19 Retro Home Décor Ideas Making a Stylish Comeback

Are you a fan of all things retro? If so, you’re in luck – vintage home décor is making a big comeback! From mid-century modern furniture to funky wallpaper patterns, there are plenty of ways to incorporate retro style into your living space.

Here are 19 retro home décor ideas that are back in vogue to give your home a stylish blast from the past.

Bold Wallpaper

wall decal or wallpaper on dark blue wall with white chair
Image Credit: Ranjita_Halder / Shutterstock.com

One retro home décor idea that’s back in vogue is bold wallpaper. Think bright colors, funky patterns, and statement walls that add a pop of personality to any room. Whether you choose accent wall motifs or geometric designs, bold wallpaper can instantly transform your space into a retro paradise.

Jewel-Toned Furniture

emerald toned furniture
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Jewel-toned furniture is a luxurious choice that adds elegance to any room. Whether it’s a sofa, chair, or ottoman, this elegant fabric can instantly elevate the look of your space. Choose rich jewel tones like emerald green or sapphire blue for a truly royal feel.

Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo flooring
Image Credit: Sophon Nawit / Shutterstock.com

Terrazzo flooring is a classic retro choice that is making a major comeback in modern home design. This type of flooring, made from marble, quartz, granite, or glass chips, creates a unique and eye-catching pattern that adds character to any room. This trend will make a statement whether you opt for a bold terrazzo floor or a more subtle terrazzo accent.

Macramé Wall Hangings

Multiple macrame plant hangers with indoor houseplants and pot planters are hanging from a metal pole. Boho basket wall decor and wicker egg chair are use to add character to the cozy bohemian room.
Image Credit: TippyTortue / Shutterstock.com

Macramé wall hangings are a bohemian-inspired retro décor idea that’s back in vogue. These intricate woven pieces add texture and artistry to your walls. For a trendy boho look, hang a macramé wall hanging above your bed or sofa.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mid-century modern furniture
Editorial credit: Aspects and Angles / Shutterstock.com

Mid-century modern furniture is a timeless choice that is back in vogue in a big way. Characterized by clean lines, organic shapes, and sleek materials, it brings a minimalist and modernist style to your space. Whether it’s a classic chair, a sleek teak sideboard, or an artistic coffee table, mid-century modern pieces add a little “retro-cool” to your home.

Vintage Maps 

Old map
Image credit: Triff / shutterstock.com

Give your walls a pop of color and personality with vintage maps. Or choose black and white for a simplistic retro vibe. Whether you choose historical depictions, travel prints, or true-to-life charts, there’s a vintage map out there for everyone.

Terracotta Accents 

Terracotta vaces in living space
Image Credit: Pixel-Shot / Shutterstock.com

Terracotta accents bring warmth and earthiness to any space. Consider adding terracotta pots, vases, or decorative objects to infuse your home with a touch of retro charm. Of course, you could fill those pots with greenery and flowers for added beauty and air quality.

Wicker Furniture

wicker furniture
Image Credit: Ground Picture / Shutterstock.com

Wicker furniture is a timeless choice that never goes out of style. This natural material adds a warm and inviting touch to any space, whether it’s a wicker chair, coffee table, or headboard. Mix and match different wicker pieces for a bohemian vibe, or keep it sleek and modern with a single statement piece.

Record Player

a woman using a vinyl record player
Image credit: KlavdiyaV / shutterstock.com

Bring back the nostalgia and soulful sound of music from vinyl records with a retro record player. Not only does a record player add a cool vintage touch to your space, but it also lets you enjoy your favorite music in its original form. 

Display your record player on a retro-inspired media console and create a cozy listening nook in your living room.

Brass Accents

brass overhead lamps
Image Credit: WichitS / Shutterstock.com

Brass accents are a chic and sophisticated way to add retro glamor to your home. Whether it’s a brass pendant light, mirror frame, or drawer pulls, this warm metal finish injects a little luxury into any room. Mix brass accents with other metals like chrome or nickel for a modern twist on this classic trend.

