BarreFit: The Rise of Ballet Style Fitness Regimes and the Influence of Balletcore on Workout Culture

Following the release of the movie Black Swan in 2010, the fitness landscape underwent a transformation, with many pirouetting into the world of ballet-inspired workouts ever since.

Many embraced this newfound ‘elegant’ and ‘graceful’ style of exercising, with programs such as Ballet Beautiful by Mary Helen Bowers and BarreFit garnering legions of fans.

Fast forward a decade, and what was once a trend has only developed into even more variations and fans. In fact, according to Statista, 2022 saw the number of participants in barre workouts in the United States peak at approximately 3.8 million. This was an increase of 3.9 percent from the previous year.

What is BarreFit?

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This relatively new fitness craze combines the elegance of ballet and dance with pilates and yoga to work on precise, controlled movements that target the core, flexibility, balance, and breathwork.

Who Is It For?

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BarreFit is a very inclusive form of exercise. It has varying difficulty levels but is a fantastic, typically low-impact workout for anyone and can be adapted to any fitness or strength level. Classes can be taken in group or private settings. It’s a great way to work on fluid movement and engaging with your body.

A Favorite of Professional Dancers

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BarreFit has long been used by professional dancers as part of their training to target certain muscles and help work on their form, strength, and flexibility. Many argue that BarreFit has helped them gain a deeper understanding of how the body works through slow, controlled, and targeted exercises.

Rehabilitation and Selfcare

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Barre workouts were originally developed in the 1950s to help professional dancers with physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Mind and Body

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BarreFit actively encourages you to develop a mind-body connection, promoting physical exercise with breathwork and mindfulness, providing a holistic experience.

Fit or Fad?

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BarreFit has been around for decades but has recently exploded in popularity as a result of the balletcore trend on TikTok.

Nevertheless, BarreFit seems to be sticking around with hundreds of gyms and studios offering daily classes for all levels.

Celebrity Endorsement

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BarreFit classes have been a celeb favorite for decades now, from supermodels to influencers, thanks to their effectiveness at targeting specific muscles and impressive sculpting abilities.


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Balletcore is the ultra-feminine aesthetic that’s taken over TikTok. Based on the elegance, style, and grace of ballet dancer aesthetics, it has developed into a fashion and lifestyle trend, especially amongst Gen Z and the TikTok scene. 

Dress To Impress

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Barrefit allows the TikTokers to fulfill their dreams of the dancer lifestyle and dress up for their workout. This trend has contributed to the boom in balletcore fashion and dancer-inspired workout wear. 

Lifestyle Trend

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With a focus on elegance, pastel colors, and layering pieces, this trend has had a major impact on the fashion and well-being scene.

Inspires Elegance and Femininity

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Barrefit has become especially popular amongst TikTok girls and has helped people develop a sense of elegance, strength, and femininity that’s not usually present in their everyday workouts.

A Dancer’s Body

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BarreFit is the perfect exercise class to help sculpt, elongate, and strengthen the core to help improve posture, balance, and flexibility without bulking. Some also claim that it helped them to obtain a dancer’s physique without having to train for decades as a professional.

Core Strength


BarreFit is excellent for targeting core strength, which works wonders for everyday health.

Aside from helping with balance and flexibility, building core strength can help make the body more supple and even help to reduce back and joint pain.

As with every workout, this is in addition to releasing endorphins, which help make you feel fitter, happier, and even younger.

At Home Workouts

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BarreFit is a class that can be done anytime, anywhere, whether it’s an in-person class, online recording, or live session. Either way, BarreFit can be adapted to any environment as a low-impact, low-maintenance form of exercise; it’s no wonder it has become so popular.

Increasingly Accessible

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Whether joining online, at home, or in person, BarreFit classes are becoming more and more accessible. Available via apps, regular gym classes, or online subscriptions, finding a class that works has never been easier.

Accommodates for All Levels

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BarreFit is fantastic for rehabilitating from past injuries, getting into fitness, and for seasoned practitioners and dancers alike. The exercises and moves can be easily adapted for any and all levels, so whether new to exercise or getting back into it, there will always be something available.

Benefits for Everyday Life

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To summarize, BarreFit isn’t just a passing TikTok fitness fad. It has amazing long-term health benefits for both mental and physical well-being.

BarreFit contributes to a stronger core that helps with posture, joint pain, and overall mobility whilst also engaging mental and physical self, contributing to overall mental well-being. 


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