15 Clear Signs He Simply Doesn’t Want to Date You

Dating these days can be confusing, and while communication is key, both men and women are often not very explicit when it comes to expressing how they actually feel. Sometimes, the signs are there, but we refuse to acknowledge them. 

Ladies, don’t waste your time on someone who is emotionally unavailable or just uninterested. Here’s a compilation of 15 surefire signs that he’s just not that into you.

He Never Texts First

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If he likes you enough, you’d be top of his mind. So, if you’re always the one initiating the conversation and meetups, chances are you’re not his priority, and he’s probably not that interested. 

He’s Unreliable

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We all make mistakes, double book, or even get ill occasionally, but if he’s constantly flakey and unreliable when it comes to plans, this is a major red flag and a clear sign that he’s not as into it as you might be.

He Flirts With Other Women

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This one is just outright rude and an immediate red flag. If he’s blatantly flirting with other women in person or over text while in your company, this is a sure sign that you need to get out of whatever situationship you may have gotten yourself into. You need to ask yourself, is he really into you if he’s flirting with other women in front of you or capable of treating you with the respect you deserve?

Knows Nothing About You

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The more time you spend together the more you should get to know one another and be invested in each other’s lives. If he knows nothing about you it’s a clear sign he’s not listening or interested. 

He’s Hard To Reach

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Let’s be real, his elusivity doesn’t make him mysterious, and it isn’t an attractive trait. If you find he’s constantly unavailable, it’s probably because he doesn’t share your level of interest. Communication shouldn’t be exclusively on his terms and if he’s hard to reach it most likely means he’s not interested.

You Haven’t Met His Friends

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If he’s genuinely invested in you, he’d have spoken about you to his friends and introduced you. If it’s been a while and he has avoided any kind of meet-up, this is a clear sign that it’s probably best to move on.

He Only Talks About Himself

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A guy that’s into you will want to know more about you, if he’s only ever animated when talking about himself and is dismissive or seems disinterested about anything you bring up indicates not only that he lacks empathy but also that he has little to no emotional investment.

Telling You To Date Other People

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This one should be obvious, if he’s telling you to date other people then the chances are, unless he’s into polygamy, he’s not interested in anything long-term and meaningful.

He Hates You Leaving Stuff At His Place

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If he acts weird about you leaving stuff at his place even if you’re sleeping over most nights then this is a worrying sign that there could be another woman involved or that he just doesn’t like the idea of commitment, either way you should get out of that fast!

He Doesn’t Provide Emotional Support

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A man who’s genuinely interested in you will also care for your well-being and want to provide emotional support. 

He Avoids PDA

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If he only enjoys physical intimacy in private but refuses to engage in any public displays of affection, even just holding your hand, the chances are that he’s a commitment-phobe and doesn’t value you as something more meaningful.

He’s Elusive About The Future

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When someone is genuinely interested, they’ll naturally start picturing you in their future, but if they are reluctant even to discuss plans for next week, then it’s a pretty good sign that his actions are intentional and you’re being left out for a reason.

He Doesn’t Match Your Energy

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When he constantly fails to match your excitement or enthusiasm or just gives generic or bland answers to your questions, it’s a sure sign that he’s not invested in your relationship.

He Won’t Make Time For You

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Someone who refuses to make time for you is not interested. If they were genuinely invested in your relationship, they would be willing to compromise on certain things to make the time.

He Stops Listening Mid-Conversation

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Nothing is more frustrating than when you’re trying to converse with someone, and they are not concentrating. If he’s getting distracted by other people around him and not focused on you, this is disrespectful and most likely means he’s disinterested. 

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