16 Things About Extroverts That Irk Introverts the Most

Introverts understand the introvert-extrovert dynamic and appreciate that not everyone is cut out to be an introvert. But, far too often, extroverts appear to lack that same level of empathy.

That’s one thing about extroverts that annoys introverts — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Keep reading to see 16 more things extroverts do that introverts don’t understand.

They Feel the Need to Fill Every Moment With Jibber Jabber

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Introverts aren’t afraid of hearing themselves think. So, they don’t understand why extroverts must fill every moment with noise. Yes, introverts appreciate that not everyone enjoys the tranquility of a quiet space. But that doesn’t mean they want to give up their peace and quiet just because an extrovert is nearby. Sometimes, silence is golden. If only extroverts would get that.

They Assume Introverts Are Always Under the Weather

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Since extroverts like being around people more than spending time alone, they might misinterpret introverts who spend a lot of time alone. When seeing introverts on their own and non-communicative, extroverts often believe these quiet souls are under the weather. 

They Call for No Good Reason

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For introverts, the only thing worse than small talk in person is idle chit-chat on the telephone. That’s one reason introverts often let the voicemail handle incoming calls. Introverts must be mentally prepared to engage in conversation, so it can be difficult when someone calls out of the blue. And if an extrovert calls for no good reason, that’s all the more problematic for introverts.

They Extend Invites Even When They Know the Answer’s “No”

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Extroverts can be a persistent bunch. Whether out of stubbornness or a misplaced sense of obligation, they often invite their introverted friends to parties or gatherings. While introverts aren’t hermits, they view most social events as energy drainers. Even if they attend and enjoy themselves, they’ll head for the door once they feel the need to recharge.

They Want to Hang Out All the Time

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Few things are as offputting to an introvert as a clingy person — the type that always needs to be around others. Introverts aren’t against hanging out with people they know and trust, but that doesn’t mean they wish to spend every waking hour around anyone.

They Show Up Unannounced With Frightening Regularity

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If an introvert is home alone and hears someone at the front door despite not having made plans for a visit, the introvert might ignore whoever’s at the front door. Introverts aren’t fans of people showing up without the decency of getting the go-ahead before showing up.

They’re Judgmental About Introverts

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Extroverts sometimes adopt a parental concern for their “misguided” introverted friends — which is something introverts don’t appreciate. But it’s even worse when extroverts get on their high horses and pronounce doom and gloom on introverts for their so-called holier-than-thou attitude.

They Want to Tag Along

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Introverts don’t always want people tagging along when they’re about their business. So, if their extroverted friends always ask if they can come with them or, even worse, insist that they tag along, that can rub introverts the wrong way. Sometimes, introverts just want their privacy.

They Think Introverts Are Hiding Some Deep Emotional Trauma

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Why are introverts the way they are? That’s a question that perplexes many extroverts who believe that something is deeply wrong in the minds of introverts. While emotional trauma is something people of all personality types can experience, many extroverts assume introverts are the way they are because of unhealed emotional trauma.

They Believe Introverts Are Passive-Aggressive People Who Weaponize Silence

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Passive-aggressive people sometimes weaponize silence and unleash it to cause harm. But introverts are quiet by nature. So, unless the introverts in question also have other passive-aggressive tendencies, it’s probably best not to assume they’re passive-aggressive.

They Assume Introverts Are Weak

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While introverts go through many of the same struggles as extroverts, they also have many of the same strengths as extroverts. So, assuming introverts are weak solely on account of their personality is a turn-off for introverts.

They Write Off Introverts as Being Unfriendly

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It’s an error to assume that all introverts are unfriendly. But introverts know that not everyone is their friend. Besides, introverts prefer spending time with people they know and trust rather than with people they’re not close to.

They Assume Introverts Don’t Care

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Introverts often get a bad rap. Extroverts usually assume that introverts, because they aren’t overly engaged much of the time, don’t care. The reality is much different from the perception. It might take time for introverts to internalize, reflect on, and comment on things people say. But the fact that they don’t immediately engage doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t concerned.

They Think Introverts Suffer From a Superiority Complex

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One thing extroverts do that infuriates introverts is assume that introverts have a superiority complex — and that they withdraw because extroverts aren’t worthy of their time. That’s a big misconception, and it’s the sort of misconception that’ll get introverts to withdraw even more.

They Assume Introverts Are Hiding Something

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Are introverts hiding behind a wall of silence — terrified of what people might discover? Hardly. But extroverts holding such assumptions will be met with even more deafening silence.

They Think Introverts Don’t Like People

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Introverts do like people, but they don’t like being around people all the time. They enjoy hanging out, attending social events, and doing other things where people can be found. That said, their internal batteries deplete after too much socializing, so they need alone time, too.

These Are Some Things About Extroverts That Irk Introverts

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These are some things about extroverts that upset introverts. Introverts understand that not everyone thinks or acts like them. They just wish extroverts were as understanding about introverts.

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