women and marginalized groups from accessing their full potential.

Mental Health

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Embracing feminism would mean taking a more effective stance on mental health. Feminism aims to address societal pressures and expectations that contribute to mental health issues among all peoples, including women and marginalized genders, as well as de-stigmatizing the conversation around men’s mental health.

Nothing Radical

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When you break it down, there’s nothing groundbreaking about feminism. Bra-burning aside, it simply argues against the presumption that women are naturally inferior to men and demands that there is universal access to human rights and protections.

Ultimately, despite the bad rep it gets, feminism is more widely spread than you might have thought. If you believe in freedom, equality, and an end to gender-based violence, then chances are you might be a feminist!

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