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Easy Quilt Block Tutorial: Nine Patch and Snowball Blocks together!

We’re spending a year making gorgeous quilt blocks using the classic patterns and fresh modern fabrics from Anna Griffin and Blend Fabrics! Last month we made the Dutchman’s Puzzle Block and before that the Churn Dash Block and the Friendship Star. This month I’m so excited to make two blocks and put them together: the Nine Patch and the Snowball blocks! As we go along you can search for ‘classic’ in the search box above to access all of the posts.

Travel Handmade Ideas

I was chatting with one of my readers the other day who is planning to come to sew:beach, and she had some questions about how to bring her sewing machine on the plane with her. I definitely recommend packing your sewing machine as a carry-on, and not checking it with your other luggage. Last year I made myself an Aeroplane Bag with the pattern from Sew Sweetness and this bag is amazing. It holds a standard size sewing machine with no problem at all.


Pattern Review: Sewing Peek A Boo Swimsuits for my girls

I love sewing swimsuits for my kids. It’s a great way to use up pieces of knit fabric that are a yard or lessI let my girls pick patterns for new swimsuits this summer and they both picked out swimsuits from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop.. Amy has a great way of making each step easy to understand and she has so many different swimsuit patterns to choose from.


Pattern Review and Giveaway: Zakka Workshop

Last month I wrote a review of Yoko Saito’s book New Classic Patchwork. I guess it was obvious how much I loved the book because that same day Lindsay from World Book Media emailed me and asked if I would like to try some of Yoko’s patterns that they have published in a series called ‘Zakka Workshop.’ She said I could offer a giveaway to my readers too!

I finished my little Churn Dash Quilt

Are you sewing along with us for our Classic Blocks: Fresh Fabrics series sponsored by Anna Griffin and Blend Fabrics? We are seeing how gorgeous those classic quilt blocks look when sewn up in fresh new fabrics. Last month we made churn dash blocks {tutorial here}, and this past week I  finished making my 12 blocks into this baby quilt. As soon as I had finished hand stitching the binding, I stood up from the couch for a minute. When I turned my back I heard a little voice say, ‘look here’s a quilt just my size!’ 

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Sewing 201: Woven Fabric Binding… pretty and crisp

Last month I wrote a Sewing 201 post about knit fabric binding, and it was so successful that I thought I’d write the next Sewing 201 about it’s cousin… woven fabric binding. Woven fabric can also be used for a self binding (like on the little dress above) or a contrasting binding on a woven fabric project. It can replace a facing or even a lining if your fabric will allow. It is definitely prettier than a hemmed neckline or armhole, in my opinion. The trick is that the binding must be cut on the bias to allow a tiny bit of stretch. This will make your bound edge pretty and crisp. Read on for all the cutting and sewing instructions below!

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