These Magnetic Snaps are Easier to Sew Around

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Having the right tools and supplies makes all the difference!

I recently received an email from a blog reader who wasn’t sure what size magnetic snap closure to use. She had looked for them at her local craft store and wasn’t sure if I was using the same size that they carried.

I’m so glad she asked! In my free sewing tutorials and patterns, I try to link to the actual products that I use because I really want my readers to have successful results. I want their projects to look just as good or even better than mine!


This is an important question because a big heavy tote bag might need a stronger snap than a purse or a wallet.


And when it comes to sewing around snap tabs like the one shown above (it was for my Perfect DIY Wallet) it can be tricky to sew around a larger magnetic snap. Or maybe impossible unless you switch to a smaller foot for your sewing machine – like a zipper foot.


On all of my sewing projects, I try to leave as much room around the magnetic snap as possible to make sewing around it easy. Sometimes that looks good on the project, but not always. It would not have looked good if I made the snap tab for the Perfect DIY Wallet huge.

magnetic snaps.jpg

That’s why for the most part I have started using only 14mm magnetic snap closures. Since they are smaller than the kind that is normally sold at craft stores, they are easier to fit into smaller projects, and much easier to sew around.


The only downside that I could imagine (unless you don’t like the way they look) could be if they weren’t as strong as the larger ones – but I haven’t noticed a difference. I’m not Consumer Reports so I haven’t done snap strength testing so I could tell you exactly how many ounces these snaps hold before they pop open, but I can tell you that they are plenty strong for all of my projects.

Since I bought a package of 100 14mm magnetic snaps for $12.99 (that might not be current pricing) I have been using these for all of my purses, pouches, and bags that required magnetic snaps and they work great. For only 13 cents per snap I think they are amazing. But I must admit that I’m such a penny-pincher that I will cut the snaps out of my project fails so I can put them in something else. 🙂

At such a low price you can also keep 18mm magnetic snaps on hand (these currently cost $2 more) in case you think a larger tote that you are sewing requires it.

What do you think? Have you tried the smaller 14mm magnetic snaps? Let us know in the comments!



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