Watch Out! 15 Alarming Indicators You’re Morphing Into Your Parents

Every generation of young people complains about how hard they have it. The young whipper-snappers — green behind the ears — think their folks don’t understand them. 

They often accuse their parents of being old-fashioned, out of touch with reality, and overbearing. But when little kids grow into teenagers, young adults, and parents themselves, they often have epiphanies and realize their parents might not have been so bad after all.

Are You a Chip Off the Old Block?

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It might come as a surprise if you realize you’re becoming more like the people who raised you.

Here are 15 signs you’re becoming more like your Ma and Pa and why that’s not the end of the world.

You Start to Budget

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Remember when you were a kid and thought Ma and Pa were human ATMs put on earth to supply your every want? You might have gotten that talk that there was too much month left at the end of the money. Perhaps you hated taking “no” for an answer and would sulk and whine.

But if you, as an adult, now budget, watch your spending, and tell your kids you can’t afford this or that, you’ll realize your parents weren’t off their rockers by spending responsibly.

You Show Your Kids Who’s Boss

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If you have kids of your own now and see them pushing the boundaries the way you used to when growing up, you’ll appreciate why your parents did and said the things they did and said. 

You’ll need to show your kids who’s the boss. No, that doesn’t mean being a bully. It means being their parent rather than their best buddy, and that will mean putting your foot down.

You Dress for Comfort Rather Than Fashion

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You might remember your parents dressing for comfort rather than for fashion. So, no, Ma would never squeeze her feet into teeny-weeny high-heel shoes just because they looked great with her outfit. You’ll know you’re becoming more like your folks when you, too, start to see the folly in prioritizing fashion over comfort or function. And that’s a good thing.

Your Kids Say You’re Old-Fashioned

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While you might think your hipness is everlasting and unquestionable, your kids might think otherwise. And they might be bold enough to tell you to your face. If that happens, you may realize you’re becoming more like your parents. You might be their spitting image. 

Being old-fashioned is nothing to be ashamed of if it means you hold onto good values.

You Tend to Repeat Yourself

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Another sign you’re your parents’ child is if you start repeating yourself like they tend to. Growing up in their household, you might have been annoyed when they repeated themselves. But when you find yourself doing it, you’ll gain a new level of empathy and understanding.

Your Hair Is Starting to Gray

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When you start getting gray hairs, you’ll see you’re becoming more like your folks. In the Good Book, gray hair symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. It is viewed as a crown of splendor — an honor gained through righteous living.

You Hold Their Values Near and Dear

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As a kid, you might have felt that your parents forced their value system on you. You might have resented them for doing so. But as you grow older, make your way in the world, and rely on the same values instilled in you at a young age, you’ll see you are becoming more like Ma and Pa.

You Refer to Your Kids By Their Full Name When They’re Out of Line

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Even if you have good kids, no one’s perfect. If your kids get a little bit lippy and need to be put in their place, you might call them by their full name. That might be what your folks did when you were younger. Look into a mirror. You might be morphing into a version of your parents.

You Fall Asleep on the Sofa With Remote in Hand

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Did your father or mother ever fall asleep on the sofa while clutching the remote control ever so tightly? If you find yourself doing the same thing, you can be sure you’re becoming more like your folks. So, you’ll have at least one thing in common with them.

You Complain About Young Folks and Their Awful Taste in Music

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Did your folks regularly have to tell you to turn down the volume on your cassette deck, CD player, or boombox? If you find yourself doing the same thing to your kids, welcome to the club. You’ve now joined the group of parents who’ve officially become like their parents.

You’re Confused By Current Tech

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One sign you’re becoming like your parents is if current technology perplexes you. If your kids are your volunteer tech support, that’s a tell-tale sign you’re becoming like your parents.

You Find Yourself Repeating Phrases They Use

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A tell-tale indication you’re becoming more like your Ma and Pa is if you find yourself parroting phrases they used when you were younger and might use these days. So, if you say things like “Your generation has it easy” or “I’m not your personal ATM,” welcome to the club.

You Tell Corny Jokes That No One (But You) Finds Funny

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Most kids have experienced embarrassment when hearing their parents tell unfunny jokes. Perhaps these attempts at humor elicited groans or forced chuckles. Should you find yourself doing the same thing — telling jokes that aren’t humorous — you’re becoming like your folks.

You Find Out You’re Not Hip

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It can be humbling to learn that your kids don’t think you’re as hip as you think you are. You might have their undying love and affection. But that’s because you’re a loving parent who’d do anything within reason for your kids — not because of your coolness factor.

You Don’t Understand the Lingo of the Day

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If you struggle to understand today’s popular lingo, now you know how your parents felt when they were raising you. It can be eye-opening to realize that you’re not all that different from them. 

Becoming Like Your Folks Isn’t All that Bad…and May Be a Good Thing

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It can be eye-opening to realize you’re becoming more like your parents — especially if you were at odds with them and couldn’t see there was a method to the madness. 

Realizing that they weren’t nearly as bad as you previously thought  — and were a good influence steering you in the right direction — may be one sign you’ve finally grown up.

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