Atomic Age Lighting and Decor

sputnik chandeliers
Image Credit: Rafal_S / Shutterstock.com

Channel the futuristic vibes of the Atomic Age with retro-inspired lighting fixtures. Look for Sputnik chandeliers, atomic wall sconces, or mid-century table lamps to illuminate your space in style. This lighting is part of Atomic Age décor, a retro comeback. Atomic-inspired clocks and other décor items are included in this trend.

Rattan Furniture 

Rattan furniture
Image Credit: Trendsetter Images / Shutterstock.com

Rattan furniture is a lightweight and versatile choice that adds a natural and organic feel to any room. Whether it’s a rattan chair, bed frame, or shelving unit, this woven material brings some bohemian chic to your space. Pair rattan furniture with colorful textiles and plants for a laid-back and peaceful vibe.

Pastel Color Palette

pastel color painting on wall
Image Credit: visualstock / Shutterstock.com

While many are choosing to paint their homes in dark, moody shades, retro pastels are making a comeback to bring cheeriness and light. Embrace pastel hues like mint green, soft yellow, and pale lavender to create a soft and inviting retro color palette. Match your pastel paint with furniture and accessories to infuse your space with a happy, vintage vibe.

Sunburst Mirrors 

sunburst mirrors
Image Credit: New Africa / Shutterstock.com

Sunburst mirrors, with their radiating spokes and geometric shapes, are a classic retro accent that adds a touch of mid-century glamor to any room. You can choose to hang a sunburst mirror above a fireplace, bed, or console table to create a striking focal point.

Tiled Backsplash 

tiled backsplash
Image Credit: David Berlekamp / Shutterstock.com

Tiled backsplashes are a timeless choice for kitchens and bathrooms and a great way to introduce colors and shapes in an area that may seem plain. You can opt for retro-inspired tile designs like subway tile, hexagon tile, or Moroccan tile to add some vintage charm to your space.

Psychedelic Prints

psychedelic wallpaper on wall
Image Credit: Dreamprint / Shutterstock.com

Embrace the bold and bright colors of psychedelic prints to create a groovy retro vibe in your home. Whether you choose psychedelic wallpaper, throw pillows, rugs, curtains, artwork, or a mix of them all, these eye-catching prints are sure to make a statement and brighten up your space.

Vintage Clocks 

vintage clock on wall in living room
Image Credit: united photo studio / Shutterstock.com

Vintage clocks are a charming retro décor idea that can add a touch of nostalgia to your space. Look for mid-century modern designs with sleek lines and bold numbers for a classic look. Whether you prefer retro-inspired wall clocks, desk clocks, or grandfather clocks, these timepieces can add vintage charm to any room.

Mid-Century Modern Shelving 

mid-century modern shelving
Image Credit: Karen Culp / Shutterstock.com

Showcase your favorite books, décor, and collectibles with mid-century modern shelving for a vintage look that’s making a comeback. Depending on your style, you can choose from floating shelves, ladder shelves, or built-in bookcases with a mid-century modern design to display your collection.

Vintage Kitchen Appliances 

Detail in kitchen interior, blue refrigerator with stainless steel handles in retro style near cabinet on white wall background. Fridge for storage food products at home. Household appliances concept
Image Credit: brizmaker / Shutterstock.com

Brightly-colored appliances were all the rage in the 19750s, and now they’re making a comeback. Consider adding a retro-inspired refrigerator or stove to your kitchen for a fun pop of color. Pastel colors are a great retro choice, such as the 1950s Smeg refrigerator and other Smeg appliances.

Which Styles Would You Choose?

Bohemian Grove, California, United States
Image Credit: stock_studio / Shutterstock.com

From mid-century modern furniture to bold prints, these retro-inspired touches will add a touch of nostalgia and personality to any space. Whether you’re a fan of the groovy 70s or the sleek 50s, there’s a retro style to suit every taste. Which pieces and styles would you choose to make your retro comeback?

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