15 Subtle Signs That You’re More Spiritual Than You Realize

Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening, or have you ever wondered what’s out there? Let’s examine some subtle signs suggesting you’re more spiritual than you once thought. 

What Is Spirituality?

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Spirituality is often associated with a deeper connection to the natural world. However, there is no fixed meaning or rules, so you can adopt it into your life however you choose. Typically, spiritualism encompasses an exploration of universal themes, from love, wisdom, and compassion to altruism, the afterlife, and understanding truth. It encourages a reconnect with the natural world and a belief in a higher power.

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

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A spiritual awakening is typically marked by a transformative process that sees you develop a deeper consciousness and greater perspective of life. Finding your spirituality can lead to substantial personal growth and a renewed sense of purpose.


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If you yearn for moments of calm and enjoy practicing meditation in whatever form, that’s a sign you may be more spiritual than you thought. Connecting your mind and body and getting to know your inner self is a big part of spirituality and an invaluable way of understanding your body. 

Déjà Vu

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According to renowned spiritual teacher Gareth Michael, déjà vu, or the feeling that you are experiencing something that has already happened, is a powerful sign of your spiritual connection to the universe. 

Facing Obstacles To Your Plans

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Obstacles can be sent as a challenge or to help redirect your path if you’ve gone astray. If you feel your path has been obstructed too many times it may be a sign to reassess your decisions.

You Are In The Right Place At The Right Time

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Sometimes, everything falls into place, and you find yourself in the perfect place at the right time. This can be a sign that your spiritual guide is watching over you without you even knowing.

Inner Peace

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Maybe you’ve felt it while meditating, or it hit you out of nowhere. A deep sense of inner peace can be indicative of a deep spiritual connection.


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One sign that your spirituality is stronger than you may have thought is through manifestation.

It could indicate a strong spiritual connection if your intentions have materialized into reality, such as landing your dream job or finding your perfect home.

Random Acts Of Kindness

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Random acts of kindness can serve as a unique sign from the universe, and recognition of your good deeds. These gestures serve to remind us of the profound and understated ways the universe works to leave a lasting impact.

Strange Interactions With Animals

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Believe it or not, animals are incredibly intuitive and known to have a strong connection to the spiritual world. Their presence is often symbolic of change. Unexpected encounters, especially at significant moments in life, may serve as reminders to listen to your intuition.

Strong Gut Feelings

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It’s important to trust your instincts. If you often get strong gut feelings, it could be a sign. Developing strong and unshakeable feelings could be your subconscious communicating with a higher power. Follow your intuition and see where the universe takes you.

Enjoy Your Own Time

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If you enjoy spending time with yourself, it’s often a sign of spiritual clarity. Being comfortable alone signifies that you feel complete within yourself.


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If you’ve developed superstitions or take comfort in performing certain rituals, this may be a sign that you’re more spiritual than before. Practicing rituals and following superstitions tends to signify your belief in a higher power or something out of your control. 

Weird Dreams

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Experiencing recurring, intense, and meaningful dreams can indicate a spiritual awakening. Vivid dreams can offer profound insights into the world and encourage you to explore their meaning.

Static Shocks and Weird Electrical Appliances

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If your electrical appliances are acting weird or you’re getting inexplicable temporary power cuts, it may be a sign or warning from the universe. 

Angel Numbers

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Have you found you keep seeing the same numbers wherever you go? Repeating numbers like 111 or 555 are known as angel numbers. These numbers are believed to be messages from your spirit guide that can signal you are on the right path.

Receiving Messages Through Unexpected Mediums

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Receiving an unexpected message from a work of art or even an animal is a clear sign that you have a strong spiritual connection. 

What Does It All Mean?

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It doesn’t have to mean anything if you don’t want it to. However, if you open yourself up to your spiritual journey, it can guide you on the path to enlightenment. 

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