15 Reasons Why You Should Love Sewing More than Cooking

All my friends talk about how much they love to cook or how amazing they are in the kitchen. I usually sit by politely saying ‘Uh, huh’ and ‘That sounds great,’ all the while thinking that they just don’t get it. Sewing and quilting are way more fun and seriously better hobbies.

Let me name 15 fabulous reasons why you should love sewing and quilting more than cooking. Perhaps I can convert you to the sewing way of life.

1. Handmade clothing lasts longer than a plate of food

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How long does a plate of food last? Outside the fridge, maybe a couple of hours. In the fridge? Probably, a week at best.

A beautiful handmade skirt or dress will be treasured for years. I have handmade pieces of clothing in my closet that are still beautiful 10 years later!

2. Quilts last even longer than clothes!

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Have you ever been to a food museum? Do they even exist? A quilt can be loved and used for over 100 years! Quilt museums prove it.

3. You can’t ruin a sewing project by getting distracted

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Confession… this is probably why I am a terrible cook. Life has so many distractions: babies, cell phones, emails, teenagers, awesome music, that darn alarm clock telling me I need to pick up the kids from school, husbands (I only have one, but other people’s husbands bother me sometimes too), that ‘washing machine is done’ sound, the dryer buzzer, the hose that the kids forgot to turn off… must I go on? All of these distractions make me burn the grilled cheese sandwiches, forget to check on the cookies, and spill… whatever. Then there is a mess to clean up.

Walk away from your sewing project for a few hours, and guess what? It’s still there, no harm done, waiting for your loving hands. Leave a UFO (unfinished object) for years, and still – you can finish it, and it will be awesome!

4. Sewing can’t make you overweight

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In fact, I find it’s quite the opposite. Walking back and forth between my sewing machine, cutting table, and ironing board can give me quite a few steps in a day. And when I get into a project, I will sew for hours and never even notice that I forgot to eat lunch. How’s that for a diet? But probably that’s also why I need to set my ‘time to pick up the kids’ alarm.

5. You can fix just about any sewing or quilting project just by unpicking

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Or sewing a creative patch on top. But if you put too much salt in the pan. Or get your ingredients mixed up. Or burn those darn grilled cheese sandwiches – all ruined. Then it’s pizza delivery or Cheerios for dinner. Here’s an idea: let’s just alternate pizza delivery and Cheerios for dinner anyway. Problem solved.

6. Foodies are snobs

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Am I right? They ask you where you want to eat, and you are afraid to say anything because it’s going to be a terrible choice. I definitely can’t say Olive Garden (even though I could eat those breadsticks all day long) because that’s totally cliche. But if I say something else, it’s probably wrong, too. I don’t go out much. My sewing machine is at home!

7. People who sew and quilt – Quilties? – they are the sweet, giving, sharing, and perfectly lovely

Grandma sewing with granddaughter
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Quilters are always giving away the fruits of their many labors to charities, community raffles, and friends. Has a sewist ever hemmed your pants or dress for free? Not that I agree with that, but it happens all the time.

Not to mention the fact that sewists and quilters teach this fabulous skill for free online and at community centers, libraries, and churches.

8. Sewing makes you smarter

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Sewing involves a combination of fine motor skills, visual focus, spatial awareness, depth perception, pattern recognition, sequential processing, and bilateral coordination. Practice sewing on a regular basis, and your intelligence will skyrocket!

9. You can take your sewing projects with you

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Hand embroidery projects, pieces that need trimming, and buttons waiting to be sewn on can all be taken with you when you have to ride the train or wait for an appointment. That’s why they make travel sewing kits. Have you ever heard of a travel cooking kit?

10. Sewing requires sitting, not standing

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After working a long day, who wants to be on their feet even longer, slaving away to cook a hot meal? Sewing is a perfectly fine activity to do sitting. Get a comfortable chair, and you are set!

11. It’s easier to multitask while you sew

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Go ahead – talk on the phone, enjoy some music, listen to an audiobook, watch a movie, or get caught up on your favorite Netflix series. They might slow you down, but doing all these things is perfectly easy while sewing. Multitasking while cooking is a disaster waiting to happen, not to mention a fire hazard.

12. Sewing is better for the environment

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Sewing skills are practical for repurposing other items, making repairs, or performing alterations to clothing. Overall, sewing contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle.

13. Fabric doesn’t expire

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All the food in your fridge has an expiration date. Fabric won’t leave you with a bad taste in your mouth if you leave it in the cupboard too long. I’m still using (okay, saving) some fabric that I bought 20 years ago. Who can say that about food?

14. No one ever got food poisoning from a poorly sewn dress

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However, you can freely treat your friends and loved ones with treasures from your sewing room and not worry about them getting sick or having an allergic reaction.

15. Sewing is more creative than cooking

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A recipe is a set of instructions with much more rigid rules to follow than a sewing pattern. A yard of fabric can turn into over 50 different things! But there are only a limited number of ways to cook an egg.

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